ARDF records with commodity Mo

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AF002 Big River Occurrence Afognak
AN109 Agostino; Barnes Property; Monarch Mining Co.; Crow Creek Mining Co. Mine Anchorage
AN054 Bailey Prospect Anchorage
AN108 Brenner Prospect Anchorage
AN019 Craigie Creek Occurrence Anchorage
AN022 Holland; Little Willie; Bronson and France Prospect Anchorage
AN001 Independence Mine Anchorage
AN107 Jewel; Monarch-Jewel; Crow Creek Gold Corporation; Gunnysack Mine Anchorage
AN008 Mabel Mine Anchorage
AN101 Potter Occurrence Anchorage
AN053 Reed Creek Prospect Anchorage
AN025 Talkeetna; Matanuska Gold Mining Company; Talkeetna Mining Company; Consolidated Mining Company; Fern Gold Mining Co. Mine Anchorage
AN090 Unnamed Occurrence Anchorage
AN142 Unnamed (near Mears Glacier) Occurrence Anchorage
AR048 Kaluich Creek Occurrence Ambler River
AR047 Kalvich Area Occurrence Ambler River
AR037 Unnamed Occurrence Ambler River
AR064 Unnamed Occurrence Ambler River
BC032 Blasher; Lone Star Group Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC074 Bluebird Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC022 Galena; Marmot group Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC017 Glacier; Banded Mountain Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC023 Greenpoint Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC024 Heckla; Greenpoint Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC035 Hummel Canyon Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC015 Joker Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC021 Jumbo; Marmot, lower basin Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC019 Marmot, upper basin Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC009 North Bradfield River; Ptarmigan Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC036 Swennings Greenpoint Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC037 Texas Creek Comstock; Hyder Lead; Texas Comstock; Joe Joe; Fortuna; Alaska-Comstock; Jackson-Hummel Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC011 Unnamed Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC012 Unnamed Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC090 Unnamed (near Black Crag) Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC004 Unnamed (near Cone Mountain) Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC092 Unnamed (Near Mt. Lewis Cass) Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BD004 Boulder Creek Prospect Big Delta
BD010 Carrie Creek; Lynx Saddle; Missing Lynx; Tripper Ridge; West Carrie Creek Prospects Big Delta
BD014 Democrat; John Mitchell Lode; Camp Pit; Richardson project Mine Big Delta
BD033 Pogo Mine Big Delta
BD034 Rainy Mountain Lode; Raven Prospect Big Delta
BD040 Tibbs Creek; Lucky Star Mine Big Delta
BH032 Ako; East Ako; West Ako; Ako Saddle Prospects Bethel
BH031 Gossan Ridge Prospect Bethel
BH028 Kisa Breccia; Golden Dyke Prospects Bethel
BH030 Luna Prospect Bethel
BM015 Nakolikurok Creek Occurrence Baird Mountains
BN094 Windy Creek Prospect Bendeleben
BR004 Unnamed (east-southeast of Racquet Creek) Occurrence Black River
BT009 Bonanza, Beef Prospect Bettles
BT025 Fort Hamlin Hills Metalliferous Coal Occurrence Bettles
BV002 Trout Creek (Pitka Fork, Sturrock, Hodzana Valley Moly) Occurrence Beaver
CA011 Gossan Prospect Candle
CA051 Gusty Prospect Candle
CA052 Saddle Prospect Candle
CA013 Unnamed (upper Peace River) Prospect Candle
CB010 Unnamed Occurrence Cold Bay
CG006 Bearskin Gulch Occurrence Chignik
CG007 Bee Creek; Dry Creek Prospect Chignik
CG010 Foot Bay Occurrence Chignik
CG011 Home Creek Occurrence Chignik
CG002 Mallard Duck Bay; Calcite; Marshinlak Occurrences Chignik
CG017 Unnamed (between arms of Castle Bay) Occurrence Chignik
CG005 Warner Bay; Prospect Bay Prospect Chignik
CG008 Weasel Mountain Occurrence Chignik
CG012 Windy Bay Occurrence Chignik
CH052 Arsine Prospect Chandalar
CH047 Squaw Creek; Big Squaw Creek Mine Chandalar
CH044 St Marys Creek; St Marys Gulch Mine Chandalar
CH053 Unnamed (at head of Geroe Creek); MAS Prospect Chandalar
CH119 Unnamed (near Horace Mountain) Prospect Chandalar
CH076 Unnamed (on Sukakpak Mountain) Prospect Chandalar
CH065 Venus Prospect Chandalar
CI026 Hope Creek Prospect Circle
CI036 Mammoth Creek Mine Circle
CI077 Unnamed (near head of Big Windy Creek) Occurrence Circle
CI078 Unnamed (near head of Hope Creek) Occurrence Circle
CI079 Unnamed, near Lime Peak Pluton (Rocky Mountain) Prospect Circle
CO012 Peak 2710 Occurrence Coleen
CO008 Rapid River bend Occurrence Coleen
CO017 Unnamed Occurrence Coleen
CO023 Unnamed Occurrence Coleen
CO024 Unnamed Occurrence Coleen
CR054 Brown and Metzdorf Mine Craig
CR157 Hetta Mountain Prospects Craig
CR150 Jumbo Mine Craig
CR131 Lucky Monday Prospect Craig
CR139 Shellhouse; Miller Prospects Craig
CR125 Sultana; Beaver Prospects Craig
CR140 Unnamed (at head of Coco Harbor) Occurrences Craig
CR024 Unnamed (near Black Lake) Occurrences Craig
CR158 Unnamed (near Lake Marge) Occurrence Craig
CR014 Unnamed (on north end of Noyes Island) Prospect Craig
CR015 Unnamed (on Noyes Island); Brown and Metz Prospect Craig
CR094 Unnamed (on San Juan Bautista Island) Prospect Craig
CR023 Unnamed (southeast of Black Bear Lake) Occurrence Craig
CR092 Unnamed (south of mouth of Port San Antonio) Prospect Craig
CR144 Unnamed (west of Eek Lake) Occurrence Craig
CR029 Unnamed (west of upper Harris River) Prospect Craig
CV032 Unnamed (Dick Creek drainage) Occurrences Cordova
CV070 Unnamed (Don Miller Hills area) Occurrences Cordova
CY008 Derwent Occurrences Charley River
CY036 Waterfall Creek Prospect Charley River
DE037 Johnson and Gouley; unnamed Occurrences Dixon Entrance
DE003 Unnamed (at east end of Gold Harbor) Occurrences Dixon Entrance
DE001 Unnamed (near the north end of Forrester Island) Occurrence Dixon Entrance
DE002 Unnamed (north of Wood Cove, Forrester Island) Occurrence Dixon Entrance
DE038 Unnamed (west of Mallard Bay) Prospect Dixon Entrance
DI001 Silver Horn Occurrence Dillingham
DP007 Unnamed Occurrence Demarcation Point
EA093 Airplane Ridge Prospect Eagle
EA174 American Eagle Occurrence Eagle
EA018 Deer Creek Prospect Eagle
EA044 Happy Prospect Eagle
EA130 Highway Copper; Bruce Occurrence Eagle
EA091 Larsen Ridge; Lucky 13 Prospect Eagle
EA103 Little Enchilada Prospect Eagle
EA170 Maple Leaf Prospect Eagle
EA101 Mitchell; Ketchumstuk Prospect Eagle
EA094 Quartz-Porphyry Prospect Eagle
EA095 Section 21 Prospect Eagle
EA134 Unnamed (east of Walker Fork) Occurrence Eagle
EA069 Unnamed (in headwaters of Alder Creek) Occurrence Eagle
EA005 Unnamed (near Granite Creek) Prospect Eagle
EA092 Unnamed (near VABM Good) Prospect Eagle
EA118 Unnamed (north of Napoleon Creek) Occurrence Eagle
FB115 Fort Knox Mine Fairbanks
FB101 Spruce Hen Mine Fairbanks
FB113 Stepovich Mine Fairbanks
GO004 Unnamed (northwest of Rainbow Basin) Occurrence Goodnews Bay
GO014 Unnamed (west bank of Togiak River) Occurrence Goodnews Bay
GO007 Unnamed (west of Kemuk River) Occurrence Goodnews Bay
GU016 Boulder Creek Mine Gulkana
GU025 Elizabeth Prospect Gulkana
GU037 Unnamed (upper Granite Creek) Prospect Gulkana
HE172 Gold Hill; Su Prospects Healy
HE140 Green Spike; Firecliff Prospect Healy
HE049 Long; Copper King; Hector Group; Long Creek Prospect Healy
HE074 Nim Prospect Healy
HE149 Unnamed (north of upper Schist Creek) Occurrence Healy
HE145 Unnamed (west end of Reindeer Hills) Occurrence Healy
HU024 Indian River; Felix Fork; Snyder Creek Mine Hughes
HU012 Unnamed (east of Caribou Mountain) Prospect Hughes
HU013 Unnamed (head of Dry Creek) Occurrence Hughes
HU023 Unnamed (lode on Indian River) Occurrence Hughes
HU025 Unnamed (near Indian River) Occurrence Hughes
HU010 Unnamed (northeast ridge of Caribou Mountain) Occurrence Hughes
HU002 Unnamed (Norutak Hills) Occurrence Hughes
ID109 Chicken Mountain Prospect Iditarod
ID167 Donlin Creek Prospect Iditarod
ID179 Unnamed (east of George River) Prospect Iditarod
ID073 Unnamed (east of Guggenheim Creek) Occurrence Iditarod
ID005 Unnamed (near hill 3695 in northern Beaver Mountains) Occurrence Iditarod
ID128 Unnamed (north of Beaver Creek) Occurrence Iditarod
ID160 Unnamed (north of upper Smith Creek) Occurrence Iditarod
IL053 308 Zone Prospect Iliamna
IL004 38 Porphyry; 38 Zone Prospect Iliamna
IL003 52 Porphyry Zone Prospect Iliamna
IL023 Dutton; Dutton, Goodro, and Thomas Prospect Iliamna
IL035 KUY Prospects Iliamna
IL007 Pebble Prospect Iliamna
IL029 Unnamed (north of Upper Copper Lake) Occurrence Iliamna
IL028 Unnamed (southeast of Upper Copper Lake) Occurrence Iliamna
JU200 700-Foot; Alaska United Gold Mining Co. (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
JU009 Dream Prospect Juneau
JU191 Great Eastern Prospect Juneau
JU262 Jualin (Coeur-Alaska) Mines Juneau
JU261 Kensington (Coeur-Alaska) Mine Juneau
JU201 Mexican (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
JU208 Mineral Queen Prospect Juneau
JU210 Portland Prospect Juneau
JU206 Ready Bullion; Alaska United Gold Mining Co. (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
JU199 Treadwell; Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Co. (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
JU020 Unnamed (near Mt. Young) Occurrence Juneau
JU055 Unnamed (north of White Glacier) Occurrence Juneau
JU017 Unnamed (northwest of Mt. Young) Occurrence Juneau
JU024 Unnamed (northwest shore of outer Adams Inlet) Occurrence Juneau
KC014 Commonwealth Prospect Ketchikan
KC021 Gnat Prospect Ketchikan
KC011 J and L Prospect Ketchikan
KC006 Mountain View: Fish Creek nos. 1, 2, and 3; Skookum; Gray Copper; Ruby Silver Mine Ketchikan
KC105 Nanjan Prospect Ketchikan
KC106 Pyrite Lode Occurrence Ketchikan
KC108 Quartz Hill Prospect Ketchikan
KC063 Ready Mix; Carlanna Creek; Hoadley Creek; Trapdoor; Little Sue Prospects Ketchikan
KC026 Unnamed (Burroughs Bay ) Prospect Ketchikan
KC183 Unnamed (coast south of Kwain Bay) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC051 Unnamed (east of Swan Lake) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC178 Unnamed (near Metlakatla) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC017 Unnamed (near mouth of creek draining Leduc Lake) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC179 Unnamed (near Purple Lake) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC177 Unnamed (near Purple Lake) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC019 Unnamed (north of confluence of Chickamin River and South Fork) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC111 Unnamed (north of Humpback Lake) Prospect Ketchikan
KC016 Unnamed (north of Leduc Lake) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC023 Unnamed (north shore of Walker Cove) Occurrence Ketchikan
KC184 Unnamed (on Dubuque Mountain) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC167 Unnamed (southwest ridge of Bush Mountain) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC054 Unnamed (western Gravina Island) Prospect Ketchikan
KC069 Venitia; Black Swan; Laundromat; Jim's cut Prospect Ketchikan
KH005 Roosevelt Hills Prospects Kantishna River
KH006 Sischu Mountain Prospects Kantishna River
KR002 Cape Kubugakli Lode Occurrence Karluk
KR003 Cape Kubugakli Placer Mine Karluk
LC054 Big Chunk; White Sox Lake Clark
LC043 East Gladiator Occurrence Lake Clark
LC034 Kijik River; Thompson Prospect Lake Clark
LC045 Kontrashibuna (Lake) Occurrence Lake Clark
LC057 Kosmic; Chilikat West Prospect Lake Clark
LC053 Little Tazimina Occurrence Lake Clark
LC001 Neacola River Occurrence Lake Clark
LC029 Pass Prospect Lake Clark
LC025 Pass Lake West Occurrence Lake Clark
LC004 Telaquana Pass Occurrence Lake Clark
LC003 Telaquana River Occurrence Lake Clark
LC005 Unnamed Occurrence Lake Clark
LC033 Unnamed Prospect Lake Clark
LC039 Upper South Currant Creek Occurrence Lake Clark
LC047 West Ospook Occurrence Lake Clark
LG200 Gil Prospect Livengood
LG208 Hill 1870; Shorty Creek Prospect Livengood
LG212 Huron Prospect Livengood
LG214 Mount Schwatka; East Fork Flat Creek Occurrence Livengood
LG203 Shorty Creek; Hill 1710 Prospect Livengood
LG062 Silver Fox; Silvertone; Busty Belle Mine Livengood
LH020 Copper Joe Prospect Lime Hills
LH012 Jimmy Lake Occurrence Lime Hills
LH030 Pass Lake Occurrence Lime Hills
LH010 Terra Mine Lime Hills
LH011 Unnamed (head of Hartman River) Occurrence Lime Hills
LH023 Unnamed (head of Kuskokwim River) Occurrences Lime Hills
LH022 Unnamed (head of South Fork Kuskokwim River) Occurrence Lime Hills
LH035 Unnamed (north of Neacola River) Occurrence Lime Hills
LH034 Unnamed (southeast of Merrill Pass) Occurrence Lime Hills
LH027 West Chilligan Occurrence Lime Hills
MC060 London and Cape Prospect McCarthy
MC064 Midas Mine McCarthy
MC138 Porphyry Mountain Prospect McCarthy
MC206 Unnamed (east bank of lower Goat Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC053 Unnamed (east fork of Strelna Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC039 Unnamed (head of Rock Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC097 Unnamed (near Contact Gulch) Occurrence McCarthy
MC175 Unnamed (northeast of Canyon Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC201 Unnamed (northeast of mouth of McCurdy Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC017 Unnamed (north of Kotsina River) Occurrence McCarthy
MC066 Unnamed (north of upper Slatka Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC103 Unnamed (on lower Sheep Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC202 Unnamed (south bank of Chitina River) Occurrence McCarthy
MC204 Unnamed (south of Chitina River) Occurrence McCarthy
MC203 Unnamed (south of Chitina River) Occurrence McCarthy
MC049 Unnamed (south of upper Slatka Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC018 Unnamed (southwest flank of Granite Peak) Occurrence McCarthy
MC058 Unnamed (west of Squaw Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC181 Unnamed (west of upper Hawkins Glacier) Occurrence McCarthy
MC180 Unnamed (west of upper Hawkins Glacier) Prospect McCarthy
MD044 Bear Pass Prospect Medfra
MD008 Dyckman Occurrence Medfra
MD036 Von Frank - South Prospect Medfra
MD013 Windy Pass Prospect Medfra
MF079 Christmas and Enterprise (Whitney claims, Lemesurier Island) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF065 Unnamed (Adams Inlet) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF043 Unnamed (area near Fall Creek, Mudside Creek, Coal Creek, and upper Topsy Creek) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF037 Unnamed (Bruce Hills) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF072 Unnamed (east of Brady Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF076 Unnamed (east of Dundas Bay) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF044 Unnamed (east of Kashoto Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF075 Unnamed (east side of Dundas Bay) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF059 Unnamed (east side of Queen Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF039 Unnamed (Johns Hopkins Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF045 Unnamed (Johns Hopkins Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF080 Unnamed (near Iceberg Point, Lemesurier Island) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF085 Unnamed (on Idaho Ridge) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF070 Unnamed (on Threesome Mountain) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF057 Unnamed (southwest Gilbert Peninsula) Occurrences Mount Fairweather
MF064 Unnamed (southwest of Red Mountain) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF071 Unnamed (upper Dundas Bay) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF060 Unnamed (upper Wachusett Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF053 Unnamed (west of Rendu Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG060 Ozzna Creek; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG031 Straight Creek Springs Occurrence McGrath
MG078 Unnamed (in tributary to the Tatina River) Occurrence McGrath
MG017 Unnamed (near Cheeneetnuk River) Occurrence McGrath
MG071 Unnamed (on a tributary to Windy Fork) Occurrence McGrath
MG029 Unnamed (on tributary to Middle Fork of Kuskokwim River) Occurrence McGrath
MG019 Unnamed (on west bank of Cheeneetnuk River) Occurrence McGrath
MG028 Unnamed (overlooking Middle Fork of Kuskokwim River) Occurrence McGrath
MG009 Vinasale Prospect McGrath
MH385 Bushwacker Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH054 Clearwater Mountain claims (Copper Knob block; Honey claims; Pat claims) Prospects Mount Hayes
MH055 Clearwater Mountain claims; 'Joy Creek' block Prospect Mount Hayes
MH369 Diamondback; Hajdukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH387 Fat Chance Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH027 Lamb claims (Nos. 1-6) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH381 Mars Prospect Mount Hayes
MH382 Moonwalk; North Moonwalk; South Moonwalk Prospect Mount Hayes
MH003 Ptarmigan Creek Prospects Mount Hayes
MH366 Sneaker; Hadjukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH367 Snug; Hajdukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH032 Unnamed (headwaters of West Fork Maclaren River) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH002 Unnamed (in Ptarmigan Creek) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH001 Unnamed (in upper Buchanan Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH208 Unnamed (north flank of Rainbow Ridge) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH283 Unnamed (northwest of the terminus of Chistochina Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH037 Unnamed (on peak 5480 southeast of Clearwater Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH079 Unnamed (on ridge above Two Plate Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH136 Unnamed (tributary of the east fork in Broxson Gulch) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH029 Unnamed (west of the upper West Fork Maclaren River) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH116 Unnamed (west side of Broxson Gulch) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH051 Unnamed (west side of West Fork of the Maclaren River) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH067 Zackly; Stellar Prospect Mount Hayes
MI002 Kayak Island Occurrence Middleton Island
MK023 Dakavak Lake Occurrence Mount Katmai
MK021 Hagelbargers Pass Occurrence Mount Katmai
MK012 Margot Creek Copper Occurrence Mount Katmai
MK008 Unnamed (north of Kulik Lake) Occurrence Mount Katmai
ML001 Leffingwell Glacier Occurrence Mount Michelson
ML001 Leffingwell Glacier Occurrence Mount Michelson
ML015 Okpilak River Occurrence Mount Michelson
MM071 Glen Ridge No. 1; Skookona Prospects Mount McKinley
MM043 Last Chance; Caribou Mine Mount McKinley
MM016 Little Caribou Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM002 Quartz lode No. 1 Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM057 Spruce Creek No. 1; Ridgetop Prospect Mount McKinley
MM052 Unnamed (between Last Chance and Crevice Creeks) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM020 Unnamed (between Reindeer Hill and Alpha Ridge) Prospects Mount McKinley
MM009 Unnamed (mountain at head of Flume Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM146 Unnamed (near elevation 3228 south of the Stampede Mine) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM177 Unnamed (near Foraker Glacier) Occurrences Mount McKinley
MM093 Unnamed (ridge between Yellow Creek and Rainy Creek) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM007 Unnamed (southeast of hill 2910, west of Chitsia Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM005 Unnamed (south of the peak of Chitsia Mountain) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM100 Unnamed (southwest flank of Wickersham Dome) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM145 Unnamed (upper south fork of Stampede Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM003 Unnamed (west-southwest of Chitsia Mountain) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MZ009 Unnamed (south of VABM Flat) Occurrences Melozitna
MZ008 Unnamed (southwest of Hochandochtla Mountain) Occurrences Melozitna
MZ025 Unnamed (west of Gold Mountain); 'Arizona Creek' Prospect Melozitna
NB100 Baultoff Prospect Nabesna
NB079 Bonanza Creek; Little Eldorado Creek; Skookum Creek; Coarse Money Creek; Snow Gulch Mine Nabesna
NB051 Bond Creek Prospect Nabesna
NB099 Horsfeld Prospect Nabesna
NB037 Monte Cristo Creek; Marie Nabesna Prospect Nabesna
NB043 Orange Hill Prospect Nabesna
NB010 Rock Creek (Molybdenum) Prospect Nabesna
NB052 Unnamed (east fork Bond Creek) Prospect Nabesna
NB081 Unnamed (head of Chathenda Creek) Prospect Nabesna
NB101 Unnamed (head of Little Creek) Occurrence Nabesna
NB091 Unnamed (north of Carl Creek) Prospect Nabesna
NB082 Unnamed (north side of Carl Creek) Prospect Nabesna
NB036 Unnamed (south of Monte Cristo Creek) Occurrence Nabesna
NB097 Unnamed (south of upper Gravel Creek) Prospect Nabesna
NL009 Paw Print Occurrence Nulato
NL002 Ptarmigan I; Ptarmigan II; R-2290 Occurrences Nulato
NL011 Round Top; Roundtop Prospect Nulato
NL010 Unnamed (headwaters of theYuki River) Occurrence Nulato
NL008 Unnamed (near head of Camp Creek) Occurrences Nulato
NL026 Unnamed (northeast of upper Eddy Creek) Occurrence Nulato
NM062 California; Connolly and Jensen (or Jannsen) Mine Nome
NM010 Unnamed (near 'Fluorite Creek') Occurrence Nome
NM006 Unnamed (near upper Martha Creek) Occurrence Nome
PA039 Unnamed (in Table Bay) Occurrence Port Alexander
PA033 Unnamed (on Patterson Bay) Occurrences Port Alexander
PE102 AMAX Molybdenum Prospect Petersburg
PE046 Lillie; and unnamed (south of Dry Pass) Prospects Petersburg
PE055 Paystreak Vein; Marker Vein Prospects Petersburg
PE048 Shakan; Alaska Treadwell Mining Co. Prospect Petersburg
PE019 TB Occurrence Petersburg
PE041 Unnamed (in Glacier Basin) Prospects Petersburg
PE052 Unnamed (near Devilfish Bay) Prospect Petersburg
PE079 Unnamed (near head of Portage Bay) Occurrence Petersburg
PE056 Unnamed (near Salmon Bay) Prospects Petersburg
PE047 Unnamed (near Shakan) Prospect Petersburg
PM072 PMRGX-3 Occurrence Port Moller
PM004 PMRGX-5 Occurrence Port Moller
PM023 Pyramid Prospect Port Moller
PM026 Unnamed (between Balboa Bay and Dorenoi Bay) Prospect Port Moller
PM083 Unnamed (coast south of Apollo Mountain) Occurrence Port Moller
PM093 Unnamed (east of Sapsuk Lake) Occurrence Port Moller
PM036 Unnamed (north of Dorenoi Bay) Occurrence Port Moller
PM057 Unnamed (south of Zachary Bay) Prospect Port Moller
PS010 Unnamed (southeast of Atigun Pass) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
RM005 Arnold Prospect Russian Mission
RM040 Blueberry Prospect Russian Mission
RM012 Brink (Molybdenum Mountain) Prospect Russian Mission
RM042 Shamrock Prospect Russian Mission
SB002 Clark Bay Occurrence Stepovak Bay
SB003 Dent Point Occurrence Stepovak Bay
SB001 Ivanof; Kawisgag Prospect Stepovak Bay
SB004 Unnamed (northeast of Ramsey Bay) Occurrence Stepovak Bay
SD022 Unnamed (on upper Powers Creek) Occurrence Sumdum
SD067 Unnamed (south-southeast of Turn Mountain) Occurrence Sumdum
SD017 Unnamed (west side of Tracy Arm) Occurrence Sumdum
SD031 Walhalla Prospect Sumdum
SH011 Unnamed (in Zane Hills) Occurrence Shungnak
SI055 3-J; Three J; 3 J Prospects Sitka
SI168 Unnamed (Magoun Islands) Occurrence Sitka
SI146 Unnamed (northeast of Slocum Arm) Occurrence Sitka
SI147 Unnamed (northeast of Slocum Arm) Occurrence Sitka
SI189 Unnamed (north shore of Warm Springs Bay) Prospect Sitka
SI150 Unnamed (south of Sealion Cove) Occurrence Sitka
SI131 Unnamed (southwest of Ushk Bay) Occurrence Sitka
SI052 Unnamed (upper Kennel Creek) Occurrence Sitka
SK072 Clifton Prospect Skagway
SK016 Gable Mountain Occurrence Skagway
SK020 Margerie; Margarie Glacier Prospect Skagway
SK077 Nataga Skyline Prospect Skagway
SK010 Unnamed (north of Glacier Bay Monument) Occurrence Skagway
SK028 Unnamed (north of Mount Kashagnak) Occurrence Skagway
SK011 Unnamed (on western edge of McBride Glacier) Occurrence Skagway
SK012 Van Horn Prospect Skagway
SL004 Booshu Camp Prospect Saint Lawrence
SL011 Boxer River Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SL006 Moghoweyik River Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SL009 Moghoweyik R.; Upper Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SL019 Ongoveyuk River Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SL008 Poovookpuk Mountain Prospect Saint Lawrence
SL010 Unnamed Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SM029 Kolmakof Mine Sleetmute
SM046 Red Mountain Prospect Sleetmute
SM034 Sue Creek Prospect Sleetmute
SM039 Unnamed (east valley wall of Kuskokwim River) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM040 Unnamed (near hill 2370 northeast of Aghaluk Mountain) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM052 Unnamed (summit 3162) Occurrence Sleetmute
SO185 Rock Creek No. 7 Occurrence Solomon
SO186 Rock Creek No. 8 Occurrence Solomon
SP020 Unnamed (east of Reed River) Occurrence Survey Pass
SP042 Unnamed (east of Walker Lake) Occurrence Survey Pass
SP008 Unnamed (near Angiaak Pass) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP025 Unnamed (northwest of Takahula River) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP009 Unnamed (Tupik Creek area) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP036 Unnamed (west of Beaver Creek) Occurrence Survey Pass
SP041 Unnamed (west of Walker Lake) Occurrences Survey Pass
SR122 Chickaloon River Occurrence Seward
SR142 Heaston-Oracle; Alaska Oracle Mining Co.; Oracle No. 2; Oracle Extension Mine Seward
SR061 Unnamed (Billings Glacier) Occurrence Seward
SR069 Unnamed (Passage Canal) Occurrence Seward
SW001 Unnamed (on Cape Kumlik) Occurrence Sutwik Island
TB004 Bear Mountain Occurrence Table Mountain
TB007 Unnamed Occurrence Table Mountain
TC006 Bush; VABM Bush; Hajdukovich Molybdenum? Prospect Tanacross
TC040 Chief Danny; Peak Zone Prospect Tanacross
TC057 Chisana Prospect Tanacross
TC007 Dennis Ladue Prospect Tanacross
TC059 Eagle Occurrence Tanacross
TC010 Friden Prospect Tanacross
TC060 Goodrich Porphyry Prospect Tanacross
TC011 J-26; July 26; June 26 Prospect Tanacross
TC054 McElfish Prospect Tanacross
TC015 Mosquito Prospect Tanacross
TC008 Mount Fairplay Prospects Tanacross
TC019 North Mosquito Flats Prospect Tanacross
TC020 North Peternie Prospect Tanacross
TC056 Peak Zone Prospect Tanacross
TC022 Peternie Prospect Tanacross
TC024 Pushbush Prospect Tanacross
TC025 Shady Ridge Prospect Tanacross
TC009 South Pika; Fishhook Prospect Tanacross
TC027 Taurus; East Taurus; West Taurus Prospect Tanacross
TC058 Tors Prospect Tanacross
TC001 Triple Z; ASARCO; Tok; Dennis Prospect Tanacross
TC030 VW, VABM West Prospect Tanacross
TK071 Bear Gulch Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK005 Coal Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK012 Treasure Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK011 Unnamed Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK001 Unnamed (near Eldridge Glacier) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK050 Unnamed (near head of Talkeetna River) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK008 Unnamed (near Indian Mountain) Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK003 Unnamed (near Partin Creek) Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK033 Unnamed (near VABM West Watana) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK096 Unnamed (upper Black River) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK051 Unnamed (west of lake 2710) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK072 Wells Mountain Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TL046 Curry; Mile 247 Occurrence Talkeetna
TL077 Oxide Ridge Prospect Talkeetna
TL008 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TL051 Unnamed (near Kohlsaat Peak) Occurrence Talkeetna
TL054 Unnamed (near Mt. Foraker) Occurrence Talkeetna
TL057 Unnamed (on the Yentna Glacier) Occurrence Talkeetna
TL056 Unnamed (on the Yentna Glacier) Occurrence Talkeetna
TN067 Elephant Mountain Prospect Tanana
TN143 Ray River Metalliferous Coal Occurrence Tanana
TN047 Unnamed (Northwest Baldry Mountain) Occurrence Tanana
TN009 Unnamed (Spooky Valley) Occurrences Tanana
TN018 West Tanana; Ring Hill-Monday Creek Prospect Tanana
TR003 Boundary Creek 2 Occurrence Taku River
TR006 Mt. Ogden Prospect Taku River
TR002 Unnamed (head of Boundary Creek) Occurrence Taku River
TR007 Unnamed (near head of Yehring Creek) Occurrence Taku River
TR017 Unnamed (upper Prospect Creek) Prospect Taku River
TR008 Unnamed (west of upper Hidden Creek) Occurrence Taku River
TY021 1:30 Prospect Tyonek
TY018 Island Mountain Prospect Tyonek
TY045 Lucky Bear Occurrence Tyonek
TY013 Miss Molly Prospect Tyonek
TY026 Old Man Diorite Prospect Tyonek
TY016 St. Eugene Prospect Tyonek
TY044 T-bird Occurrence Tyonek
TY014 Unnamed Occurrence Tyonek
TY015 Unnamed (near Hayes Glacier) Prospect Tyonek
TY019 Unnamed (Near Mount Estelle) Prospects Tyonek
TY012 Unnamed (near the South Branch of Trimble Glacier) Occurrence Tyonek
UG001 Mike Prospect Ugashik
UG002 Rex Prospect Ugashik
UG011 Salmon Creek Occurrence Ugashik
UG005 Unnamed (near Kilokak Creek) Occurrence Ugashik
UG012 Unnamed (northwest of Port Wrangell) Occurrence Ugashik
UG009 Unnamed (on David Island) Occurrence Ugashik
UK008 Fog; Steeple Mountain Prospect Umnak
UK009 Rain; Steeple Mountain Prospect Umnak
UK010 Russian Bay Occurrence Umnak
UK013 Unnamed (east-northeast of Cape Kigunak) Occurrence Umnak
UK006 Unnamed (east of Mt. Recheshnoi) Occurrence Umnak
UK002 Unnamed (near southeast shoreline of Cemetery Cove) Occurrence Umnak
UK001 Unnamed (on Cape Kigunak) Prospect Umnak
UK012 Unnamed (west-northwest of Kettle Cape) Occurrence Umnak
UK007 Wind; Steeple Mountain Prospect Umnak
UL003 McLeod Prospect Unalakleet
UL005 McLeod East Occurrence Unalakleet
UL004 Moly Dike; McLeod Occurrence Unalakleet
UM001 Unnamed (on western Rootok Island) Occurrence Unimak
UN030 Anderson Bay Occurrence Unalaska
UN031 Mt. Aspid Occurrence Unalaska
UN029 Naginak Cove Occurrence Unalaska
UN027 Tarasof Point Occurrence Unalaska
UN026 Unnamed Occurrence Unalaska
VA001 Unnamed (on Heavenly Ridge) Occurrence Valdez
VA085 Unnamed (west of Chitina River) Occurrence Valdez
WI005 Unnamed (east of VABM Allen) Prospect Wiseman
WI079 Unnamed (northwest of head of Jay Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI015 Unnamed (southeast of upper Sheep Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI012 Unnamed (south of Pet Lake) Occurrence Wiseman
WI139 Unnamed (west of upper Jones Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
YA004 Logan Beach Mine Yakutat