ARDF records containing carbonate

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BD010 Carrie Creek; Lynx Saddle; Missing Lynx; Tripper Ridge; West Carrie Creek Prospects Big Delta
BD014 Democrat; John Mitchell Lode; Camp Pit; Richardson project Mine Big Delta
BD043 Unnamed (headwaters of Rick's Creek) Prospect Big Delta
BH028 Kisa Breccia; Golden Dyke Prospects Bethel
BH030 Luna Prospect Bethel
BH029 Pirate's Pick Prospect Bethel
BH025 Unnamed (lower Slate Creek) Occurrence Bethel
CY033 Unnamed (north of Fisher Creek) Occurrence Charley River
DI012 H Block Prospect Dillingham
EA168 Burnt Ridge; Napoleon Prospect Eagle
EA062 Fish Prospect Eagle
EA115 Main Zone; Saddle Zone; Trench 24; Napoleon Prospect Eagle
EA167 Twin Peaks; Napoleon Prospect Eagle
EA081 Unnamed (in headwaters of Nugget Gulch) Occurrence Eagle
FB132 Liberty Bell Mine Fairbanks
GO013 Lone Mountain Occurrence Goodnews Bay
GU013 Gold-Quartz Prospect Gulkana
GU019 Grubstake Prospect Gulkana
GU011 Silver Creek Prospect Gulkana
GU020 Unnamed (in upper Slope Creek) Prospect Gulkana
GU028 Unnamed (northeast of Long Lake) Occurrence Gulkana
GU010 Unnamed (south of Flat Creek) Prospects Gulkana
ID157 Unnamed (north of Return Creek) Occurrence Iditarod
JU125 Winn Prospect Juneau
KC132 Dall; Dall Bay Prospects Ketchikan
KC125 Friday Prospect Ketchikan
KC122 Sanford Prospect Ketchikan
KC055 Unnamed (southwest Gravina Island) Prospect Ketchikan
LH010 Terra Mine Lime Hills
LH008 Terra Cotta Mountains Occurrence Lime Hills
LH009 Three Cub Occurrence Lime Hills
MD065 Matthews and Blackburn Prospect Medfra
MD036 Von Frank - South Prospect Medfra
MD067 Whalen; Whalen and Griffin Mine Medfra
MD040 Whirlwind Prospect Medfra
MG060 Ozzna Creek; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG038 Rock Glacier Occurrence McGrath
MG088 Unnamed (in saddle between Post River and South Fork) Occurrence McGrath
MG076 Unnamed (overlooking headwaters of Jones River) Occurrence McGrath
MH369 Diamondback; Hajdukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH381 Mars Prospect Mount Hayes
MH258 PG West Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH254 RC Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH255 RC East Prospect Mount Hayes
MH099 Sunshine; Greentree Prospect Mount Hayes
MH333 Trio Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH336 Trio West Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH065 Viking; Sheba; Albertson-Pettyjohn Prospect Mount Hayes
MM072 Rainy Creek Ridge No. 1 Prospect Mount McKinley
MZ012 Unnamed (south of Dulbatna Mountain) Occurrences Melozitna
MZ023 Unnamed (south tributary of Black Sand Creek) Prospect Melozitna
NM056 David Creek Occurrence Nome
NM052 Nugget Creek Occurrence Nome
NM105 Unnamed (upper Bock Creek) Occurrence Nome
RM037 VABM Bonanza; Bonanza Ridge Prospect Russian Mission
SM023 Alice and Bessie; Parks Mine Sleetmute
SM073 Fortyseven Creek Lode Prospect Sleetmute
SM029 Kolmakof Mine Sleetmute
SM058 Mountain Top Mine Sleetmute
SM028 Red Devil Mine Mine Sleetmute
SO023 Big Hurrah Mine Solomon
SO149 Unnamed (in headwaters of Surprise Creek) Occurrence Solomon
SO178 Unnamed (near Peak 3231, Darby Ridge) Occurrence Solomon
SR078 Bennett; Bailey and Heinz Occurrence Seward
SR079 George and McFarland Prospect Seward
SR074 Tomboy Ledge Mine Seward
TA004 Lucky Day Mine Taylor Mountains
TA007 Shotgun; Mose Prospect Taylor Mountains
TN063 Unnamed (near Hoosier Creek) Occurrences Tanana
TY025 Old Man Breccia Prospect Tyonek
TY026 Old Man Diorite Prospect Tyonek
TY016 St. Eugene Prospect Tyonek
TY019 Unnamed (Near Mount Estelle) Prospects Tyonek
TY022 Whistler Prospect Tyonek