ARDF records containing diopside

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BC011 Unnamed Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BN075 Billiken; Kugruk Prospect Bendeleben
CH065 Venus Prospect Chandalar
CR005 Continental; Chevelle; Cannery Creek Prospects Craig
CR066 Iron Cap Prospects Craig
CR012 Jaguar Prospect Craig
CR150 Jumbo Mine Craig
CR010 Lexus Prospect Craig
CR148 Magnetite Cliff Prospects Craig
CR007 Mount Burnett Zone Prospect Craig
CR011 North Zone Prospect Craig
CR154 Rex; Idela Prospect Craig
CR139 Shellhouse; Miller Prospects Craig
CR057 Unnamed (head of Poor Man Creek) Occurrence Craig
CR006 West Cobra; East Cobra Prospects Craig
EA047 East Champion Prospect Eagle
EA101 Mitchell; Ketchumstuk Prospect Eagle
FB101 Spruce Hen Mine Fairbanks
FB118 Yellow Pup Mine Fairbanks
HE077 Unnamed (south of upper Windy Creek) Occurrence Healy
HE078 Unnamed (south of Windy Creek) Occurrence Healy
MC063 Copper Queen; Rarus Prospect McCarthy
MC062 War Eagle Prospect McCarthy
MD062 Nixon Fork; Mespelt; Crystal; Garnet Extension; Mespelt Inclined Shaft; Recreation; Keen; Twin Shafts; Mespelt Main Shaft; Garnet Trench; Parsons and Strand; Southern Cross Mine Medfra
MD071 Whalen Shaft Mine Medfra
MD013 Windy Pass Prospect Medfra
MF071 Unnamed (upper Dundas Bay) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG047 Little Bird; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG046 Tin Creek-South Occurrence McGrath
MG042 Unnamed (on tributary to Tin Creek) Occurrence McGrath
MH126 Green Wonder Prospect Mount Hayes
MH089 Maclaren Glacier Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH106 Mini Y Landslide Prospect Mount Hayes
MZ024 Unnamed (head of Glacier Creek) Prospect Melozitna
MZ028 Unnamed (headwaters of Montana Creek); MC Prospect Melozitna
MZ026 Unnamed (north of Ninemile Point); Ninemile Creek Prospect Melozitna
NB044 Lemon; Copper King Prospect Nabesna
SI051 Unnamed (logging road, north side of Gypsum Creek) Occurrences Sitka
SK077 Nataga Skyline Prospect Skagway
SM075 Unnamed (north of VABM Point) Prospect Sleetmute
TE088 Black Mountain Prospect Teller
TL073 Boulder Creek; Purkeypile Boulder Creek; Boulder Creek Tin Lode; Purkey Tin; Wonder; Scenic; Basin; Lead Prospect Talkeetna
TL021 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
WI038 Unnamed (northwest of Colorado Creek) Occurrence Wiseman