ARDF records containing barite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AR025 Arctic Prospect Ambler River
AR018 Bornite; Ruby Creek Prospect Ambler River
AR059 Imelyak River Occurrence Ambler River
AR052 Nanielik Creek Occurrence Ambler River
AR071 South Reef Prospect Ambler River
BC056 Bartholf Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC057 Cantu Mine Bradfield Canal
BC079 Monarch Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC055 Silver Bar; McVey Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC028 Silver King Prospect Bradfield Canal
BM010 Deadfall; Powdermilk Prospect Baird Mountains
BM011 Frost Prospect Baird Mountains
BM022 Peak Prospect Baird Mountains
BN056 Inmachuk; Hannum Prospect Bendeleben
CB001 Walrus Peak Prospect Cold Bay
CL008 Itkillik River West Occurrence Chandler Lake
CL010 Nanushuk River Occurrence Chandler Lake
CO013 Coleen River barite Occurrence Coleen
CO006 Shoulder Mountain Occurrence Coleen
CR162 Unnamed (at Lime Point) Mine Craig
CR088 Unnamed (at northeast end of St. Ignace Island) Occurrence Craig
CR062 Unnamed (near Kasaan Mountain) Prospects Craig
CV032 Unnamed (Dick Creek drainage) Occurrences Cordova
CV070 Unnamed (Don Miller Hills area) Occurrences Cordova
CV065 Unnamed (south-central Hinchinbrook Island) Occurrence Cordova
CY005 Casca Zinc Prospect Charley River
DE039 Polson & Ickis; Apex, Hillside, Wano, Adit, Astor, Daly-West, Veda, Thompson Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE013 Unnamed (in Barrier Islands) Occurrences Dixon Entrance
DL016 Anarraaq Prospect DeLong Mountains
DL012 Competition Creek; Rowdy Prospect DeLong Mountains
DL013 Gull Creek Occurrence DeLong Mountains
DL005 Lik; Sue Prospect DeLong Mountains
DL003 Moil Creek Occurrence DeLong Mountains
DL001 Red Dog; Qanaiyaq; Hilltop; Aqqaluk; Paalaaq Mine DeLong Mountains
DL004 SOB Occurrence DeLong Mountains
DL011 Surprise Prospect DeLong Mountains
EA042 Butte Creek Prospect Eagle
EA116 Franklin Creek; Franklin Gulch Mine Eagle
GU019 Grubstake Prospect Gulkana
GU014 Silver Shield Prospect Gulkana
GU021 Slope Creek Mine Gulkana
GU052 Southwest Grubstake Occurrence Gulkana
GU034 Tom Burns; Silver Circle Prospect Gulkana
HE096 Unnamed (west of Anderson Mountain) Prospect Healy
HW024 Abby Creek Occurrence Howard Pass
HW025 Bion Occurrence Howard Pass
HW004 Drenchwater Creek Prospect Howard Pass
HW002 Drenchwater-East Prospect Howard Pass
HW003 Drenchwater-West Prospect Howard Pass
HW028 Ekakevik Occurrence Howard Pass
HW006 Kiligwa River--Barite Occurrence Howard Pass
HW023 Lakeview Occurrence Howard Pass
HW034 Longview Occurrence Howard Pass
HW009 Rolling Pin Creek Occurrence Howard Pass
HW010 Safari Creek North Occurrence Howard Pass
HW011 Safari Creek South Occurrence Howard Pass
HW026 Stack Occurrence Howard Pass
HW015 Story Creek Prospect Howard Pass
HW027 Tuck Occurrence Howard Pass
HW022 Twistem Creek barite Occurrence Howard Pass
HW020 Unnamed (west of Kivliktort Mountain) Occurrence Howard Pass
ID177 Julian Creek Mine Iditarod
JU253 Greens Creek Mine Juneau
JU020 Unnamed (near Mt. Young) Occurrence Juneau
JU056 Unnamed (near White Glacier) Occurrence Juneau
JU005 Unnamed (west side of Casement Glacier) Occurrence Juneau
JU060 William Henry Prospect Juneau
KC127 Carita; Erhart; Starlight Prospects Ketchikan
KC123 Concord group; Apex group; Concord no. 2, 3, 4; Blue Jay; Old Man; Sunrise Prospects Ketchikan
KC132 Dall; Dall Bay Prospects Ketchikan
KC125 Friday Prospect Ketchikan
KC001 Howard; Helen Prospect Ketchikan
KC139 Japan Bay Prospect Ketchikan
KC006 Mountain View: Fish Creek nos. 1, 2, and 3; Skookum; Gray Copper; Ruby Silver Mine Ketchikan
KC173 Unnamed (Crab Bay area) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC137 Unnamed (near Driest Point) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC171 Unnamed (near Hemlock Bay) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC182 Unnamed (near Sylburn Harbor) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC170 Unnamed (near Sylburn Harbor) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC149 Unnamed ('Sink Lake') Occurrences Ketchikan
KC148 Unnamed (southeast of Blunt Mountain) Prospects Ketchikan
KC138 Unnamed (southeast of Driest Point) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC055 Unnamed (southwest Gravina Island) Prospect Ketchikan
KC150 Unnamed (west of Crab Bay); Tyee? Occurrences Ketchikan
KN008 Difficult Creek Occurrence Kenai
KN007 Double Glacier Occurrence Kenai
KN002 Johnson; Johnson River Prospect Kenai
LH002 Gagaryah Occurrence Lime Hills
LH009 Three Cub Occurrence Lime Hills
MC148 Unnamed (on Chitistone Mountain) Occurrence McCarthy
MD041 Unnamed Occurrence Medfra
MF029 Rambler; Challenger Prospect Mount Fairweather
MH348 CC Barite Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH358 Eagle Creek Mines Mount Hayes
MI002 Kayak Island Occurrence Middleton Island
MK016 Kejulik Occurrence Mount Katmai
MM015 Clearwater Barite Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM091 Kantishna Hills lode deposits Mines Mount McKinley
MM004 Unnamed (on Chitsia Mountain) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MU005 Inaccessible Ridge Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MU004 Kagvik Creek Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MU001 Nimiuktuk Prospect Misheguk Mountain
MZ004 Indian RiverTrend; IRT; IR Prospects Melozitna
MZ005 Unnamed (upper Utopia Creek); Whiz-Bang Occurrence Melozitna
NB102 Unnamed (north of lower Gravel Creek) Occurrence Nabesna
NB070 Unnamed (west of lower Ramshole Creek) Occurrence Nabesna
NM140 Aurora Prospect Nome
NM135 Quarry Prospect Nome
PA021 Allied Group E Prospect Port Alexander
PA029 Corn Prospect Port Alexander
PA028 Hungerford Prospect Port Alexander
PA028 Hungerford Prospect Port Alexander
PA027 Katherine Prospect Port Alexander
PA030 Skate Creek Prospect Port Alexander
PA022 Unnamed (north side of Cornwallis Peninsula) Prospect Port Alexander
PA025 Unnamed (on 'Little Creek') Prospect Port Alexander
PA031 Unnamed (on Saginaw Bay) Occurrence Port Alexander
PE026 Castle Island Mine Petersburg
PE034 East Lake Prospects Petersburg
PE035 Mad Dog; Fortune Prospect Petersburg
PE087 Rubble; East Duncan Pyrite Occurrences Petersburg
PE091 Scott Prospect Petersburg
PE093 Unnamed (adjacent to Helen S Mine) Prospect Petersburg
PE027 Unnamed (covering most of Castle Islands) Prospect Petersburg
PM061 Norms Vein Prospect Port Moller
PM067 Orange Mountain; Unga Prospect Port Moller
PM066 Prays; P.V. Prospect Port Moller
PM026 Unnamed (between Balboa Bay and Dorenoi Bay) Prospect Port Moller
PM028 Unnamed (near Renshaw Point) Occurrence Port Moller
PS015 Unnamed (southwest of Atigun River Gorge) Occurrence Phillip Smith Mountains
PS008 Unnamed (west of the Middle Fork Chandalar River) Prospect Phillip Smith Mountains
RB051 Flat Creek (tributary of Timber Creek) Mine Ruby
SD066 Unnamed (southwest of Turn Mountain) Occurrence Sumdum
SI065 Pyrola Prospect Sitka
SK057 Boundary Prospect Skagway
SK057 Boundary Prospect Skagway
SK060 Cap Prospect Skagway
SK066 Glacier Creek; Main Zone; RW Zone; South Wall Zone; Palmer Prospect Skagway
SK070 Gullies; Jarvis Glacier Gulches Occurrences Skagway
SK061 Hanging Glacier Prospect Skagway
SK067 Little Jarvis; RW Prospect Skagway
SK068 MHC; Mount Henry Clay Prospect Skagway
SK058 Nunatak; Saksaia Glacier Prospect Skagway
SK063 Red Creek; Wolf Den Prospect Skagway
SK063 Red Creek; Wolf Den Prospect Skagway
SK069 Unnamed (on west side of Little Jarvis Glacier) Prospect Skagway
SM036 Unnamed (east head of Whitewing Valley) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM038 Unnamed (near VABM Shale) Occurrence Sleetmute
SP045 Picnic Creek; Picnic Prospect Survey Pass
SP047 SAL Prospect Survey Pass
SP046 STU Prospect Survey Pass
SP039 Sun; Main Sun; Hot Prospects Survey Pass
SP044 SW Sun Prospect Survey Pass
SW001 Unnamed (on Cape Kumlik) Occurrence Sutwik Island
SW002 Unnamed (on western Nakchamik Island) Prospect Sutwik Island
TB001 Galena Creek - East Occurrence Table Mountain
TK066 Unnamed (west of Watana Lake) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TL018 Shellabarger Pass; Shellebarger Pass Prospects Talkeetna
TN075 American Creek (includes California Gulch and Colorado Gulch) Mine Tanana
TN097 Cache Creek Mine Tanana
TN059 Hoosier Creek Mine Tanana
TN066 Little Minook Creek Mine Tanana
TN064 Little Minook Jr. Creek Mine Tanana
TN133 Pioneer Creek; including Doric, Boothby, Seattle Jr., Skookum, Joe Bush, and North Fork creeks Mines Tanana
TN127 Shirley Bar Mine Tanana
TN052 Slate Creek Mine Tanana
TY041 Squirrel Head; Squirrel Head East Prospect Tyonek
TY044 T-bird Occurrence Tyonek
UG001 Mike Prospect Ugashik
UG002 Rex Prospect Ugashik
UG005 Unnamed (near Kilokak Creek) Occurrence Ugashik
VA007 Unnamed (near Chetaslina River) Prospect Valdez
WI034 Ann Prospect Wiseman