AGDB2 rock sample M181861

(metamorphic, schist)

Field Value
Lab ID M181861
Field ID SC105
Job ID LX61
Sample submitter Goldfarb, Richard J.
Project name Alaska Gold Deposits
Date submitted 2/23/1988 0:00:00
Country United States
State AK
Map quadrangle Wiseman
Geographic latitude 67.47778
Geographic longitude -150.21806
Sample source mine/quarry
Collection method grab/single
Primary media type rock
Secondary media type metamorphic
Sample media name schist
Sample comment e. side of vein 4' from vein
Mineralization type vein
Alteration type altered
Metamorphic setting regional
Metamorphic facies or grade greenschist
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Geologic map unit -150.21806, 67.47778
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Element Measured value Units of measure Analytical method
Element Value Units Technique Digestion Decomposition Laboratory
Sulfur 0.04 pct CB T infrared detector USGS-BGC
CO2 2.84 pct TT T HClO4 USGS-BGC
FeO 1.67 pct TT T HF-H2SO4 USGS-BGC
H2Om 0.03 pct GV T USGS-BGC
H2Ob 0.81 pct TT T flux and combustion, total H2O less moisture USGS-BGC