ARDF records with commodity Ir

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
CA026 Bear Creek Mine Candle
CR005 Continental; Chevelle; Cannery Creek Prospects Craig
CR012 Jaguar Prospect Craig
CR010 Lexus Prospect Craig
CR007 Mount Burnett Zone Prospect Craig
CR011 North Zone Prospect Craig
CR013 Union Bay (near peak 2535) Occurrence Craig
CR006 West Cobra; East Cobra Prospects Craig
CY015 Fourth of July Creek; Bauer; Ellington; Fourth f Julys Co.; July Creek Mining Co.; July Creek Placer Co. Mines Charley River
CY038 Woodchopper Creek Area; Alluvial Golds Inc.; Alluvial Placers, Inc.; Anna May; Aztec; Joe; Bennett; Bodacious; Charles; Comet; Cordova; Florence; Gold Medal; Gladys; Gold Star; Kelly; Herbert; Holstrom; Hunky Dory; Mary Flow; Seward Assn.; Sioux; Snowbird; State; Sunshine; Valdez Mine Charley River
EA042 Butte Creek Prospect Eagle
MH226 Canwell Ridge; Canwell Glacier; Upper Canwell; Lower Canwell Prospect Mount Hayes
MH164 East Rainy Prospect Mount Hayes
MH209 Emerick; Rainbow; Talnakh Prospect Mount Hayes
MH167 Foley Prospects Mount Hayes
MH216 Glacier Lake; Forbes Prospect Mount Hayes
MH218 Odie Prospect Mount Hayes
MH378 Unnamed (in upper Miller Gulch) Occurrences Mount Hayes