ARDF records with commodity Th

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BC090 Unnamed (near Black Crag) Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC004 Unnamed (near Cone Mountain) Prospect Bradfield Canal
BT003 Gold Bench Mine Bettles
CA009 Anzac Creek Occurrence Candle
CA010 Boulder Creek Prospect Candle
CA033 Connolly Creek Occurrence Candle
CA024 Cub Creek Mine Candle
CA011 Gossan Prospect Candle
CA051 Gusty Prospect Candle
CA005 Lower Sweepstakes Creek; Eagle, Circle, Rampart and Fairbanks claims; A. Johnson; Moon; W. Porter; J. Winder Mine Candle
CA037 Meinzer Creek Prospect Candle
CA012 Rock Creek Prospect Candle
CA052 Saddle Prospect Candle
CA034 Spruce Creek Prospect Candle
CA035 Sugar Loaf Creek Prospect Candle
CA017 Syenite Gulch Occurrence Candle
CA036 Unnamed (Muck Creek) Occurrence Candle
CA045 Unnamed (south east of Clem Mountain) Occurrence Candle
CA044 Unnamed (south of Clem Mountain) Occurrence Candle
CA042 Unnamed (tributary to Duck Creek) Occurrence Candle
CA013 Unnamed (upper Peace River) Prospect Candle
CA047 Upper Sweepstakes Creek Mine Candle
CH047 Squaw Creek; Big Squaw Creek Mine Chandalar
CH044 St Marys Creek; St Marys Gulch Mine Chandalar
CI004 Bedrock Creek Prospect Circle
CI027 Hot Springs Creek Occurrence Circle
CI041 Nome Creek Area; Sumner Creek Mine Circle
CI067 Unnamed Occurrence Circle
CI069 Unnamed Occurrence Circle
CI076 Unnamed (in headwaters of Little Champion Creek) Occurrence Circle
CO012 Peak 2710 Occurrence Coleen
CO010 Rabbit Mountain Occurrence Coleen
CO009 VABM Orphan Occurrence Coleen
DE024 Atom Marietta Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE016 Boots Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE027 Carol Ann; Carol Ann No. 1; Carol Ann No. 2; Carol Ann No. 3; Dotson Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE029 Cheri; Cheri No. 1 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE015 Geiger Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE031 Geoduck Occurrences Dixon Entrance
DE023 I and L; I and L Nos. 3-5 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE021 I,L, and M; ILM; I, L, and M Nos. 1-3 Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE020 Little Jim; Little Joe No. 1, Little Joe No. 2 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE018 Old Crow Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE026 Pieper's Purple Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE025 Ross-Adams Mine Dixon Entrance
DE030 Shore Occurrence Dixon Entrance
DE017 Sunday Lake Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE028 Upper Cheri Occurrence Dixon Entrance
DE019 Wennie (Lazo Group); I and L No. 1 and 2 Prospects Dixon Entrance
EA036 Ben Creek Mine Eagle
EA039 Ruby Creek Occurrence Eagle
EA037 Unnamed (on Slate Creek) Occurrence Eagle
GU033 Snipe Prospect Gulkana
HU008 Boston Ridge Prospect Hughes
HU014 Hogatza; Hog River; Bear Creek Mine Hughes
HU016 Unnamed (in Zane Hills, south of upper Caribou Creek) Occurrence Hughes
HU011 Unnamed (northeast ridge of Caribou Mountain) Occurrence Hughes
ID103 Happy Creek Mine Iditarod
ID177 Julian Creek Mine Iditarod
ID168 Quartz Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID166 Snow Gulch Mine Iditarod
JU062 Athero (near Lance Point) Prospect Juneau
JU057 Lucky Six; William Henry Prospect Juneau
JU254 Unnamed (near Salmon River) Occurrence Juneau
LH013 Unnamed (southeast of Jimmy Lake) Occurrence Lime Hills
MD076 Eagle Creek Mine Medfra
MD075 Eagle Creek Gulch Occurrence Medfra
MD066 Hidden Creek: Grable and Blackburn Mine Mine Medfra
MD062 Nixon Fork; Mespelt; Crystal; Garnet Extension; Mespelt Inclined Shaft; Recreation; Keen; Twin Shafts; Mespelt Main Shaft; Garnet Trench; Parsons and Strand; Southern Cross Mine Medfra
MD002 Unnamed Occurrence Medfra
MD005 Unnamed Occurrence Medfra
MD004 Unnamed Occurrence Medfra
MD003 Unnamed Occurrence Medfra
MD001 Unnamed (in Sischu Creek valley) Occurrence Medfra
MD068 Upper Ruby Creek Mine Medfra
MD071 Whalen Shaft Mine Medfra
MD067 Whalen; Whalen and Griffin Mine Medfra
MG036 Eudialyte Prospect McGrath
MG037 Unnamed Occurrence McGrath
MG035 Windy Fork Placer Occurrence McGrath
MM057 Spruce Creek No. 1; Ridgetop Prospect Mount McKinley
MM009 Unnamed (mountain at head of Flume Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM001 Unnamed (north of Chilchukabena Lake) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM003 Unnamed (west-southwest of Chitsia Mountain) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MZ014 Unnamed (north of North Fork Hot Springs Creek) Occurrences Melozitna
NM042 Unnamed (between North Star Creek and Windy Creeks) Occurrence Nome
NM021 Unnamed (Cobblestone River) Occurrence Nome
NM025 Unnamed (east of North Fork Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM029 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM031 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM030 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM028 Unnamed (Gold Run) Occurrence Nome
NM024 Unnamed (in the headwaters of West Fork Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM026 Unnamed (near Crater Lake) Occurrence Nome
NM040 Unnamed (near Deep Canyon Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM037 Unnamed (near Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM022 Unnamed (near head of Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM046 Unnamed (near hill 1807) Occurrence Nome
NM039 Unnamed (near Tigaraha Mountain) Occurrence Nome
NM038 Unnamed (near Tumit Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM045 Unnamed (on hill 2321) Occurrence Nome
NM032 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM033 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM034 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
PA001 Unnamed (near Goddard Hot Springs) Occurrences Port Alexander
PE055 Paystreak Vein; Marker Vein Prospects Petersburg
PE068 Unnamed (near Elephants Nose) Prospect Petersburg
PE001 Unnamed (near mouth of Port Camden) Prospect Petersburg
PE011 Unnamed (near Petersburg Creek) Occurrences Petersburg
PE056 Unnamed (near Salmon Bay) Prospects Petersburg
PL001 Unnamed (near Kukpowruk River) Occurrence Point Lay
RB035 Birch Creek Mine Ruby
RB036 Flint Creek Prospect Ruby
SE002 Unnamed (south of Inland Lake) Occurrence Selawik
SE008 Unnamed (south of Selawik Lake) Occurrence Selawik
SE004 Uranium 1 (in Selawik Hills) Occurrence Selawik
SE005 Uranium 2 (in Selawik Hills) Prospect Selawik
SE006 Uranium 3 (in Selawik Hills) Prospect Selawik
SE007 Uranium 4 (in Selawik Hills) Occurrence Selawik
SH010 Unnamed (northeast of Solsmunket Lake) Occurrence Shungnak
SM037 Unnamed (northeast of lower Sue Creek) Occurrence Sleetmute
SO159 Unnamed (east of Eagle Creek) Occurrence Solomon
TL029 Cache Creek Area, including Spruce Creek;Short Creek; Rambler Creek; Lucky Creek; Pineo Bar; Bradley; Cache Creek Dredging Company; Cache Creek Mining Company; Erickson; Gold; Ltd.; Morgan; Murray; Murray And Harper; Obermiller And Eaglehorn; Peterson; Taraski; Tesmer And Beidermann; Wetherall; Yenta Dredging Co. Mine Talkeetna
TL043 Poorman Creek; Kast; Nelson And Larson Mine Talkeetna
TC032 Section 35 Occurrence Tanana
TY029 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY028 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY027 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY001 Unnamed (near Tyonek) Occurrence Tyonek