Some data sets pertaining to Alaska

Geologic units of Alaska

A regional summary showing polygonal geologic units of Alaska, originally published by H.M. Beikman in 1980.

Aeromagnetic data for Alaska

Data from 85 individual aeromagnetic surveys were merged together to produce a single data grid spanning much of Alaska.

Aeroradiometric data for Alaska

Data generated by aerial sensing of radiation emanating from the earth's surface in Alaska provides general estimates of the geographic distribution of Uranium, Thorium, and Potassium in surficial and bedrock units throughout this area.

Cretaceous magmatic rocks of Alaska

Data derived from the 1994 map "Latest Cretaceous and Cenozoic magmatic rocks of Alaska" compiled by E.J. Moll-Stalcup, D.A. Brew, and T.L. Vallier, published (at 1:2,500,000 scale) in volume G-1 of "The Geology of Alaska" (GSA).

Generalized thermal maturity map of Alaska

Data derived from the 1996 "Generalized Thermal Maturity Map of Alaska" compiled by M.J. Johnsson and D.G. Howell, published in USGS Bulletin 2142. Combines vitrinite reflectance and conodont alteration index in generalized units.

Alaska map quadrangles at 1:250,000 scale

Outlines of 1:250,000 scale map quadrangles in Alaska suitable for use as a geographic reference within Google Earth or other software capable of interpreting KML, with links to additional mineral resource-related geoscientific information produced by the USGS.