ARDF records with commodity F

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AC007 Ivishak River Occurrence Arctic
AC006 Porcupine Lake Occurrence Arctic
AN151 Wells Bay No. 1 Occurrence Anchorage
AR047 Kalvich Area Occurrence Ambler River
CI078 Unnamed (near head of Hope Creek) Occurrence Circle
DE015 Geiger Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE026 Pieper's Purple Prospect Dixon Entrance
DP009 Unnamed Occurrence Demarcation Point
DP010 Unnamed Occurrence Demarcation Point
EA058 Duval Creek Prospect Eagle
ID130 Bismarck Creek Prospect Iditarod
LC056 Koksetna, Chilikat East Prospect Lake Clark
LC058 Kolossal; Black Hill Prospect Lake Clark
LC057 Kosmic; Chilikat West Prospect Lake Clark
LG215 Roy Creek Prospect Livengood
MG034 Fluorite Creek Gossan Occurrence McGrath
ML015 Okpilak River Occurrence Mount Michelson
MM179 Unnamed (southwest of Eldridge Glacier) Occurrence Mount McKinley
NM140 Aurora Prospect Nome
NM299 Cape Nome Occurrence Nome
NM130 Galena Prospect Nome
NM135 Quarry Prospect Nome
NM010 Unnamed (near 'Fluorite Creek') Occurrence Nome
NT008 Unnamed (south of Asik Mountain) Occurrence Noatak
PE113 Unnamed (southwest of St. Johns Harbor) Occurrence Petersburg
PS020 Unnamed (east of Elusive Lake) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
PS030 Unnamed (east of Lupine River) Prospect Phillip Smith Mountains
PS022 Unnamed (north of Elusive Lake) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
PS014 Unnamed (southeast of Atigun Gorge) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
PS021 Unnamed (southeast of Elusive Lake) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
PS018 Unnamed (south of Ribdon River) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
PS016 Unnamed (west of Galbraith Lake) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
PS034 Unnamed (west of Lupine River) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
SP008 Unnamed (near Angiaak Pass) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP026 Unnamed (near headwaters of Takahula River) Occurrence Survey Pass
SP016 Unnamed (south of Arrigetch Creek) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP009 Unnamed (Tupik Creek area) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP014 Unnamed (west of Awlinyak Creek) Occurrence Survey Pass
TC019 North Mosquito Flats Prospect Tanacross
TY013 Miss Molly Prospect Tyonek
WI043 Unnamed (east of Ernie Lake) Occurrence Wiseman
WI040 Unnamed (northwest of junction of Pass and Mettenpherg Creeks) Occurrence Wiseman