AGDB2 rock sample M172440

(metamorphic, schist)

Field Value
Lab ID M172440
Field ID 85RN192A
Job ID LQ77
Sample submitter Brew, David A.
Project name Juneau AMRAP
Date submitted 6/25/1986 0:00:00
Country United States
State AK
Map quadrangle Juneau
Geographic latitude 58.28944
Geographic longitude -134.31556
Sample source outcrop
Primary media type rock
Secondary media type metamorphic
Sample media name schist
Sample comment qtz-plag-biotite schist
Additional sample attributes quartz present; aluminosilicate, pelitic (schist, phyllite, mica gneiss);
Geologic age Tertiary undifferentiated
Alteration type altered
Metamorphic setting regional
Metamorphic facies or grade medium grade
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Geologic map unit -134.31556, 58.28944
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Element Measured value Units of measure Analytical method
Gold <0.1 parts per million by weight AA_F_HBr
Element Value Units Technique Digestion Decomposition Laboratory
Gold L0.1 ppm AA T HBr-Br2 and MIBK USGS-BAL