ARDF records with commodity Pd

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AN095 Highway Prospect Anchorage
CA026 Bear Creek Mine Candle
CH066 Unnamed (at head of Limestone Creek) Occurrence Chandalar
CR005 Continental; Chevelle; Cannery Creek Prospects Craig
CR012 Jaguar Prospect Craig
CR010 Lexus Prospect Craig
CR007 Mount Burnett Zone Prospect Craig
CR047 North Pole Hill Prospects Craig
CR011 North Zone Prospect Craig
CR049 Salt Chuck; Stevens; Liebrant; Goodro; Joker Mine Craig
CR013 Union Bay (near peak 2535) Occurrence Craig
CR006 West Cobra; East Cobra Prospects Craig
CY015 Fourth of July Creek; Bauer; Ellington; Fourth f Julys Co.; July Creek Mining Co.; July Creek Placer Co. Mines Charley River
EA168 Burnt Ridge; Napoleon Prospect Eagle
EA042 Butte Creek Prospect Eagle
EA115 Main Zone; Saddle Zone; Trench 24; Napoleon Prospect Eagle
EA001 Mount Sorensen Occurrences Eagle
EA167 Twin Peaks; Napoleon Prospect Eagle
GO043 Unnamed (head of Barnum Creek) Prospect Goodnews Bay
HE167 Nelson Discovery No. 2 Occurrences Healy
HE159 Unnamed (at Peak 5532) Prospect Healy
HE065 Unnamed (divide between Partin and Little Shotgun creeks) Occurrence Healy
HW031 Unnamed (north of Feniak Lake) Occurrence Howard Pass
MD014 Colorado Creek Mine Medfra
MG030 Roberts (near Middle Fork of Kuskokwim River) Prospect McGrath
MH166 Ann Creek Prospect Mount Hayes
MH163 Ann Fork Prospect Mount Hayes
MH179 Antler Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH098 Azurite Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH389 Beta Complex Prospect Mount Hayes
MH124 BGM Breccia Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH094 Bird's Beak; Bird Beak Prospect Mount Hayes
MH093 Bird's Foot Prospect Mount Hayes
MH171 BM-75 Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH102 Boot Flap Prospect Mount Hayes
MH101 BOS Prospect Mount Hayes
MH372 Calypso; Hajdukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH226 Canwell Ridge; Canwell Glacier; Upper Canwell; Lower Canwell Prospect Mount Hayes
MH114 Crash Prospect Mount Hayes
MH194 Dunite Hill Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH130 East Broxson Gold Prospect Mount Hayes
MH131 East Canyon Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH164 East Rainy Prospect Mount Hayes
MH170 Eb No. 4 Prospect Mount Hayes
MH209 Emerick; Rainbow; Talnakh Prospect Mount Hayes
MH388 Eureka Zone; Alpha Complex Prospect Mount Hayes
MH167 Foley Prospects Mount Hayes
MH216 Glacier Lake; Forbes Prospect Mount Hayes
MH193 Gravel Pit Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH152 Hail Creek Prospect Mount Hayes
MH172 LFF Prospect Mount Hayes
MH108 Lower Crash Prospect Mount Hayes
MH168 Lucky 7 Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH106 Mini Y Landslide Prospect Mount Hayes
MH191 Norel Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH153 North Rainy Prospect Mount Hayes
MH112 Notar Prospect Mount Hayes
MH218 Odie Prospect Mount Hayes
MH111 PP Diatreme Prospect Mount Hayes
MH156 Rainy Breccia Prospect Mount Hayes
MH159 Rainy Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH135 Rainy; East Peak Prospect Mount Hayes
MH241 Summit Hill Prospect Mount Hayes
MH104 Tres Equis Prospect Mount Hayes
MH107 UM Landslide; Dunite Diatreme Prospect Mount Hayes
MH376 Unnamed (east of Coney Mountain) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH377 Unnamed (east of Gakona Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH267 Unnamed (east of Gakona Glacier); JS Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH134 Unnamed (east of peak 6346) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH161 Unnamed (midway between lower Rainy Creek and Ann Creek); Southeast Rainy Occurrences Mount Hayes
MH121 Unnamed (near Broxson Gulch) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH375 Unnamed (near Cony Mountain) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH188 Unnamed (northwest of Fourteenmile Lake) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH286 Unnamed (northwest of the terminus of Chistochina Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH129 Unnamed (ridge between the middle and east forks in Broxson Gulch) Prospects Mount Hayes
MH190 Unnamed (south of Fielding lake) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH091 Unnamed (west of lower Eureka Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH096 Unnamed (west of the terminus of Eureka Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH217 Upper Glacier Prospect Mount Hayes
MH133 West Bowl; Rainy Prospect Mount Hayes
MH110 West Crash Prospect Mount Hayes
MH158 White Band Prospect Mount Hayes
MH184 White Socks Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH176 Wild One Occurrence Mount Hayes
MZ021 Unnamed (west of central Black Sand Creek) Occurrences Melozitna
NT004 Unnamed (near Rabbit Creek) Occurrence Noatak
PA019 Hill Occurrences Port Alexander
PE121 Raven Zone Prospect Petersburg
PE009 Silver Star; Silver King Prospect Petersburg
PR007 Maquis Zone; Potato Patch Prospects Prince Rupert
SI001 Bohemia Basin; Basin; Takanis; Flapjack;Tunnel; Tripod; Muskeg; Side Hill Prospects Sitka
SK030 Klukwan Prospect Skagway
SK031 Klukwan Fan Prospect Skagway
SK024 Mount Ripinski Prospect Skagway
SK025 Unnamed (near Tukgahgo Mountain) Occurrences Skagway
TK107 Busch Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TK027 Delusion Creek Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK115 Fourth of July Creek; Sellick Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK134 Red Fox Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TK043 Sanjo; Seven Sisters Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK137 Tyone Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TK095 Unnamed (on west tributary to Kosina Creek) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK114 Walker Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK026 Watana Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK113 Yacko Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TN004 Unnamed (north of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Occurrences Tanana
TN012 Unnamed (Tozitna River, eastern Ray Mountains) Occurrences Tanana
TN001 Unnamed (upper Slokhenjikh Creek) Occurrences Tanana
TN003 Unnamed (west of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Occurrences Tanana
TN018 West Tanana; Ring Hill-Monday Creek Prospect Tanana
YA014 Unnamed (near Tarnis River) Prospect Yakutat