ARDF records with commodity V

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AR048 Kaluich Creek Occurrence Ambler River
AR064 Unnamed Occurrence Ambler River
CL003 Chandler Lake Occurrence Chandler Lake
CL003 Chandler Lake Occurrence Chandler Lake
CL004 Kiruktagiak River Occurrence Chandler Lake
CL009 Monitis Creek Occurrence Chandler Lake
CL012 Skimo Creek East Occurrence Chandler Lake
CL013 Skimo Creek West Occurrence Chandler Lake
CL002 Tiglukpuk Creek Occurrence Chandler Lake
CO013 Coleen River barite Occurrence Coleen
CO001 Porcupine River; Old Rampart Occurrence Coleen
CV068 Unnamed [on Pete Dahl (Copper Sands) Island] Occurrence Cordova
CY008 Derwent Occurrences Charley River
EA031 Unnamed (on Calico Bluff) Occurrence Eagle
HW005 Lisburne Ridge Occurrence Howard Pass
HW029 Nigu River Occurrence Howard Pass
ID044 VABM Tatalina Prospect Iditarod
IL006 Unnamed (near Frying Pan Lake) Prospect Iliamna
KL011 Ivotuk Hills Occurrence Killik River
MF017 Unnamed (between Fairweather and Sea Otter Glaciers) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF016 Unnamed (moraine on Fairweather Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG051 Sheep Creek-1; BMP Occurrence McGrath
MG029 Unnamed (on tributary to Middle Fork of Kuskokwim River) Occurrence McGrath
MH126 Green Wonder Prospect Mount Hayes
MM051 Unnamed (ridge northeast of Spruce Peak) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MZ012 Unnamed (south of Dulbatna Mountain) Occurrences Melozitna
MZ021 Unnamed (west of central Black Sand Creek) Occurrences Melozitna
NB103 Unnamed (south of lower Baultoff Creek) Occurrence Nabesna
SD003 Snettisham Iron Prospect Sumdum
SK030 Klukwan Prospect Skagway
SK031 Klukwan Fan Prospect Skagway
SM062 Unnamed (southwestern Buckstock Mountains) Occurrence Sleetmute
SP041 Unnamed (west of Walker Lake) Occurrences Survey Pass
SR209 Unnamed (north of Grant Lake) Occurrence Seward
SR291 Unnamed (south of Godwin Glacier) Occurrence Seward
TK034 Jay Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TN002 Unnamed (Holonada Creek) Occurrences Tanana
WI012 Unnamed (south of Pet Lake) Occurrence Wiseman
WI063 Unnamed (upper Crevice Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI139 Unnamed (west of upper Jones Creek) Occurrence Wiseman