ARDF records with commodity Asbestos

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AR010 Bismark Mountain Prospect Ambler River
AR011 Cosmos Creek Prospect Ambler River
AR016 Dahl Creek Head; Asbestos Mountain, Ing-Ink Mine Ambler River
AR004 Hunt River Occurrence Ambler River
AR007 Jade Hills Occurrence Ambler River
AR006 Jade Mountain Mine Ambler River
AR003 Unnamed Occurrence Ambler River
AR002 Unnamed Occurence Occurrence Ambler River
BR002 Unnamed (west of Rice Gulch Creek) Occurrence Black River
EA043 Slate Creek Asbestos; Alaska Asbestos; Eagle Asbestos Prospect Eagle
GU013 Gold-Quartz Prospect Gulkana
JU219 Bear Creek Prospect Juneau
LC031 Blanca Dinero Occurrence Lake Clark
MH024 Unnamed (northeast of Dot Lake) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH117 Unnamed (west side of Broxson Gulch) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MU003 Misheguk Mountain--east Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
NB003 Corky; Roseie; Ram's Horn; Verde Prospect Nabesna
SH001 California Creek Mine Shungnak
SH009 Unnamed (mouth of Stockley Creek) Occurrence Shungnak
SH013 Unnamed (upper Wesley Creek area) Occurrence Shungnak
SR298 Lucky Girl; Murphy Prospect Seward
TN007 Unnamed (Asbestos Creek; Dreamland Creek) Prospect Tanana
TN008 Unnamed (Little Salt Creek) Occurrence Tanana