ARDF records containing jarosite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
IL031 Aukney Prospect Iliamna
MM075 Glenn; Glen; Swisher Prospect Mount McKinley
MM058 Unnamed (east side of Spruce Peak) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM054 Unnamed (Glacier Creek below Eighteen Gulch) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM064 Unnamed (ridge crest southeast of Spruce Peak) Occurrences Mount McKinley
MM037 Unnamed (ridge northwest of Kankone Peak) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM060 Unnamed (ridge southeast of Spruce Peak) Prospect Mount McKinley
NL011 Round Top; Roundtop Prospect Nulato
NM244 Hines and McLaughlin; Royal Group Prospect Nome
NM234 Widstedt No. 1 Prospects Nome
RM007 Kako Prospect Russian Mission
TB004 Bear Mountain Occurrence Table Mountain