AGDB analytical method: FL_HNO3

Selenium by fluorometry after digestion with HNO3-H3PO4.

Bibliographic reference

Author Miesch, Alfred T., Barnett, Paul R., Bartel, Ardith J., Dinnin, Joseph I., Feder, G. L., Harms, Thelma F., Huffman, Claude, Jr., Janzer, V. J., Millard, Hugh T., Jr., Neiman, Harold G., Skougstad, M. W., Wahlberg and James. S.
Year 1976
Title Methods of sampling, laboratory analysis, and statistical reduction of data, in Geochemical survey of Missouri
Series Professional Paper
Issue 954-A
Pages 38 p.

Parameters using this method

Parameter Description
Se_ppm_FL_HNO3 Selenium, in parts per million by weight, by fluorometry and HNO3(?) digestion