ARDF records with commodity Zr

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AR057 Unnamed Occurrence Ambler River
BT025 Fort Hamlin Hills Metalliferous Coal Occurrence Bettles
BT023 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 1 Occurrence Bettles
BT022 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 2 Occurrence Bettles
BT021 No Name Creek Prospect Bettles
BT024 Unnamed (east fork of Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
CV068 Unnamed [on Pete Dahl (Copper Sands) Island] Occurrence Cordova
DE024 Atom Marietta Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE027 Carol Ann; Carol Ann No. 1; Carol Ann No. 2; Carol Ann No. 3; Dotson Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE029 Cheri; Cheri No. 1 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE015 Geiger Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE031 Geoduck Occurrences Dixon Entrance
DE023 I and L; I and L Nos. 3-5 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE021 I,L, and M; ILM; I, L, and M Nos. 1-3 Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE022 Irene-D Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE020 Little Jim; Little Joe No. 1, Little Joe No. 2 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE030 Shore Occurrence Dixon Entrance
DE017 Sunday Lake Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE028 Upper Cheri Occurrence Dixon Entrance
ID104 Flat Creek; Marietta Mines Iditarod
ID103 Happy Creek Mine Iditarod
ID084 Moore Creek Mine Iditarod
ID111 Otter Creek Mines Iditarod
ID117 Prince Creek Mine Iditarod
ID105 Willow bench Mine Iditarod
ID102 Willow Creek Mine Iditarod
JU254 Unnamed (near Salmon River) Occurrence Juneau
KH006 Sischu Mountain Prospects Kantishna River
MD015 Montana Creek Prospect Medfra
MF088 Unnamed (Brady Glacier outwash) Mine Mount Fairweather
MF040 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska coast) Mines Mount Fairweather
MF042 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska coast: Includes Topsy Creek, Dagelet River, and Oregon King Consolidated claims) Mines Mount Fairweather
MG036 Eudialyte Prospect McGrath
MG037 Unnamed Occurrence McGrath
MG035 Windy Fork Placer Occurrence McGrath
SM037 Unnamed (northeast of lower Sue Creek) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM031 Unnamed (north of the Kuskokwim River) Occurrence Sleetmute
TL043 Poorman Creek; Kast; Nelson And Larson Mine Talkeetna
TL042 Willow Creek; Big Willow Creek; Little Willow Creek; Wilson Creek; Hansen; Jennings; Rice; Rocky Gulch; Slate Gulch; Snow Gulch Mine Talkeetna
TN142 Kilolitna River Prospect Tanana
TN141 Ray River Prospect Tanana
TN143 Ray River Metalliferous Coal Occurrence Tanana
TC032 Section 35 Occurrence Tanana
TY029 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY027 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY028 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY001 Unnamed (near Tyonek) Occurrence Tyonek
WI063 Unnamed (upper Crevice Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
YA006 Akwe Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA008 Blacksand Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA009 Blacksand Island Beach Mine Yakutat
YA007 Situk Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA001 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska beaches, Yakutat quadrangle segment) Mine Yakutat
YA002 Yakutat Beach Mine Yakutat