ARDF records containing cassiterite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BD001 Banner Creek Mines Big Delta
BD002 Beaver Creek Mine Big Delta
BD005 Buckeye Creek; Martha; Moore Creek Mines Big Delta
BD009 Caribou Creek Mine Big Delta
BD069 First Chance Creek Prospect Big Delta
BD032 Pine Creek; Pyne Creek Prospect Big Delta
BH021 Kisaralik River (Riglagalik River) Occurrence Bethel
BN061 American Creek Prospect Bendeleben
BN046 Dick Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN087 Foster (in headwaters of Otter Creek) Prospect Bendeleben
BN057 Hannum Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN053 Humboldt Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN035 Kougarok River Mine Bendeleben
BN041 Kougarok River; Washington Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN044 Mascot Gulch Mine Bendeleben
BN063 Old Glory Creek Mine Bendeleben
BT003 Gold Bench Mine Bettles
BT023 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 1 Occurrence Bettles
BT022 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 2 Occurrence Bettles
BT021 No Name Creek Prospect Bettles
BT020 Unnamed (at head of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
BT024 Unnamed (east fork of Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
BT018 Unnamed (southeast of Sithylemenkat Lake) Occurrences Bettles
CI001 88 Group Prospect Circle
CI008 Boulder Creek Mine Circle
CI014 Deadwood Creek; Forty Three Pup; Twenty Five Pup; Sixteen Pup; Fifteen Pup; Nine Pup; Discovery Gulch; Tommys Pup; Switch Creek; Twenty Two Pup; Twenty Six Pup Mine Circle
CI024 Half Dollar Creek; Two-Bit Gulch Mine Circle
CI090 Harrison Creek Prospect Circle
CI029 Independence Creek Mine Circle
CI031 Ketchem Creek; Holdem Creek Mine Circle
CI032 Ketchem Dome Prospect Circle
CI033 Ketchem Dome Area Mines Circle
CI037 Mastodon Creek; Forty Two Gulch; Baker Gulch Mine Circle
CI038 Mastodon Dome Area (includes Mammoth Creek, Miller Creek, Eagle Creek, and Mastodon Creek) Mines Circle
CI041 Nome Creek Area; Sumner Creek Mine Circle
CI042 North Fork Harrison Creek; South Fork Harrison Creek Mines Circle
CI046 Porcupine Creek Mine Circle
CI054 Sourdough Creek Prospect Circle
CI073 Unnamed (between Table and Pinnell Mountains) Occurrence Circle
CI079 Unnamed, near Lime Peak Pluton (Rocky Mountain) Prospect Circle
CI081 Unnamed (near Porcupine Dome) Prospect Circle
CI028 Yankee Creek Mine Circle
CO018 Porcupine River--ancient channel placer Occurrence Coleen
CO022 Unnamed Occurrence Coleen
CO023 Unnamed Occurrence Coleen
EA104 Fortyfive Pup; Fortyfive Gulch; Fortyfive Pass Mine Eagle
EA071 Fortymile River (from mouth of Franklin Creek to Canadian border) Mines Eagle
EA021 Fox Creek Mine Eagle
EA144 Jack Wade Creek; Wade Creek Mine Eagle
EA135 Mosquito Fork; South Fork of the Fortymile River; Atwater Bar Mine Eagle
EA063 The Kink; North Fork of the Fortymile River Mine Eagle
EA175 Unnamed (near Crescent Creek) Occurrence Eagle
FB070 Cripple Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB091 First Chance Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB085 Goldstream Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB090 Janiksela Prospect Fairbanks
FB127 Moose Creek; Big Moose Creek; Keys; Triple Xs Mine Fairbanks
FB094 Pedro Creek Mine Fairbanks
HE137 East Fork Chulitna River Occurrences Healy
HE140 Green Spike; Firecliff Prospect Healy
HE057 Ready Cash Prospect Healy
HE088 Sheep Creek; Gossan Peak Prospect Healy
HE056 Unnamed (head of Ohio Creek) Prospect Healy
HE139 Unnamed (west of Tsusena Creek) Prospect Healy
HU014 Hogatza; Hog River; Bear Creek Mine Hughes
ID130 Bismarck Creek Prospect Iditarod
ID113 Black Creek Mine Iditarod
ID162 Donlin Bench Mine Iditarod
ID167 Donlin Creek Prospect Iditarod
ID104 Flat Creek; Marietta Mines Iditarod
ID132 Granite Creek (Pup) Mine Iditarod
ID103 Happy Creek Mine Iditarod
ID177 Julian Creek Mine Iditarod
ID118 Malemute Gulch (Pup) Mine and prospect Iditarod
ID111 Otter Creek Mines Iditarod
ID168 Quartz Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID164 Queen Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID165 Ruby Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID166 Snow Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID144 Unnamed (southwest Granite Mountain) Occurrence Iditarod
KH003 Cosna Dome Prospects Kantishna River
LC059 Kody West Prospect Lake Clark
LC057 Kosmic; Chilikat West Prospect Lake Clark
LC015 Synneva (Scynneva) Creek Mine Lake Clark
LG117 Bedrock Creek Mine Livengood
LG218 Cache Mountain Occurrence Livengood
LG125 Chatham Creek Mine Livengood
LG135 Cleary Creek Mine Livengood
LG049 Dome Creek Mine Livengood
LG198 Fairbanks Creek Mine Livengood
LG201 Fish Creek Mine Livengood
LG185 Hunter Creek Mine Livengood
LG056 Little Eldorado Creek Mine Livengood
LG008 Livengood Creek Mines Livengood
LG023 Lucky Creek (also known as Goodluck Creek) Mine Livengood
LG064 Pedro Creek Mine Livengood
LG005 Quail Creek Mine Livengood
LG001 Troublesome Creek Mine Livengood
LG077 Twin Creek Mine Livengood
MD059 Cloud Occurrence Medfra
MD070 Crystal Gulch Mine Medfra
MD023 Gemini; South Vein Prospect Medfra
MD066 Hidden Creek: Grable and Blackburn Mine Mine Medfra
MD015 Montana Creek Prospect Medfra
MD064 Pupinski Prospect Medfra
MD069 Ruby Creek; Strand Mine Medfra
MD039 Telida Mountain Occurrence Medfra
MD060 Win Prospect Medfra
MD021 Won - North; Stockwork Zone; Standoff Ridge Prospect Medfra
MD024 Won - South; Prospect Pit; Dog Day; Gash; Tin Ridge Prospect Medfra
MF045 Unnamed (Johns Hopkins Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF071 Unnamed (upper Dundas Bay) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG084 Unnamed Occurrences McGrath
MG035 Windy Fork Placer Occurrence McGrath
ML007 Katak Creek Occurrence Mount Michelson
MM122 Eureka Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM108 Glen Creek; Glenn Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM091 Kantishna Hills lode deposits Mines Mount McKinley
MM084 Kantishna Hills placer deposts Mines Mount McKinley
MM179 Unnamed (southwest of Eldridge Glacier) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MZ018 Golden Creek; Shale Creek; Linda Creek Mines Melozitna
MZ029 Mason Creek Mines Melozitna
MZ011 Melozimoran Creek Prospect Melozitna
MZ016 Moran Creek Mine Melozitna
MZ030 Unnamed (near Kallands) Prospect Melozitna
NM303 Dexter Creek Mine Nome
NM064 Fred Creek (or Fred Gulch--placer) Mine Nome
NM220 Glacier Creek (includes Bonanza and Bergstrom Gulches) Mine Nome
NM095 Goldbottom Creek Mine Nome
NM172 Monument Creek; Poorman Bench Mine Nome
NM250 Nome Mining District Mines Nome
NM082 Rocky Mountain Creek Mine Nome
NM169 Sledge Creek Prospect Nome
NM162 Willow Creek Mine Nome
NR002 Unnamed (south of mouth of Kuiuktulik River) Occurrence Norton Bay
OP013 Boob Creek Mine Ophir
RB023 Bear Gulch; Bear Pup Mines Ruby
RB009 Big Creek Mine Ruby
RB035 Birch Creek Mine Ruby
RB011 Cox Gulch; Cox Pup Mine Ruby
RB031 Crooked Creek Mine Ruby
RB017 Fifth of July Creek Mine Ruby
RB016 Flat Creek (tributary of Long Creek) Prospects Ruby
RB051 Flat Creek (tributary of Timber Creek) Mine Ruby
RB036 Flint Creek Prospect Ruby
RB010 Glacier Creek Mine Ruby
RB021 Greenstone Creek; Greenstone Gulch Mine Ruby
RB020 Long Creek Mine Ruby
RB027 Lucky Creek (tributary of Crooked Creek) Mine Ruby
RB019 Midnight Creek Mine Ruby
RB024 Monument Creek Mine Ruby
RB048 Poorman Creek Mine Ruby
RB008 Ruby Creek Mine Ruby
RB018 Short Creek Mine Ruby
RB058 Spruce Creek Mine Ruby
RB029 Straight Creek Mine Ruby
RB061 Tamarack Creek; Willow Gulch Mine Ruby
RB037 Trail Creek Mine Ruby
RM008 Buster Creek Mine Russian Mission
RM019 Konechney Prospect (Mission Creek) Prospect Russian Mission
SL022 Kangukhsam Mountain Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SL023 Tapisaghak River Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SM009 Crooked Creek Mine Sleetmute
SO038 Unnamed (tributary to Clear Creek) Occurrence Solomon
TA030 Kusk; Forlorn Hills Prospect Taylor Mountains
TA010 Sleitat Prospect Taylor Mountains
TA008 Taylor Creek Mine Taylor Mountains
TE030 Anikovik River Occurrence Teller
TE032 Anikovik River Beach Mine Teller
TE029 Banner Creek (tributary to Anikovik River) Occurrence Teller
TE009 Bartels Mine; Cape Mountain; Canoe; Percy Lode Mine Teller
TE038 Bessie-Maple Prospect Teller
TE088 Black Mountain Prospect Teller
TE003 Boulder Creek Prospect Teller
TE070 Bryan Creek; Dick Creek Mine Teller
TE020 Buck Creek; including Left Fork; West Fork; Peluk Creek; and upper Buck Creek Mine Teller
TE027 Buckner Creek (tributary to Anikovik River); Buhner Creek Occurrence Teller
TE006 Cape Creek; American Tinfields, Inc. Mine Teller
TE008 Cape Creek Beach; American Tinfields, Inc. Prospect Teller
TE046 Cassiterite Creek (Lost River) Mine Teller
TE052 Dalcoath Dike Prospect Teller
TE063 Deer Creek (Ear Mountain area) Occurrence Teller
TE002 Dieter; Cape Mountain Prospect Teller
TE060 Ear Mountain; North Hill; Winfield shaft Prospect Teller
TE068 Eldorado Creek Prospect Teller
TE007 First Chance Creek; American Tinfields, Inc. Mine Teller
TE005 Goodwin Creek; including tRIbutaries Wales Creek and Percy Gulch Prospect Teller
TE004 Goodwin Gulch Mine Teller
TE043 Greisen (on Tin Creek) Prospect Teller
TE025 Grouse Creek Mine Teller
TE053 Hidden Dike Prospect Teller
TE040 Idaho Prospect Teller
TE022 Iron Creek Mine Teller
TE028 Jarvis Creek (tributary to Anikovik River) Occurrence Teller
TE012 Kigezruk Creek Occurrence Teller
TE072 Kougarok Prospect Teller
TE067 Kreuger Creek Prospect Teller
TE033 Lost River Beach Occurrence Teller
TE048 Lost River-Cassiterite dike exogreisen Mine Teller
TE050 Lost River-endogreisen Mine Teller
TE041 Lost River; Grothe-Pearson; Tozer Prospect Teller
TE051 Lost River-Ida Bell dike exogreisen Mine Teller
TE049 Lost River-skarn Mine Teller
TE017 Lynx Creek Occurrence Teller
TE019 Oakland Creek (formerly known as Diomede Creek) Prospect Teller
TE065 Pinnacle Creek Occurrence Teller
TE018 Potato Creek Prospect Teller
TE024 Potato Mountain;Quartz Porphry dike; Red Fox; Eureka; Daisy; Iron Creek valley; Big and Little Potato Mountain divide; and Iron Creek-Oakland Creek divide Prospects Teller
TE062 Quartz Creek (Ear Mountain area) Occurrence Teller
TE036 Rapid River Prospect Teller
TE066 Saddle Creek; Crosby Creek Occurrence Teller
TE023 South Hill (near Potato Mountain) Prospects Teller
TE064 Step Creek; Step Gulch Occurrence Teller
TE021 Sutter Creek Mine Teller
TE054 Third Of July Prospect Teller
TE059 Tin Creek (in Ear Mountain area) Occurrence Teller
TE073 Tin Cup Prospect Teller
TE061 Tuttle Creek Prospect Teller
TE013 Unnamed (on Baituk Creek) Occurrence Teller
TE014 Unnamed (on Baituk Creek) Occurrence Teller
TE016 Unnamed (on Baituk Creek) Occurrence Teller
TE015 Unnamed (on Baituk Creek) Occurrence Teller
TE039 Unnamed (on Lost River) Occurrence Teller
TE045 Unnamed (on Lost River) Occurrence Teller
TE011 Unnamed (on north side of Cape Creek valley) Occurrence Teller
TE034 Unnamed (on Rapid River) Prospect Teller
TE010 Unnamed (on south side of First Chance Creek valley) Occurrence Teller
TE042 Unnamed (on Tin Creek, tributary to Lost River) Prospect Teller
TE001 Village Creek Prospect Teller
TE089 Willow Branch of Tozer Creek Prospect Teller
TE044 Yankee Girl Prospect Teller
TE057 York Creek (East) Occurrence Teller
TK005 Coal Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TL073 Boulder Creek; Purkeypile Boulder Creek; Boulder Creek Tin Lode; Purkey Tin; Wonder; Scenic; Basin; Lead Prospect Talkeetna
TL029 Cache Creek Area, including Spruce Creek;Short Creek; Rambler Creek; Lucky Creek; Pineo Bar; Bradley; Cache Creek Dredging Company; Cache Creek Mining Company; Erickson; Gold; Ltd.; Morgan; Murray; Murray And Harper; Obermiller And Eaglehorn; Peterson; Taraski; Tesmer And Beidermann; Wetherall; Yenta Dredging Co. Mine Talkeetna
TL044 Canyon Creek; Divide Creek; Long Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL031 Dollar Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL013 Hidden Creek Occurrence Talkeetna
TL035 Nugget Creek; Nugget Bench High Channel Mine Talkeetna
TL043 Poorman Creek; Kast; Nelson And Larson Mine Talkeetna
TL058 Thunder Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL032 Thunder Creek Occurrence Talkeetna
TL042 Willow Creek; Big Willow Creek; Little Willow Creek; Wilson Creek; Hansen; Jennings; Rice; Rocky Gulch; Slate Gulch; Snow Gulch Mine Talkeetna
TL027 Windy Creek Mine Talkeetna
TN020 Ash Creek Occurrence Tanana
TN030 Bonanza Creek Prospect Tanana
TN097 Cache Creek Mine Tanana
TN096 Dalton Gulch Mine Tanana
TN082 Deep Creek and tributaries Mine Tanana
TN098 Ferguson Draw Mine Tanana
TN129 Glenn Creek; Alice Bench Mine Tanana
TN101 Gold Basin Creek Prospect Tanana
TN071 Grant Creek Mine Tanana
TN094 Harter Gulch Mine Tanana
TN028 Homestake Creek Mine Tanana
TN062 Hunter Creek Mine Tanana
TN086 Idaho Gulch Mine Tanana
TN106 Killarney Creek Prospect Tanana
TN142 Kilolitna River Prospect Tanana
TN085 Miller Gulch Mine Tanana
TN033 Morelock Creek Mine Tanana
TN084 Patterson Creek Mine Tanana
TN090 Quartz Creek; Homestake Bar Mine Tanana
TN141 Ray River Prospect Tanana
TN023 Slate Creek (junction with Tozimoran Creek) Occurrence Tanana
TN093 Sullivan Creek Mine Tanana
TN088 Tofty Gulch Mine Tanana
TN022 Tozimoran Creek Mine Tanana
TN092 Unnamed (Cache Creek area) Occurrences Tanana
TN140 Unnamed (near Kilo Hot Spring) Occurrence Tanana
TN081 Woodchopper Creek Mine Tanana
TY027 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY028 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY029 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
WI043 Unnamed (east of Ernie Lake) Occurrence Wiseman
WI065 Unnamed (near Allen River) Occurrence Wiseman
WI077 Unnamed (near the junction of Fall and Michigan Creeks) Occurrence Wiseman
WI038 Unnamed (northwest of Colorado Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI036 Unnamed (northwest of Colorado Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI040 Unnamed (northwest of junction of Pass and Mettenpherg Creeks) Occurrence Wiseman
WI041 Unnamed (south of Mt. Hecht) Occurrence Wiseman