ARDF records containing chromite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AN095 Highway Prospect Anchorage
AN099 Mount Eklutna Occurrence Anchorage
AN100 Peters Creek; Jessie B. Prospect Anchorage
AN094 Pioneer Creek Prospect Anchorage
AN097 Thunderbird Creek Occurrence Anchorage
AN086 Unnamed Occurrence Anchorage
AN096 West Twin Peak; West Ridge; Eklutna Creek Occurrence Anchorage
BD036 Rick's; Rick's Creek; Rick's Nickel; Rick's Prospect; Nickel Creek; Nail Allochthon; Nail Ridge Prospects Big Delta
BG006 Yakataga (between Cape Yakataga and White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG007 Yakataga (east of White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG005 Yakataga (west of Cape Yakataga) Mine Bering Glacier
BT015 Dome Creek Occurrence Bettles
BT011 Unnamed (near Caribou Mountain) Occurrences Bettles
BT014 Unnamed (near lower Kanuti River) Occurrences Bettles
BT012 Unnamed (on upper Kanuti River) Occurrences Bettles
BT017 Unnamed (west of Sithylemenkat Lake) Occurrence Bettles
CA013 Unnamed (upper Peace River) Prospect Candle
CI086 Unnamed; Western Crazy Mountains Occurrence Circle
CR005 Continental; Chevelle; Cannery Creek Prospects Craig
CR012 Jaguar Prospect Craig
CR010 Lexus Prospect Craig
CR007 Mount Burnett Zone Prospect Craig
CR011 North Zone Prospect Craig
CR013 Union Bay (near peak 2535) Occurrence Craig
CR004 Unnamed (near Magnetic Point) Prospects Craig
CR006 West Cobra; East Cobra Prospects Craig
CS004 Christian River Chromium Prospect Christian
CS002 Levi Creek Occurrence Christian
CS001 Timber/Marten Creeks Occurrence Christian
EA001 Mount Sorensen Occurrences Eagle
EA160 Turk Creek Mine Eagle
EA052 Wolf Creek Mine Eagle
GO026 Goodnews Bay (north shore) Occurrence Goodnews Bay
GO027 North Spit (Goodnews Bay) Occurrence Goodnews Bay
GO028 South Spit (Goodnews Bay) Occurrence Goodnews Bay
HE159 Unnamed (at Peak 5532) Prospect Healy
HE058 Unnamed (divide between Christy and Copeland creeks) Occurrence Healy
HE065 Unnamed (divide between Partin and Little Shotgun creeks) Occurrence Healy
HE064 Unnamed (northeast of upper Shotgun Creek) Prospect Healy
HE051 Unnamed (south of upper Long Creek) Prospect Healy
HG015 Chagvan Bay Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG010 Clara Creek Mine Hagemeister Island
HG011 Dowry Creek Mine Hagemeister Island
HG027 Dry Gulch Mine Hagemeister Island
HG028 Fox Gulch Mine Hagemeister Island
HG021 Hagemeister Strait (north of Asigyukpak Spit) Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG018 Hagemeister Strait (west of Estus Point) Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG001 Kuskokwim Bay (beach from near Platinum south to Salmon River) Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG030 McCann Creek Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG014 Platinum Creek Mine Hagemeister Island
HG006 Red Mountain Prospect Hagemeister Island
HG004 Red Mountain Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG003 Red Mountain Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG002 Red Mountain Occurrence Hagemeister Island
HG012 Salmon River Mine Hagemeister Island
HG032 Salmon River Bench Mine Hagemeister Island
HG013 Squirrel Creek Mine Hagemeister Island
HW012 Siniktanneyak Mtn. Occurrence Howard Pass
IB012 Crystal Creek Occurrence Icy Bay
IB010 Guyot Beach (Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB006 Icy Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB007 Icy Bay (east of Carson Creek) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB008 Icy Bay (northeast of Clay Bluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB009 Icy Bay (west of Claybluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB011 Icy Cape (Guyot Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB004 Point Riou (near Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB005 Riou Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB013 Unnamed (west of Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
ID113 Black Creek Mine Iditarod
ID104 Flat Creek; Marietta Mines Iditarod
ID086 Fourth of July Creek Mine Iditarod
ID122 Granite Creek Mine Iditarod
ID103 Happy Creek Mine Iditarod
ID107 Idaho; Upgrade; Wildcat; Trail Mines Iditarod
ID177 Julian Creek Mine Iditarod
ID112 Lower Chicken Creek Mine Iditarod
ID118 Malemute Gulch (Pup) Mine and prospect Iditarod
ID080 Maybe Creek Occurrence Iditarod
ID084 Moore Creek Mine Iditarod
ID111 Otter Creek Mines Iditarod
ID117 Prince Creek Mine Iditarod
ID054 Unnamed (near Hickey Creek) Occurrence Iditarod
ID105 Willow bench Mine Iditarod
ID102 Willow Creek Mine Iditarod
ID082 Willow Creek Prospect Iditarod
ID037 Yankee Creek Mine Iditarod
KC180 Unnamed (near Yellow Hill) Occurrences Ketchikan
KC153 Yellow Hill Occurrences Ketchikan
KD028 Miners Point Occurrence Kodiak
KD027 Saddle Mountain Occurrence Kodiak
KR033 Grant Lagoon Occurrence Karluk
KR031 Gurney Bay Occurrence Karluk
KR027 Halibut Bay 14G Occurrence Karluk
KR028 Halibut Bay 15G Occurrence Karluk
KR016 Halibut Bay 41 Occurrence Karluk
KR017 Halibut Bay 42 Occurrence Karluk
KR018 Halibut Bay 43 Occurrence Karluk
KR019 Halibut Bay 44 Occurrence Karluk
KR020 Halibut Bay 45 Occurrence Karluk
KR021 Halibut Bay 46 Occurrence Karluk
KR022 Halibut Bay 47 Occurrence Karluk
KR023 Halibut Bay 48 Occurrence Karluk
KR024 Halibut Bay 49 Occurrence Karluk
KR025 Halibut Bay 50 Occurrence Karluk
KR026 Halibut Bay 51 Occurrence Karluk
KR032 Sturgeon River Occurrence Karluk
LG021 Amy Creek Mine Livengood
LG013 Griffin Prospect Livengood
LG010 Lillian Creek Mine Livengood
LG020 Lucille Creek Prospect Livengood
LG023 Lucky Creek (also known as Goodluck Creek) Mine Livengood
LG016 Olive Creek Mine Livengood
LG026 Parker Occurrence Livengood
LG012 Ruth Creek Prospect Livengood
LG009 Ruth Creek Mine Livengood
LG033 Unnamed Occurrence Livengood
MC055 Unnamed (between Sheep and Clear creeks) Occurrence McCarthy
MC197 Unnamed (east of Chakina River) Occurrence McCarthy
MC207 Unnamed (east of Goat Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC196 Unnamed (near Chakina River-West Fork junction) Occurrence McCarthy
MC215 Unnamed (near junction of Tittman and Anderson glaciers) Occurrence McCarthy
MC184 Unnamed (northeast of benchmark Verde) Occurrence McCarthy
MC185 Unnamed (north of Upper Hanagita Lakes) Occurrence McCarthy
MF003 Brady Glacier nickel-copper deposit Prospect Mount Fairweather
MH310 Bedrock Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH293 Big Four Creek; Big Four Gulch Mine Mount Hayes
MH094 Bird's Beak; Bird Beak Prospect Mount Hayes
MH093 Bird's Foot Prospect Mount Hayes
MH114 Crash Prospect Mount Hayes
MH167 Foley Prospects Mount Hayes
MH240 Gunn Creek Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH311 Kraemer Creek; Kramer Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH309 Limestone Creek; Lake Creek; Lime Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH159 Rainy Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH109 Unnamed (east of lower Eureka Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH157 Unnamed (east of North Fork Rainy Creek) Occurrences Mount Hayes
MH178 Unnamed (Fish Lake) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH138 Unnamed (head of Specimen Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH161 Unnamed (midway between lower Rainy Creek and Ann Creek); Southeast Rainy Occurrences Mount Hayes
MH359 Unnamed (near Gillett Pass) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH192 Unnamed (northeast of Fourteenmile Lake) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH105 Unnamed (north of the head of Eureka Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH122 Unnamed (ridge between middle and east forks in Broxson Gulch) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH169 Unnamed (south of upper Eureka Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH142 Unnamed (southwest of West Fork Rainy Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH125 Unnamed (upper Specimen Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH177 Unnamed (west of Fish Lake) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH175 Unnamed (west of Fish Lake) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH092 Unnamed (west of lower Eureka Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH147 Unnamed (west of North Fork Rainy Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MU009 Avan Hills Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MU008 Avan River Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MU011 Kugururok River Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MU010 Kugururok River Chromite Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MU003 Misheguk Mountain--east Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MU002 Misheguk Mountain--west Occurrence Misheguk Mountain
MZ021 Unnamed (west of central Black Sand Creek) Occurrences Melozitna
NB033 Carden Hills Prospect Nabesna
NB019 Unnamed (south of Mirror Creek) Occurrence Nabesna
NL006 Unnamed (east of hill 2120) Occurrence Nulato
NL003 Unnamed (northwest of hill 1325) Occurrence Nulato
NL004 Unnamed (northwest of hill 2120) Occurrence Nulato
NL005 Unnamed (southwest of hill 2120) Occurrence Nulato
NM299 Cape Nome Occurrence Nome
NT007 Unnamed (on Asik Mountain) Occurrences Noatak
NT001 Unnamed (on Iyikrok Mountain) Occurrences Noatak
NT006 Unnamed (southwest of Asik Mountain); Sours Creek Occurrence Noatak
OP023 Mount Hurst Occurrence Ophir
OP026 Spruce Creek Mine Ophir
PA019 Hill Occurrences Port Alexander
PA020 Red Bluff Bay Prospects Port Alexander
PE010 Unnamed (near Kane Peak) Occurrences Petersburg
PE057 Unnamed (on Blashke Islands) Occurrence Petersburg
PR001 Duke Island Prospects Prince Rupert
SI178 Unnamed (east of Arrowhead Peak) Occurrence Sitka
SI174 Unnamed (west of upper Indian River) Occurrence Sitka
SL002 Ikoygak Creek Occurrence Saint Lawrence
SR286 West Talus Bay Occurrence Seward
SV005 Claim Point; Reef Mine Seldovia
SV015 Kenai Chrome; Star #4; Chrome Queen Mine Seldovia
SV016 Reef; Anderson; Bluff; Claim Point Mine Seldovia
SV030 Snow Occurrence Seldovia
SV014 Unnamed (on Red Mountain) Mine Seldovia
SV025 Windy River Prospect Seldovia
TE030 Anikovik River Occurrence Teller
TL033 Dutch Creek; Dutch Creek Mining Company; Basic Creek; Siwash Creek; Blank Creek; Prospect Creek Prospect Talkeetna
TL009 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TL011 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TL008 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TL012 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TL002 Unnamed (near Lacuna Glacier) Occurrence Talkeetna
TL055 Unnamed (near Lacuna Glacier) Occurrence Talkeetna
TL003 Unnamed (near Lacuna Glacier) Occurrence Talkeetna
TN075 American Creek (includes California Gulch and Colorado Gulch) Mine Tanana
TN097 Cache Creek Mine Tanana
TN082 Deep Creek and tributaries Mine Tanana
TN066 Little Minook Creek Mine Tanana
TN093 Sullivan Creek Mine Tanana
TN088 Tofty Gulch Mine Tanana
TN078 Unnamed (near junction of Boulder Creek and Little Boulder Creek) Mines Tanana
TN006 Unnamed (north of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Occurrences Tanana
TN004 Unnamed (north of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Occurrences Tanana
TN079 Unnamed (on Serpentine Ridge; Boulder) Occurrence Tanana
TN003 Unnamed (west of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Occurrences Tanana
VA013 Bernard Mountain (Red Mountain) Prospect Valdez
VA016 Dust Mountain Prospect Valdez
VA015 Sheep Hill; Dust Mountain (west) Prospect Valdez
YA006 Akwe Beach Occurrence Yakutat