ARDF records containing feldspar

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BD033 Pogo Mine Big Delta
BG001 Bearhole Creek Occurrence Bering Glacier
BN083 Big Bar Prospect Bendeleben
BN134 Pargon Mountain Mine Bendeleben
BS010 Unnamed (near the mouth of Northwestern Lagoon) Occurrence Blying Sound
CI032 Ketchem Dome Prospect Circle
CR172 Unnamed (at head of Dora Bay) Occurrences Craig
DE031 Geoduck Occurrences Dixon Entrance
FB132 Liberty Bell Mine Fairbanks
FB105 Rose Creek; Ogram Prospect Fairbanks
HE102 Glacier Creek Prospect Healy
HE122 Red Mountain Creek; WTF (Western Tundra Flats); Dry Creek Prospect Healy
HE056 Unnamed (head of Ohio Creek) Prospect Healy
JU226 Unnamed (southeast of Mount Bradley) Occurrence Juneau
JU060 William Henry Prospect Juneau
MD018 Montana Saddle Prospect Medfra
MF029 Rambler; Challenger Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF053 Unnamed (west of Rendu Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG037 Unnamed Occurrence McGrath
MM001 Unnamed (north of Chilchukabena Lake) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM049 Unnamed (ridge northeast of Spruce Peak) Occurrence Mount McKinley
NM229 Jorgensen; Mountain Creek; Mary's Gulch Mine Nome
NM163 Steiner Prospect Nome
NM042 Unnamed (between North Star Creek and Windy Creeks) Occurrence Nome
NM113 Unnamed (Cobblestone River) Occurrence Nome
NM021 Unnamed (Cobblestone River) Occurrence Nome
NM025 Unnamed (east of North Fork Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM029 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM030 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM031 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM028 Unnamed (Gold Run) Occurrence Nome
NM024 Unnamed (in the headwaters of West Fork Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM114 Unnamed (lode in Rocky Mountain Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM026 Unnamed (near Crater Lake) Occurrence Nome
NM040 Unnamed (near Deep Canyon Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM037 Unnamed (near Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM022 Unnamed (near head of Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM046 Unnamed (near hill 1807) Occurrence Nome
NM039 Unnamed (near Tigaraha Mountain) Occurrence Nome
NM038 Unnamed (near Tumit Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM045 Unnamed (on hill 2321) Occurrence Nome
NM170 Unnamed (Sledge Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM033 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM034 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM032 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM023 Unnamed (Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM112 Unnamed (Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
PA035 Unnamed (near Redfish Bay) Occurrence Port Alexander
SK051 Haines Iron Prospect Skagway
SR101 Sweepstake (Mining Co.) Prospect Seward
SR213 Unnamed (near Falling Glacier) Occurrence Seward
SR069 Unnamed (Passage Canal) Occurrence Seward
SR291 Unnamed (south of Godwin Glacier) Occurrence Seward
TE009 Bartels Mine; Cape Mountain; Canoe; Percy Lode Mine Teller
TK045 Lichen; Rush Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK136 Unnamed (in Horn Mountains southwest of Cameron Pass) Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TY035 Muddy Creek Central; Muddy Creek Prospect Tyonek