ARDF records containing argentiferous galena

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AN109 Agostino; Barnes Property; Monarch Mining Co.; Crow Creek Mining Co. Mine Anchorage
AN113 Eagle River; Mayflower Prospect Anchorage
CA028 Canoe Creek Occurrence Candle
CA016 Unnamed (at head of Quartz Creek); Saddle Prospects Candle
CA015 Unnamed (head of Kiwalik River) Occurrence Candle
CA020 Unnamed (in divide at head of Quartz Creek) Occurrence Candle
CA032 Unnamed (on Quartz Creek) Occurrence Candle
CA030 Unnamed (on Quartz Creek) Occurrence Candle
CA014 Unnamed (on Weather Ridge) Occurrence Candle
CA022 Unnamed (on Weather Ridge) Occurrence Candle
CH091 Gayle Prospect Chandalar
CH092 Unnamed (east end of Reds Lake) Occurrence Chandalar
EA099 Eva; Eva Creek; Ruby Silver Prospect Eagle
LC034 Kijik River; Thompson Prospect Lake Clark
LG129 Bobbie Prospect Livengood
LG073 Burnet Galena Prospect Livengood
LG107 Chechako No. 1; Eldorado; Westonvitch Mine Livengood
LG060 Freeman and Scharf Prospect Livengood
LG046 Gilmer Mine Livengood
LG182 Hi Yu; Crites and Feldman Mine Livengood
LG091 Jackson Prospect Livengood
LG180 Mizpah; Black Joe Mine Livengood
LG067 Nightingale Prospect Livengood
LG165 Ohio; Early Bird; Mayflower; Connors and Stevens Mine Livengood
LG062 Silver Fox; Silvertone; Busty Belle Mine Livengood
LG105 Stibnite Prospect Livengood
LG088 White Elephant Mine Livengood
NL001 Perseverance; Valley; Bishop Creek Mines Nulato
PM031 PMRGX-21 (Mud Bay) Prospect Port Moller
SH005 Unnamed (east of Billy Hawk Creek) Occurrence Shungnak
TB001 Galena Creek - East Occurrence Table Mountain
TN103 Hot Springs Dome; Barrett; Donnelly Prospect Tanana
TN027 Quartz Creek; Bonanza King Prospect Tanana
TN021 Unnamed (Tozimoran Creek) Occurrences Tanana
TR018 Whiting River; Lost Charlie Ross Prospect Taku River
UN005 Sedanka Island; Biorka Prospect Unalaska
WI083 Silver King Prospect Wiseman