ARDF records with commodity Ti

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AR045 Unnamed; Cutler River Occurrence Ambler River
BB001 Unnamed (beach southwest of Cinder River) Occurrence Bristol Bay
BG006 Yakataga (between Cape Yakataga and White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG007 Yakataga (east of White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG005 Yakataga (west of Cape Yakataga) Mine Bering Glacier
BT003 Gold Bench Mine Bettles
BT023 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 1 Occurrence Bettles
BT022 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 2 Occurrence Bettles
BT021 No Name Creek Prospect Bettles
BT024 Unnamed (east fork of Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
CB013 Moffet Point Occurrence Cold Bay
CG003 Port Heiden Occurrence Chignik
CG004 Port Moller Occurrence Chignik
CG009 Unnamed (on coast near Ilnik) Occurrence Chignik
CH044 St Marys Creek; St Marys Gulch Mine Chandalar
CI022 Gold Dust Creek Mine Circle
CR004 Unnamed (near Magnetic Point) Prospects Craig
CV031 Red Head #1 Prospect Cordova
CV068 Unnamed [on Pete Dahl (Copper Sands) Island] Occurrence Cordova
DE020 Little Jim; Little Joe No. 1, Little Joe No. 2 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DI003 Humble; Kemuk Prospect Dillingham
IB012 Crystal Creek Occurrence Icy Bay
IB010 Guyot Beach (Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB006 Icy Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB007 Icy Bay (east of Carson Creek) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB008 Icy Bay (northeast of Clay Bluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB009 Icy Bay (west of Claybluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB011 Icy Cape (Guyot Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB004 Point Riou (near Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB005 Riou Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB001 Unnamed (beach between Yahtse River and Yana Stream) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB002 Unnamed (beach between Yahtse River and Yana Stream) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB003 Unnamed (beach near Yahtse River) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB013 Unnamed (west of Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
ID084 Moore Creek Mine Iditarod
IL050 Chenik Mountain; Pan American Petroleum Corp. Prospect Iliamna
IL015 Phoenix Prospect Iliamna
IL049 Unnamed (east of Seven Sisters) Prospect Iliamna
IL048 Unnamed (east of the head of Lake Fork of Paint River) Prospect Iliamna
IL014 Unnamed (east of upper Iniskin Bay) Occurrence Iliamna
IL006 Unnamed (near Frying Pan Lake) Prospect Iliamna
IL034 Unnamed (north of Dream Creek) Prospect Iliamna
IL024 Unnamed (north of Meadow Lake) Occurrence Iliamna
IL021 Unnamed (north of mouth of Iliamna River) Occurrence Iliamna
IL038 Unnamed (northwest of Iron Springs Lake) Occurrence Iliamna
IL027 Unnamed (southwest of The Cone) Occurrence Iliamna
IL025 Unnamed (summit of The Cone) Occurrence Iliamna
IL019 Unnamed (west of Williamsport) Occurrence Iliamna
MC017 Unnamed (north of Kotsina River) Occurrence McCarthy
MC029 Unnamed (west side of west Kuskulana Glacier) Occurrence McCarthy
MD015 Montana Creek Prospect Medfra
MF003 Brady Glacier nickel-copper deposit Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF012 Unnamed (Astrolabe Peninsula) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF086 Unnamed (between Curtis Hills and Bruce Hills) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF088 Unnamed (Brady Glacier outwash) Mine Mount Fairweather
MF013 Unnamed (DeLangle Mountain) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF040 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska coast) Mines Mount Fairweather
MF042 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska coast: Includes Topsy Creek, Dagelet River, and Oregon King Consolidated claims) Mines Mount Fairweather
MF016 Unnamed (moraine on Fairweather Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF015 Unnamed (near Desolation Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF004 Unnamed (North Crillon Glacier) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF011 Unnamed (north of Mt. Marchainville) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF007 Unnamed (northwest of Mt. Marchainville) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF009 Unnamed (southeast of upper Finger Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF063 Unnamed (South Marble Island) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF008 Unnamed (south of Finger Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF050 Unnamed (upper North Crillon Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF084 Unnamed (west-northwest of Mt. Dagelet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF018 Unnamed (west of Mt. Fairweather) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG035 Windy Fork Placer Occurrence McGrath
MH189 Unnamed (south tributary to Fielding Lake) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH189 Unnamed (south tributary to Fielding Lake) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MM013 Crooked Creek Mines Mount McKinley
NK002 Egegik beach Occurrence Naknek
NM047 Charlie Creek (placer) Mine Nome
NM149 Hungry Creek Mine Nome
NM131 Iron Creek Prospect Nome
NM146 Oregon Creek Mine Nome
NM159 Unnamed (on present beach of Norton Sound) Mine Nome
PM035 Moller Spit Occurrence Port Moller
PM006 Nelson Lagoon Occurrence Port Moller
SD003 Snettisham Iron Prospect Sumdum
SK051 Haines Iron Prospect Skagway
SK030 Klukwan Prospect Skagway
SK031 Klukwan Fan Prospect Skagway
TK025 Graben Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK034 Jay Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TK055 Unnamed (east of south tributary of Fog Creek) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK017 Unnamed (southeast of upper Portage Creek) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TL031 Dollar Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL042 Willow Creek; Big Willow Creek; Little Willow Creek; Wilson Creek; Hansen; Jennings; Rice; Rocky Gulch; Slate Gulch; Snow Gulch Mine Talkeetna
TN142 Kilolitna River Prospect Tanana
TN141 Ray River Prospect Tanana
TY028 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY029 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY027 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY002 Unnamed (near Cook Inlet Shoals) Occurrence Tyonek
TY001 Unnamed (near Tyonek) Occurrence Tyonek
UG010 Unnamed (Bristol Bay coast north of Ugashik Bay) Occurrence Ugashik
WI065 Unnamed (near Allen River) Occurrence Wiseman
WI077 Unnamed (near the junction of Fall and Michigan Creeks) Occurrence Wiseman
WI012 Unnamed (south of Pet Lake) Occurrence Wiseman
WI039 Unnamed (west of Mettenpherg Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
YA006 Akwe Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA008 Blacksand Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA009 Blacksand Island Beach Mine Yakutat
YA003 Khantaak Beach Mine Yakutat
YA007 Situk Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA001 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska beaches, Yakutat quadrangle segment) Mine Yakutat
YA014 Unnamed (near Tarnis River) Prospect Yakutat
YA013 Unnamed (northwest of Dry Bay) Prospect Yakutat
YA002 Yakutat Beach Mine Yakutat