ARDF records containing calc-silicate minerals

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BC009 North Bradfield River; Ptarmigan Prospect Bradfield Canal
BT009 Bonanza, Beef Prospect Bettles
EA096 Oscar Prospect Eagle
KC024 Marble Copper Prospect Ketchikan
NM027 Unnamed (Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM041 Unnamed (near North Star Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM044 Unnamed (near Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM035 Unnamed (Thompson Creek) Occurrence Nome
PE041 Unnamed (in Glacier Basin) Prospects Petersburg
PR005 Nelson and Tift Mine Prince Rupert
SP026 Unnamed (near headwaters of Takahula River) Occurrence Survey Pass
SP010 Unnamed (north of Noatak River) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP016 Unnamed (south of Arrigetch Creek) Occurrences Survey Pass
SP009 Unnamed (Tupik Creek area) Occurrences Survey Pass