ARDF records containing limonite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AC004 Unnamed Occurrence Arctic
BD048 Buckeye; Buckeye Pup Prospects Big Delta
BD078 Sugar Daddy Mine Big Delta
BM016 Eli River; Agashashok River Occurrence Baird Mountains
BM011 Frost Prospect Baird Mountains
BN083 Big Bar Prospect Bendeleben
BN074 Candle Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN098 Foster Prospect Bendeleben
BN076 Independence Mine Bendeleben
BN056 Inmachuk; Hannum Prospect Bendeleben
BN097 Omilak Mine Bendeleben
BN120 Unnamed (in the headwaters of French Creek) Occurrence Bendeleben
BN128 Unnamed (near headwaters of Dillon Creek) Prospect Bendeleben
BN115 Unnamed (near Omilak Creek) Occurrence Bendeleben
BN116 Unnamed (near Omilak Creek) Occurrence Bendeleben
BN086 Unnamed (near pass on upper Nutmoyuk Creek) Occurrence Bendeleben
BN130 Unnamed (near upper Niukluk River) Prospect Bendeleben
BN058 Unnamed occurrence (Inmachuk River) Occurrence Bendeleben
BN136 Unnamed (upper Niukluk River) Prospect Bendeleben
BT010 HET Occurrence Bettles
CA027 Unnamed (on Bear Creek) Occurrence Candle
CH118 Pallasgreen Prospect Chandalar
CI056 Switch Creek Mine Circle
CV025 Jack Bay #3 Prospect Cordova
DE006 Lucky Strike Prospect Dixon Entrance
DI002 Red Top Mine Dillingham
EA049 Champion II Prospect Eagle
EA117 Unnamed (east of South Fork) Occurrence Eagle
EA114 Unnamed (on ridge between Buckskin and Franklin Creeks) Occurrence Eagle
GU030 Neversweat; Conkle Prospect Gulkana
GU011 Silver Creek Prospect Gulkana
GU014 Silver Shield Prospect Gulkana
GU024 The Dome Prospect Gulkana
HU001 Unnamed (northwest of Lake Selby) Occurrence Hughes
ID149 Unnamed (southeast of summit of Granite Mountain) Occurrence Iditarod
IL031 Aukney Prospect Iliamna
IL020 Duryea; Duryea & McNeil; Ida G; Silver Bell; War Eagle; Silver Creek; Hi-Hope; Bear Creek Prospect Iliamna
IL023 Dutton; Dutton, Goodro, and Thomas Prospect Iliamna
IL033 Golden Fleece (Emerald Lake) Prospect Iliamna
KZ003 Anugi Prospect Kotzebue
LG130 Anna Mary Prospect Livengood
LG073 Burnet Galena Prospect Livengood
LG179 Excelsior; Cross Vein Prospect Livengood
LG047 Frederich Mine Livengood
LG091 Jackson Prospect Livengood
LG052 Soo; Spaulding; Wild Rose; Chief; Waterbury; Waverly; Inspiration; Carnation Mine Livengood
LG123 Sunrise #1 Prospect Livengood
LH011 Unnamed (head of Hartman River) Occurrence Lime Hills
MC044 Great Northern Development Company Prospects McCarthy
MC213 Harrais Prospect McCarthy
MD062 Nixon Fork; Mespelt; Crystal; Garnet Extension; Mespelt Inclined Shaft; Recreation; Keen; Twin Shafts; Mespelt Main Shaft; Garnet Trench; Parsons and Strand; Southern Cross Mine Medfra
MD012 Unnamed Occurrence Medfra
MD071 Whalen Shaft Mine Medfra
MD067 Whalen; Whalen and Griffin Mine Medfra
MF077 Alaska Chief Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF037 Unnamed (Bruce Hills) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF039 Unnamed (Johns Hopkins Inlet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF019 Unnamed (southwest of Mt Dagelet) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG033 Reger Pyrrhotite Occurrence McGrath
MH363 Unnamed (on lower Alteration Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH067 Zackly; Stellar Prospect Mount Hayes
ML020 Unnamed (Hulahula River) USBM Location B Occurrence Mount Michelson
MM021 Alpha Mine Mount McKinley
MM029 Arizona Prospect Mount McKinley
MM019 Bright Light; Whistler Prospects Mount McKinley
MM031 Brooker Mountain Prospect Mount McKinley
MM033 Canyon Creek Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM099 Chloride Prospect Mount McKinley
MM156 Copper Lode Prospect Mount McKinley
MM117 Friday; Star (North Star) Mine Mount McKinley
MM128 Galena Mine Mount McKinley
MM071 Glen Ridge No. 1; Skookona Prospects Mount McKinley
MM110 Gold Dollar and Golden Eagle Mines Mount McKinley
MM089 Home Lode Prospect Mount McKinley
MM137 Iron Dome Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM102 Jupiter-Mars (Damon and Pythias) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM061 Lena and Silver Wires Prospect Mount McKinley
MM119 Little Maud Prospect Mount McKinley
MM140 Little Moose Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM056 Lucky Jim Prospect Mount McKinley
MM073 McGonogill; McGonagall Prospects Mount McKinley
MM112 Merry Widow and Silver King Prospect Mount McKinley
MM166 Mt. Eielson or Copper Mountain Prospects Mount McKinley
MM114 Polly Wonder Prospect Mount McKinley
MM118 Red Top Mine Mount McKinley
MM057 Spruce Creek No. 1; Ridgetop Prospect Mount McKinley
MM052 Unnamed (between Last Chance and Crevice Creeks) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM169 Unnamed (east-central tier of claims, Mt. Eielson district) Prospects Mount McKinley
MM058 Unnamed (east side of Spruce Peak) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM054 Unnamed (Glacier Creek below Eighteen Gulch) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM096 Unnamed (lower Moose Creek canyon) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM009 Unnamed (mountain at head of Flume Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM146 Unnamed (near elevation 3228 south of the Stampede Mine) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM027 Unnamed (northeast of Brooker Mountain) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM064 Unnamed (ridge crest southeast of Spruce Peak) Occurrences Mount McKinley
MM049 Unnamed (ridge northeast of Spruce Peak) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM051 Unnamed (ridge northeast of Spruce Peak) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM060 Unnamed (ridge southeast of Spruce Peak) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM007 Unnamed (southeast of hill 2910, west of Chitsia Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM006 Unnamed (south flank of Chitsia Mountain) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM047 Unnamed (south of upper Caribou Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM022 Unnamed (southwest flank of Alpha Ridge) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM103 Unnamed (southwest flank of Wickersham Dome) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM100 Unnamed (southwest flank of Wickersham Dome) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM179 Unnamed (southwest of Eldridge Glacier) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM003 Unnamed (west-southwest of Chitsia Mountain) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM141 Upper Ridge Mine Mount McKinley
MM126 Water Level Prospect Mount McKinley
MM098 Wieler (Parky; Greiss; Silver King 18) Mine Mount McKinley
MZ004 Indian RiverTrend; IRT; IR Prospects Melozitna
MZ019 Unnamed (south side of Dulbi River) Occurrence Melozitna
NB021 Unnamed (southeast flank of White Mountain) Mine Nabesna
NL023 Illinois Creek Mine Nulato
NL016 Khotol Ridge; Sunny Day; Honkette Occurrences Nulato
NL019 Unnamed (on Kaiyuh Hill) Occurrence Nulato
NL012 Unnamed (south of VABM Eddy) Occurrence Nulato
NL025 Unnamed (west of upper Illinois Creek) Occurrences Nulato
NL020 Waterpump Creek; Last Hurrah Prospects Nulato
NM014 American Prospect Nome
NM228 Bonanza Hill; Gold Bug; Golden Eagle Prospects Nome
NM237 Bursik and Kern (King Mountain) Prospects Nome
NM261 Cooper Gulch (placer and M. Charles lode occurrence) Mine Nome
NM130 Galena Prospect Nome
NM263 Homburger (Newton Gulch) Prospect Nome
NM131 Iron Creek Prospect Nome
NM134 Iron Creek (lower) Occurrence Nome
NM279 Lillian Creek Mine Nome
NM020 Mogul Prospect Nome
NM017 Monarch Prospect Nome
NM255 Present (First) Beach Mines Nome
NM135 Quarry Prospect Nome
NM213 Reinisch (Arsenic Hill) Prospect Nome
NM207 Rock Creek (lode); Nugent Prospect Nome
NM209 Rock Creek (placer) Mine Nome
NM188 Ruby and Golconda Prospect Nome
NM186 Twin Mountain Prospect Nome
NM132 Unnamed Occurrence Nome
NM019 Unnamed (at head of Rulby Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM195 Unnamed (lower Boulder Creek) Prospect Nome
NM013 Unnamed (near American Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM005 Unnamed (on Martha Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM170 Unnamed (Sledge Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM249 Upper Dry Creek; Bear Creek (Gulch) Mine Nome
NR009 Ungalik River Mines Norton Bay
RM005 Arnold Prospect Russian Mission
RM020 Unnamed (southern Russian Mountains) Occurrence Russian Mission
SE006 Uranium 3 (in Selawik Hills) Prospect Selawik
SL021 Myghapowit Mountain Prospect Saint Lawrence
SO072 Goose Creek Mine Solomon
SO157 Unnamed (in headwaters of Lower Willow Creek) Occurrence Solomon
SO139 Wheeler Mine Solomon
TA001 Cinnabar Creek lode Mine Taylor Mountains
TA004 Lucky Day Mine Taylor Mountains
TA003 Schaeffer Prospect Taylor Mountains
TA022 Unnamed (south of King Salmon River) Prospect Taylor Mountains
TB004 Bear Mountain Occurrence Table Mountain
TC026 Silver Lining; Draken Prospect Tanacross
TK100 Old Gold Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TK053 Unnamed (north of Talkeetna River) Occurrence Talkeetna Mountains
TL005 Mespelt Prospect Talkeetna
TL047 Montana; Montana Bog Iron Occurrence Talkeetna
TN103 Hot Springs Dome; Barrett; Donnelly Prospect Tanana
TN117 McIntyre Prospect Tanana
TN105 Unnamed (Hot Springs Dome, east Barrett) Occurrences Tanana
TN114 Unnamed (Karshner Creek Ridge) Occurrence Tanana
TN044 Unnamed (near Garnet Creek) Occurrence Tanana
TN109 Unnamed (north spur of Bean Ridge) Occurrence Tanana
TN047 Unnamed (Northwest Baldry Mountain) Occurrence Tanana
TN019 Unnamed (upper Haha Creek; Wrongtrail Creek) Occurrences Tanana
TN083 Unnamed (upper Idaho Gulch) Occurrence Tanana
TY019 Unnamed (Near Mount Estelle) Prospects Tyonek
UN004 Pyramid Peak, Ruby Mine Mine Unalaska
UN027 Tarasof Point Occurrence Unalaska
VA118 Alaskan Prospect Valdez
VA112 Alice Mine Valdez
VA128 Big Four Mine Valdez
VA060 Eagle; Ellis; American Eagle Mine Valdez
VA120 High Grade; Golden Sunlight Mine Valdez
VA059 Knowles; Knowles and Backman Property Prospect Valdez
VA125 Little Giant; Mountain King; Rose; July; Star; H.L. Jaynes Group; Poys; Giant Mine Valdez
VA040 Mountain Sheep Prospect Valdez
VA126 Mountain View; Hickey Property Prospect Valdez
VA044 Mullen Prospect Valdez
VA117 Seacoast; Bunker Hill Prospect Valdez
VA080 Spirit Mountain Prospect Valdez
VA135 Sulphide Gulch Occurrence Valdez
VA116 Thompson-Ford; Owl Mine Valdez
VA072 Unnamed (head of Glacier Creek) Prospect Valdez
VA079 Unnamed (near Canyon Creek) Occurrence Valdez
VA071 Unnamed (near Squaw Creek) Prospect Valdez
VA064 Unnamed (north of Tiekel) Occurrence Valdez
WI107 Palisades Occurrence Wiseman
WI128 Unnamed (along and at head of Thompson Pup) Occurrences Wiseman
WI060 Unnamed (east of Wild Lake, opposite Seward Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI142 Unnamed (head of Bedrock Creek) Occurrence Wiseman
WI024 Unnamed (west of upper Flat Creek) Occurrence Wiseman