AGDB2 mineral sample CGJ293

Field Value
Lab ID CGJ293
Field ID 3071B
Job ID 12478
Sample submitter Cathrall, John B., Antweiler, John C., and Tripp, Richard B.
Project name Alaska Gold Deposits
Date submitted 3/12/1984 0:00:00
Country United States
State AK
Map quadrangle Livengood
Geographic latitude 65.52722
Geographic longitude -148.55028
loc_desc Livengood Dist, 83-36, Galaxy Minerals - Fred Dowsett
Sample source stream
Collection method grab/single
Primary media type mineral
Sample media name gold
Precursor rock placer
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Geologic map unit -148.55028, 65.52722
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Element Measured value Units of measure Analytical method
splwtau 4.9 grams GV
Element Value Units Technique Digestion Decomposition Laboratory
SplWtAu 4.9 g GV T USGS-BEG