ARDF records containing garnet

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BC011 Unnamed Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BD043 Unnamed (headwaters of Rick's Creek) Prospect Big Delta
BG006 Yakataga (between Cape Yakataga and White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG007 Yakataga (east of White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG005 Yakataga (west of Cape Yakataga) Mine Bering Glacier
BN075 Billiken; Kugruk Prospect Bendeleben
BN074 Candle Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN102 Crooked Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN027 Harris Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN060 Nelson Creek; Nelson Gulch Mine Bendeleben
BN134 Pargon Mountain Mine Bendeleben
BN110 Unnamed (in headwaters of Niukluk River) Prospect Bendeleben
BT009 Bonanza, Beef Prospect Bettles
BT003 Gold Bench Mine Bettles
BT020 Unnamed (at head of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
BT018 Unnamed (southeast of Sithylemenkat Lake) Occurrences Bettles
CA047 Upper Sweepstakes Creek Mine Candle
CH062 Hurricane-Diane Prospect Chandalar
CH101 Luna Prospect Chandalar
CH099 Pilgrim Prospect Chandalar
CH065 Venus Prospect Chandalar
CI056 Switch Creek Mine Circle
CR055 Alarm Mine Craig
CR054 Brown and Metzdorf Mine Craig
CR053 Charles Prospect Craig
CR051 Copper Center Prospect Craig
CR060 Copper Queen Prospect Craig
CR124 Gould Prospect Craig
CR153 Green Monster Mine Craig
CR052 Haida; Hyda; Mammoth Mine Craig
CR157 Hetta Mountain Prospects Craig
CR123 Houghton Prospect Craig
CR066 Iron Cap Prospects Craig
CR059 Iron King; Iron King No. 1 Prospects Craig
CR056 It; Reed Mine Craig
CR150 Jumbo Mine Craig
CR148 Magnetite Cliff Prospects Craig
CR073 Mamie Mine Craig
CR071 Mount Andrew Mine Craig
CR074 Pelaska; Hilma; Sunrise; Venus; Pennsylvania Prospects Craig
CR154 Rex; Idela Prospect Craig
CR155 Russian Bear Prospect Craig
CR139 Shellhouse; Miller Prospects Craig
CR072 Stevenstown Mine Craig
CR125 Sultana; Beaver Prospects Craig
CR064 Tacoma; Peacock Prospects Craig
CR061 Uncle Sam; Elm City Mine Craig
CR057 Unnamed (head of Poor Man Creek) Occurrence Craig
CR086 Unnamed (near Cape Addington) Occurrence Craig
CR193 Unnamed (near 'Jesse Lake') Prospect Craig
CR158 Unnamed (near Lake Marge) Occurrence Craig
CR018 Unnamed (south of Klawock) Occurrence Craig
CR068 Wallace; Muckers Dream; Tolstoi Prospect Craig
CV031 Red Head #1 Prospect Cordova
EA049 Champion II Prospect Eagle
EA002 Copper Creek (lode); Wolverine Copper Prospect Eagle
EA018 Deer Creek Prospect Eagle
EA047 East Champion Prospect Eagle
EA044 Happy Prospect Eagle
EA091 Larsen Ridge; Lucky 13 Prospect Eagle
EA057 Lead Creek Prospect Eagle
EA101 Mitchell; Ketchumstuk Prospect Eagle
EA175 Unnamed (near Crescent Creek) Occurrence Eagle
EA114 Unnamed (on ridge between Buckskin and Franklin Creeks) Occurrence Eagle
FB101 Spruce Hen Mine Fairbanks
FB118 Yellow Pup Mine Fairbanks
GU041 Judy Prospect Gulkana
HU014 Hogatza; Hog River; Bear Creek Mine Hughes
IB012 Crystal Creek Occurrence Icy Bay
IB010 Guyot Beach (Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB006 Icy Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB007 Icy Bay (east of Carson Creek) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB008 Icy Bay (northeast of Clay Bluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB009 Icy Bay (west of Claybluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB011 Icy Cape (Guyot Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB004 Point Riou (near Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB005 Riou Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB001 Unnamed (beach between Yahtse River and Yana Stream) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB002 Unnamed (beach between Yahtse River and Yana Stream) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB003 Unnamed (beach near Yahtse River) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB013 Unnamed (west of Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
ID162 Donlin Bench Mine Iditarod
ID167 Donlin Creek Prospect Iditarod
ID132 Granite Creek (Pup) Mine Iditarod
ID177 Julian Creek Mine Iditarod
ID163 Lewis Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID178 Michigan Creek Bench Mine Iditarod
ID117 Prince Creek Mine Iditarod
ID168 Quartz Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID164 Queen Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID166 Snow Gulch Mine Iditarod
IL002 37 Skarn Prospect Iliamna
IL017 Copper King; Keyes; Black Prince; Grubstakers Incorporated Prospect Iliamna
IL043 Crevice Creek; McNeil; Sargent (also Holly and others; Okchiak Creek; Reward-Ridgway; Cook & Bornland) Prospect Iliamna
IL023 Dutton; Dutton, Goodro, and Thomas Prospect Iliamna
IL039 Unnamed (in locally-named Sargent Creek) Prospect Iliamna
IL042 Unnamed (northwest of upper Paint River) Prospect Iliamna
JU106 Unnamed (south of Mount Golub) Occurrences Juneau
JU101 Unnamed (south of Nun Mt.) Occurrence Juneau
KN003 Trachsel; Snug Harbor Occurrence Kenai
LC008 Glacier Fork Occurrence Lake Clark
LC044 Kasna Creek; Barnes; Gilt Edge Prospect Lake Clark
MC063 Copper Queen; Rarus Prospect McCarthy
MC062 War Eagle Prospect McCarthy
MD014 Colorado Creek Mine Medfra
MD076 Eagle Creek Mine Medfra
MD062 Nixon Fork; Mespelt; Crystal; Garnet Extension; Mespelt Inclined Shaft; Recreation; Keen; Twin Shafts; Mespelt Main Shaft; Garnet Trench; Parsons and Strand; Southern Cross Mine Medfra
MD074 Stone; Stone Lode Prospect Medfra
MD071 Whalen Shaft Mine Medfra
MD013 Windy Pass Prospect Medfra
MF072 Unnamed (east of Brady Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF059 Unnamed (east side of Queen Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF040 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska coast) Mines Mount Fairweather
MF080 Unnamed (near Iceberg Point, Lemesurier Island) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF071 Unnamed (upper Dundas Bay) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF052 Unnamed (west head of Hugh Miller Glacier) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG061 Badnews; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG068 Bowser Creek-Main Mine McGrath
MG012 Lone Occurrence McGrath
MG058 Rat Fork-Base; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG059 Rat Fork-Headwall; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG052 Sheep Creek-West; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG041 Tin Creek-North Occurrence McGrath
MG046 Tin Creek-South Occurrence McGrath
MG043 Tin-Midway; Tin Creek #1 Prospect McGrath
MG042 Unnamed (on tributary to Tin Creek) Occurrence McGrath
MH310 Bedrock Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH078 Cathedral Creek (Neversweat claims; Dog claims) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH123 East fork of Broxson Gulch Mine Mount Hayes
MH167 Foley Prospects Mount Hayes
MH383 Gemini Prospect Mount Hayes
MH384 Jupiter Prospect Mount Hayes
MH311 Kraemer Creek; Kramer Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH309 Limestone Creek; Lake Creek; Lime Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH295 Lower Slate Creek Mines Mount Hayes
MH089 Maclaren Glacier Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH381 Mars Prospect Mount Hayes
MH296 Miller Gulch Mine Mount Hayes
MH018 Morningstar Creek Prospect Mount Hayes
MH300 Northland Mines Prospect Mount Hayes
MH306 Quartz Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH141 Unnamed (east of Specimen Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH145 Unnamed (northeast side of West Fork Rainy Creek) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH160 Unnamed (northwest flank of Rainy Mountain); Copter lode Prospect Mount Hayes
MH033 Unnamed (northwest of Clearwater Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH026 Unnamed (upper East Fork Susitna River) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH151 Unnamed (west of upper North Fork Rainy Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH301 Upper Chisna River Prospects Mount Hayes
MH017 Upper McCumber Creek Prospect Mount Hayes
MH298 Upper Slate Creek Mines Mount Hayes
MH386 Venus Prospect Mount Hayes
MH067 Zackly; Stellar Prospect Mount Hayes
MI001 Middleton Island Mine Middleton Island
MM122 Eureka Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM113 Friday Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM048 Glacier Creek Mines Mount McKinley
MM108 Glen Creek; Glenn Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM173 Greenback; Terminus Prospects Mount McKinley
MM137 Iron Dome Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM084 Kantishna Hills placer deposts Mines Mount McKinley
MM035 Lower Caribou Creek; Lee bench Mines Mount McKinley
MM166 Mt. Eielson or Copper Mountain Prospects Mount McKinley
MM066 Twentytwo Gulch (Twentytwo Pup; Wickersham Creek) Mine Mount McKinley
MM169 Unnamed (east-central tier of claims, Mt. Eielson district) Prospects Mount McKinley
MM129 Unnamed (ridge between Moose Creek and Eureka Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM042 Upper Caribou Creek Mines Mount McKinley
MZ024 Unnamed (head of Glacier Creek) Prospect Melozitna
MZ028 Unnamed (headwaters of Montana Creek); MC Prospect Melozitna
MZ026 Unnamed (north of Ninemile Point); Ninemile Creek Prospect Melozitna
NB026 Devils Mountain Occurrence Nabesna
NB044 Lemon; Copper King Prospect Nabesna
NL007 Camp Creek; Fager Gulch; Tlatskokot; Portage Creek Mine Nulato
NM236 Anvil Creek Mine Nome
NM299 Cape Nome Occurrence Nome
NM294 Center Creek and Flat, Saturday and Wonder Creeks Occurrence Nome
NM286 Center Creek Beach Mine Nome
NM268 Dewey Creek Mine Nome
NM259 Fourth Beach Occurrence Nome
NM220 Glacier Creek (includes Bonanza and Bergstrom Gulches) Mine Nome
NM149 Hungry Creek Mine Nome
NM287 Intermediate Beach; Clam Shell Beach Mine Nome
NM252 Nome Beach and Abrasion Deposits Mine Nome
NM254 Nome Coastal Plain Mine Nome
NM253 Nome Offshore Placer deposits Mine Nome
NM147 Nugget Gulch Mine Nome
NM146 Oregon Creek Mine Nome
NM148 Oregon Creek (below Nugget Gulch) Mine Nome
NM255 Present (First) Beach Mines Nome
NM209 Rock Creek (placer) Mine Nome
NM256 Second Beach Mine Nome
NM222 Snow Gulch Mine Nome
NM285 Submarine Beach Mine Nome
NM258 Third Beach Mines Nome
NM042 Unnamed (between North Star Creek and Windy Creeks) Occurrence Nome
NM021 Unnamed (Cobblestone River) Occurrence Nome
NM113 Unnamed (Cobblestone River) Occurrence Nome
NM025 Unnamed (east of North Fork Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM031 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM030 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM029 Unnamed (Fox Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM028 Unnamed (Gold Run) Occurrence Nome
NM024 Unnamed (in the headwaters of West Fork Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM026 Unnamed (near Crater Lake) Occurrence Nome
NM040 Unnamed (near Deep Canyon Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM037 Unnamed (near Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM022 Unnamed (near head of Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM046 Unnamed (near hill 1807) Occurrence Nome
NM039 Unnamed (near Tigaraha Mountain) Occurrence Nome
NM038 Unnamed (near Tumit Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM045 Unnamed (on hill 2321) Occurrence Nome
NM159 Unnamed (on present beach of Norton Sound) Mine Nome
NM033 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM034 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM032 Unnamed (Warren Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM112 Unnamed (Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM023 Unnamed (Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM249 Upper Dry Creek; Bear Creek (Gulch) Mine Nome
NM273 Washington Creek; Washington Gulch Mine Nome
NR008 Bonanza Creek Mine Norton Bay
OP013 Boob Creek Mine Ophir
OP033 Eldorado Creek (tributary of Colorado Creek) Mine Ophir
PA039 Unnamed (in Table Bay) Occurrence Port Alexander
PE036 Alaska Garnet; Wrangell Garnet Mine Petersburg
PE055 Paystreak Vein; Marker Vein Prospects Petersburg
PE117 Unnamed (at head of Mosman Inlet) Petersburg
PR004 Garnet (on Kanagunut Island) Prospect Prince Rupert
RB035 Birch Creek Mine Ruby
RM008 Buster Creek Mine Russian Mission
SI054 Baldy Prospect Sitka
SI051 Unnamed (logging road, north side of Gypsum Creek) Occurrences Sitka
SK077 Nataga Skyline Prospect Skagway
SM074 Fortyseven Creek Placer Mine Sleetmute
SM032 Murray Gulch; New York Creek Mine Sleetmute
SM075 Unnamed (north of VABM Point) Prospect Sleetmute
SO031 Adams Creek Mine Solomon
SO087 Auburn Creek (Ravine) Mine Solomon
SO022 Big Hurrah Creek Mine Solomon
SO122 Bobs Creek; Babs Creek Mine Solomon
SO067 Casadepaga River Mine Solomon
SO075 Casadepaga River Prospect Solomon
SO080 Casadepaga River Mine Solomon
SO093 Casadepaga River Mine Solomon
SO081 Casadepaga River Mine Solomon
SO098 Casadepaga River Mine Solomon
SO063 Casadepaga River (Fool Creek) Mine Solomon
SO064 Dawson Creek Mine Solomon
SO116 El Patron Creek Mine Solomon
SO058 Goldbottom Creek Mine Solomon
SO072 Goose Creek Mine Solomon
SO127 Iron Creek Mine Solomon
SO036 Kwiniuk River Occurrence Solomon
SO050 Niukluk River Mine Solomon
SO049 Niukluk River Mine Solomon
SO053 Ophir Creek Mine Solomon
SO071 Quartz Creek Mine Solomon
SO096 Ruby Creek Mine Solomon
SO015 Solomon River (lower) Mine Solomon
SO044 Unnamed (on Rock Creek) Occurrence Solomon
SO038 Unnamed (tributary to Clear Creek) Occurrence Solomon
SO054 Warm Creek Mine Solomon
SO029 West Creek Mine Solomon
SP031 Jerry Creek (BT claim group) Prospect Survey Pass
TC056 Peak Zone Prospect Tanacross
TE088 Black Mountain Prospect Teller
TE103 Christophosen Creek Prospect Teller
TE105 Graphite Creek Prospect Teller
TE049 Lost River-skarn Mine Teller
TE104 Ruby Creek Prospect Teller
TE089 Willow Branch of Tozer Creek Prospect Teller
TK131 Gold Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TK108 Goose Creek Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK030 Second Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK037 Unnamed (northeast of VABM Watana) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK103 Unnamed (south tributary to Black River) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TK063 Waterfall Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TL029 Cache Creek Area, including Spruce Creek;Short Creek; Rambler Creek; Lucky Creek; Pineo Bar; Bradley; Cache Creek Dredging Company; Cache Creek Mining Company; Erickson; Gold; Ltd.; Morgan; Murray; Murray And Harper; Obermiller And Eaglehorn; Peterson; Taraski; Tesmer And Beidermann; Wetherall; Yenta Dredging Co. Mine Talkeetna
TL044 Canyon Creek; Divide Creek; Long Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL031 Dollar Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL035 Nugget Creek; Nugget Bench High Channel Mine Talkeetna
TL058 Thunder Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL021 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TL042 Willow Creek; Big Willow Creek; Little Willow Creek; Wilson Creek; Hansen; Jennings; Rice; Rocky Gulch; Slate Gulch; Snow Gulch Mine Talkeetna
TL027 Windy Creek Mine Talkeetna
TN053 Ruby Creek Mine Tanana
TY027 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY028 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY029 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
VA135 Sulphide Gulch Occurrence Valdez
WI135 Jones Creek (placer); Bog Occurrence Wiseman
WI037 Unnamed (northwest of Colorado Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI038 Unnamed (northwest of Colorado Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
YA006 Akwe Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA008 Blacksand Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA009 Blacksand Island Beach Mine Yakutat
YA003 Khantaak Beach Mine Yakutat
YA004 Logan Beach Mine Yakutat
YA007 Situk Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA001 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska beaches, Yakutat quadrangle segment) Mine Yakutat
YA002 Yakutat Beach Mine Yakutat