AGDB2 rock sample D280394

(metamorphic, metasediment)

Field Value
Lab ID D280394
Field ID AJN12
Job ID SF76
Sample submitter Goldfarb, Richard J.
Project name Alaska Gold Deposits
Date submitted 2/23/1987 0:00:00
Country United States
State AK
Map quadrangle Juneau
Geographic latitude 58.28333
Geographic longitude -134.33333
Sample source mine/quarry
Collection method grab/single
Primary media type rock
Secondary media type metamorphic
Sample media name metasediment
Sample comment altered metasediments
Alteration type altered
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Geologic map unit -134.33333, 58.28333
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Element Measured value Units of measure Analytical method
Element Value Units Technique Digestion Decomposition Laboratory
Carbon 0.5 pct CB T infrared detector USGS-BGC
Sulfur 0.24 pct CB T infrared detector USGS-BGC
CCO3 0.29 pct TT T HClO4 USGS-BGC
COrg 0.21 pct CP T total C less C-CO3 USGS-BGC
H2Om 0.06 pct GV T USGS-BGC
H2O 0.74 pct TT T flux and combustion USGS-BGC
H2Ob 0.68 pct TT T flux and combustion, total H2O less moisture USGS-BGC