ARDF records containing placer gold

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
MD057 Boulder Creek Occurrence Medfra
MD052 Canyon Creek Occurrence Medfra
MD026 Clearwater Creek Occurrence Medfra
MD077 Crooked Creek; Clow and Strands Mine Medfra
MD063 Encio Gulch (formerly Riddle Gulch) Mine Medfra
MD058 Jones Creek Occurrence Medfra
MD015 Montana Creek Prospect Medfra
MD025 Sunshine Prospect Medfra
SM014 California Creek Prospect Sleetmute
SM011 Central Creek Occurrence Sleetmute
SM009 Crooked Creek Mine Sleetmute
SM016 Eightmile Creek Prospect Sleetmute
SM074 Fortyseven Creek Placer Mine Sleetmute
SM051 Gold Run Prospect Sleetmute
SM049 Kay Creek Occurrence Sleetmute
SM032 Murray Gulch; New York Creek Mine Sleetmute
SM043 Oskawalik River Occurrence Sleetmute
SM061 Timber Creek Prospect Sleetmute
SM033 Unnamed (east tributary of Kolmakof River) Occurrence Sleetmute
SP043 Helpmejack Creek Prospect Survey Pass