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Geologic units in Knox county, Ohio

Allegheny and Pottsville Groups, Undivided (Pennsylvanian) at surface, covers 1 % of this area
Allegheny and Pottsville Groups, Undivided - Shale, siltstone, and underclay: Shale, black, gray, and olive; clayey to silty; locally contains marine fossils; calcareous in part. Siltstone, gray, greenish and olive; clayey to sandy; thin bedded to medium bedded; locally contain marine fossils. Underclay, gray and olive; generally 3 feet or less in thickness; clayey to silty; commonly rooted and underlying coal beds; nonbedded; locally varies from flint to plastic clay. Sandstone, light to medium gray weathers to shades of yellow-brown; mostly very fine to medium grained, locally quartzose and conglomeratic in lower one-third of unit; thin to massive to cross bedded; locally calcareous; Limestone, flint and coal. Limestone, black to light gray; micritic to medium grained; locally grades into flint; thin to medium bedded to discoidal concretions containing marine fossils; locally nonmarine, micritic limestones occur beneath coal beds in upper one third of unit. Coal, mostly banded bituminous, locally cannel; thin to locally as much as 12 feet thick; generally in discrete beds but locally contain shale partings and split into multiple beds. Lateral and vertical lithic variability and gradation common. Unit as much as 700 feet thick.
Lithology: shale; siltstone; claystone; sandstone; limestone; coal
Sunbury Shale (Mississippian) at surface, covers 2 % of this area
Sunbury Shale - Carbonaceous shale; black to brownish-black; very thinly laminated; 30 to 120 feet thick.
Lithology: black shale
Maxville Limestone; Rushville, Logan, and Cuyhoga Formations, Undivided (Mississippian) at surface, covers 5 % of this area
Maxville Limestone; Rushville, Logan, and Cuyhoga Formations, Undivided - Shale, siltstone, and sandstone, interbedded; various shades of gray, yellow to brown weather similar color; sandstone, silty to granular, local stringers of quartz pebbles. Shale, clayey to silty, locally fossiliferous. Medium to dark gray, thin to thick bedded limestone locally preserved at top of interval where unit crops out in southern half of state. Lithologies percentages vary in different areas where unit crops out; laterial and vertical gradation common at regional scale.
Lithology: shale; siltstone; sandstone; limestone
Black Hand Sandstone Member of Cuyahoga Formation (Mississippian) at surface, covers 2 % of this area
Black Hand Sandstone Member of Cuyahoga Formation - Sandstone and conglomerate; yellow-gray to white, weathers shades yellow, brown, red, and gray; very fine grained to pebbles, mostly medium to coarse grained with lenses and layers of pebbles; massive to crossbedded to laminated; grades laterally into shale and siltstone; quartzose.
Lithology: sandstone; conglomerate; shale; siltstone
Berea Sandstone and Bedford Shale, Undivided (Devonian) at surface, covers 0.1 % of this area
Berea Sandstone and Bedford Shale, Undivided - Sandstone and shale; upper portion sandstone; brown, weathers light brown to reddish brown; thin to thick bedded, planar to lenticular bedding; minor shale interbeds; 5 to 75 feet thick, locally 100 to 125 feet thickness in Lorain, Cuyahoga, and Medina Counties; lower portion shale; gray to brown, locally reddish brown; thin to medium bedded, planar to lenticular bedding; interbedded siltstone and sandstone, ripple marks in siltstone beds; 80 to 180 feet thick, locally thin to absent where Berea Sandstone is thick.
Lithology: sandstone; shale; siltstone

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