ARDF records containing ankerite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AN005 Fern; Fern Gold Mining Co.; Fern Gold Leasing Co.; Fern & Goodell; Bartholf-Isaacs; Marmot Mine Anchorage
AN009 High Grade; Kloss and Associates; Kloss and Snider Mine Anchorage
BC078 Fish Creek; Olympia Extension; Last Chance; Single Rose; Mountain View; Summit; Climax Mine Bradfield Canal
BC080 Riverside; Riverview; Lindeborg Mine Bradfield Canal
BD014 Democrat; John Mitchell Lode; Camp Pit; Richardson project Mine Big Delta
BD038 Shamrock; Shamrock/Buck; Buck Prospects Big Delta
EA013 Alder Creek (lode in Eagle D-3 quadrangle) Prospect Eagle
EA010 Bonanza Creek (lode) Prospect Eagle
EA015 Flanders Prospect Eagle
EA009 Flume Creek (lode) Prospect Eagle
EA057 Lead Creek Prospect Eagle
EA126 Unnamed (Walker Fork) Occurrence Eagle
HE044 BLT Prospects Healy
HE209 Gold Hill; Accident Prospect Healy
HE215 Lucky Saddle Prospect Healy
HE210 Lucky Top Prospect Healy
HE040 Mayflower Prospect Healy
HE211 TMC Prospect Healy
ID109 Chicken Mountain Prospect Iditarod
JU224 Admiralty-Alaska; Tellurium Mine Juneau
JU165 Alaska-Juneau; A-J; AJ Mine Juneau
JU034 Bear Mine Juneau
JU050 Berners Tunnel Prospect Juneau
JU047 Big Lake Prospect Juneau
JU071 California Prospect Juneau
JU149 Ebner Mine Juneau
JU031 Eureka Prospect Juneau
JU033 Gold King Prospect Juneau
JU070 Gold Standard Prospect Juneau
JU169 Groundhog; Perseverance; Alaska Gastineau; Alaska Juneau Mine Juneau
JU027 Horrible; Savage Mine Juneau
JU134 Howard Bay; Copper King Mine Juneau
JU030 Johnson; Northern Lights Mine Juneau
JU044 Jualin Mine Juneau
JU029 Kensington Mine Juneau
JU028 Mexican Prospect Juneau
JU064 Miller Peak Occurrence Juneau
JU032 Northern Belle; Elmira; Yellowjacket; Boston; Troy Mine Juneau
JU026 Ophir; Hartford; Chilkat; Selkirk; Acropolis Prospect Juneau
JU168 Perseverance; Alaska-Juneau; Alaska Gastineau; South Orebody Mine Juneau
JU056 Unnamed (near White Glacier) Occurrence Juneau
JU005 Unnamed (west side of Casement Glacier) Occurrence Juneau
KC006 Mountain View: Fish Creek nos. 1, 2, and 3; Skookum; Gray Copper; Ruby Silver Mine Ketchikan
LH023 Unnamed (head of Kuskokwim River) Occurrences Lime Hills
MF054 Silver Dick and Jennie claims Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF086 Unnamed (between Curtis Hills and Bruce Hills) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF034 Unnamed (Russell Island) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MH031 Falling Rock Prospect Mount Hayes
MH258 PG West Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH088 Unnamed (east of Maclaren Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MM019 Bright Light; Whistler Prospects Mount McKinley
MM112 Merry Widow and Silver King Prospect Mount McKinley
MM116 Pennsylvania; Keystone Prospects Mount McKinley
MM023 Unnamed (southwest of Alpha Ridge) Prospect Mount McKinley
NM171 Alpha Ridge Prospect Nome
NM140 Aurora Prospect Nome
NM165 Boulder Creek; Claus Rodine Prospect Nome
NM141 Christophosen Prospect Nome
NM058 Divide Prospect Nome
NM142 Last Chance Prospect Nome
NM189 Lilly Prospect Nome
NM250 Nome Mining District Mines Nome
NM135 Quarry Prospect Nome
NM207 Rock Creek (lode); Nugent Prospect Nome
NM086 Sliscovich Mine Nome
NM091 Tanner Prospect Nome
NM186 Twin Mountain Prospect Nome
NM157 Unnamed (Arctic Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM096 Unnamed (Silver Creek--lode) Prospect Nome
SK014 Mount Brock; Mount Brack Occurrence Skagway
SO132 Wheeler Mine Solomon
SR306 Beatson; Beatson-Bonanza; Latouche Mine Seward
SR059 Golden Giant; Collins, Fish and Barry Prospect Seward
SR011 Hirshey-Lucky Strike; Lucky Strike; Swetmann Mine Seward
SR077 Hummer; Everson, Harris and Parker Prospect Seward
SR003 Robinson and Bowman; Lost Frontier Prospect Seward
TN036 Rosa Ridge Prospects Tanana
UN005 Sedanka Island; Biorka Prospect Unalaska
WI131 Fortress Occurrence Wiseman
WI083 Silver King Prospect Wiseman
WI032 Unnamed (along Right Fork) Occurrence Wiseman
WI011 Unnamed (between Sirr Creek and Wild Lake) Occurrence Wiseman
WI026 Unnamed (east of head of Bonanza Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI021 Unnamed (east of the north end of Wild Lake) Occurrence Wiseman
WI130 Unnamed (in Smith Creek) Prospect Wiseman
WI115 Workman's Bench; Wannemaker and Wortman Prospect Wiseman