ARDF records containing polybasite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
CR164 Moonshine Mine Craig
DL001 Red Dog; Qanaiyaq; Hilltop; Aqqaluk; Paalaaq Mine DeLong Mountains
ID086 Fourth of July Creek Mine Iditarod
ID080 Maybe Creek Occurrence Iditarod
MM074 Bosart Mine Mount McKinley
MM082 Florence Prospect Mount McKinley
MM091 Kantishna Hills lode deposits Mines Mount McKinley
MM115 Little Annie and Little Annie No. 2 (Quigley Ridge; Aitken property; Quigley property; Alice; Fransen and Hawkins) Mine Mount McKinley
MM118 Red Top Mine Mount McKinley
MM098 Wieler (Parky; Greiss; Silver King 18) Mine Mount McKinley