AGDB analytical method: AA_F_HCl_OE_P

Antimony by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after partial digestion with HCl and selective organic extraction with Aliquat 336-MIBK.

Bibliographic reference

Author O'Leary, Richard M., and Meier, Allen L.
Year 1986
Title Analytical methods used in geochemical exploration, 1984
Series Circular
Issue 948
Pages iii, 48 p.: ill.; 27 cm
Notes Includes bibliographies.
Organization USGS-BOER

Parameters using this method

Parameter Description
Sb_ppm_AA_F_HCl_OE_P Antimony, in parts per million by weight, by flame-atomic absorption spectrophotometry after partial digestion with HCl and TOPO-MIBK