ARDF records containing scheelite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AN105 California Creek Mine Anchorage
AN019 Craigie Creek Occurrence Anchorage
AN088 Fall Creek Occurrence Anchorage
AN005 Fern; Fern Gold Mining Co.; Fern Gold Leasing Co.; Fern & Goodell; Bartholf-Isaacs; Marmot Mine Anchorage
AN084 Glacier Fork; Knik River - Glacier Fork Occurrence Anchorage
AN007 Gold Cord; Gold Cord Mining, Milling, and Power Co.; Golden Bear Mining Co. Mine Anchorage
AN011 Grubstake Gulch and Willow Creek area Mine Anchorage
AN001 Independence Mine Anchorage
AN089 Jim Lake Occurrence Anchorage
AN062 Little Susitna River Occurrence Anchorage
AN091 McRoberts Creek Occurrence Anchorage
AN085 Metal Creek; Sumner and Andrulli Mine Anchorage
AN053 Reed Creek Prospect Anchorage
BC075 Alaska-Premier (near Skookum Creek) Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC074 Bluebird Occurrence Bradfield Canal
BC073 Butte; Brigadier; Hyder Butte Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC042 Engineer Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC078 Fish Creek; Olympia Extension; Last Chance; Single Rose; Mountain View; Summit; Climax Mine Bradfield Canal
BC079 Monarch Prospect Bradfield Canal
BC080 Riverside; Riverview; Lindeborg Mine Bradfield Canal
BC086 Ronan Mine Bradfield Canal
BD001 Banner Creek Mines Big Delta
BD005 Buckeye Creek; Martha; Moore Creek Mines Big Delta
BD009 Caribou Creek Mine Big Delta
BD010 Carrie Creek; Lynx Saddle; Missing Lynx; Tripper Ridge; West Carrie Creek Prospects Big Delta
BD069 First Chance Creek Prospect Big Delta
BD026 Minton Creek Occurrence Big Delta
BD028 No Grub Creek Mine Big Delta
BM008 Gold Run Creek Prospect Baird Mountains
BN046 Dick Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN080 Gold Run Mine Bendeleben
BN037 Homestake Creek Occurrence Bendeleben
BN038 Upper Homestake Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN094 Windy Creek Prospect Bendeleben
BR004 Unnamed (east-southeast of Racquet Creek) Occurrence Black River
BT009 Bonanza, Beef Prospect Bettles
BT006 Davis Creek Mine Bettles
BT003 Gold Bench Mine Bettles
BT024 Unnamed (east fork of Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
CA011 Gossan Prospect Candle
CA051 Gusty Prospect Candle
CA025 Nortz Prospect Candle
CA052 Saddle Prospect Candle
CA036 Unnamed (Muck Creek) Occurrence Candle
CA019 Unnamed (near Kiwalik River) Occurrence Candle
CA013 Unnamed (upper Peace River) Prospect Candle
CH039 Little Squaw Creek Mine Chandalar
CI004 Bedrock Creek Prospect Circle
CI010 Cars; Salcha River Prospect Circle
CI014 Deadwood Creek; Forty Three Pup; Twenty Five Pup; Sixteen Pup; Fifteen Pup; Nine Pup; Discovery Gulch; Tommys Pup; Switch Creek; Twenty Two Pup; Twenty Six Pup Mine Circle
CI021 Furs Prospect Circle
CI022 Gold Dust Creek Mine Circle
CI024 Half Dollar Creek; Two-Bit Gulch Mine Circle
CI026 Hope Creek Prospect Circle
CI027 Hot Springs Creek Occurrence Circle
CI029 Independence Creek Mine Circle
CI031 Ketchem Creek; Holdem Creek Mine Circle
CI033 Ketchem Dome Area Mines Circle
CI036 Mammoth Creek Mine Circle
CI041 Nome Creek Area; Sumner Creek Mine Circle
CI044 Palmer Creek Mine Circle
CI045 Pgds; Puzzle Gulch Prospect Circle
CI046 Porcupine Creek Mine Circle
CI054 Sourdough Creek Prospect Circle
CI056 Switch Creek Mine Circle
CI078 Unnamed (near head of Hope Creek) Occurrence Circle
CI085 Unnamed skarn, near Lime Peak (Rocky Mountain) Occurrence Circle
CO018 Porcupine River--ancient channel placer Occurrence Coleen
CO022 Unnamed Occurrence Coleen
CR044 Unnamed (outlet of Salmon Lake) Occurrence Craig
CV040 Unnamed (lower part of south fork of Gravina River) Occurrence Cordova
EA128 Chicken Creek Mine Eagle
EA002 Copper Creek (lode); Wolverine Copper Prospect Eagle
EA018 Deer Creek Prospect Eagle
EA136 Dennison Fork Prospect Eagle
EA058 Duval Creek Prospect Eagle
EA104 Fortyfive Pup; Fortyfive Gulch; Fortyfive Pass Mine Eagle
EA071 Fortymile River (from mouth of Franklin Creek to Canadian border) Mines Eagle
EA044 Happy Prospect Eagle
EA091 Larsen Ridge; Lucky 13 Prospect Eagle
EA135 Mosquito Fork; South Fork of the Fortymile River; Atwater Bar Mine Eagle
EA124 Myers Fork Mine Eagle
EA095 Section 21 Prospect Eagle
EA122 Stonehouse Creek; Irene Gulch Mine Eagle
EA175 Unnamed (near Crescent Creek) Occurrence Eagle
EA005 Unnamed (near Granite Creek) Prospect Eagle
EA092 Unnamed (near VABM Good) Prospect Eagle
EA082 Weston Occurrence Eagle
FB096 Anderson Occurrence Fairbanks
FB098 Blossom; Black Bear; Lundbled and Anderson Prospect Fairbanks
FB114 Colbert; Big Chief; Pearl; Triangle Prospect Fairbanks
FB102 Columbia; Meier Prospect Fairbanks
FB034 Ester Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB133 Eva Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB091 First Chance Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB115 Fort Knox Mine Fairbanks
FB112 Franklin; Ptarmigan; Zimmerman Prospect Fairbanks
FB100 Gilmore Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB148 Gold King Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB085 Goldstream Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB058 Grant Mine Fairbanks
FB145 Grubstake Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB057 Irishman Mine Fairbanks
FB128 Little Moose Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB127 Moose Creek; Big Moose Creek; Keys; Triple Xs Mine Fairbanks
FB123 Pearl Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB099 Rose Creek; New Years Pup Mine Fairbanks
FB111 Schubert Prospect Fairbanks
FB101 Spruce Hen Mine Fairbanks
FB113 Stepovich Mine Fairbanks
FB095 Tanana; Grant; Hirshberger Prospect Fairbanks
FB097 Tungsten Hill; Grand Duke Nikolas; Tungsten No. 1; General Joffre Prospect Fairbanks
FB116 Voght; Melba Creek; Monte Cristo; Granite Hill Prospect Fairbanks
FB122 White Prospect Fairbanks
FB118 Yellow Pup Mine Fairbanks
ID113 Black Creek Mine Iditarod
ID081 Broken Shovel Prospect Iditarod
ID162 Donlin Bench Mine Iditarod
ID167 Donlin Creek Prospect Iditarod
ID104 Flat Creek; Marietta Mines Iditarod
ID086 Fourth of July Creek Mine Iditarod
ID022 Ganes Creek Mine Iditarod
SM071 Girl Creek Occurrence Iditarod
ID116 Golden Ground (Neilson) Prospect Prospect Iditarod
ID115 Golden Horn Mine Iditarod
ID122 Granite Creek Mine Iditarod
ID103 Happy Creek Mine Iditarod
ID080 Maybe Creek Occurrence Iditarod
ID084 Moore Creek Mine Iditarod
ID111 Otter Creek Mines Iditarod
ID168 Quartz Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID165 Ruby Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID025 Six Gulch (Last Chance Gulch) Mine Iditarod
ID120 Slate Creek Mine Iditarod
ID166 Snow Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID021 Spaulding Creek Mine Mine Iditarod
ID119 Unnamed (on lower Prince Creek) Occurrence Iditarod
ID042 Unnamed (southwest of Mount Joaquin) Occurrence Iditarod
ID037 Yankee Creek Mine Iditarod
ID159 Yousure; Yushur Prospect Iditarod
JU200 700-Foot; Alaska United Gold Mining Co. (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
JU181 Alaska-Juneau Tailings; AJ Mill Dump Mine Juneau
JU097 Herbert Glacier; Herbert Gold Prospect Juneau
JU201 Mexican (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
JU206 Ready Bullion; Alaska United Gold Mining Co. (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
JU065 Sandy Cove Prospect Juneau
JU199 Treadwell; Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Co. (Treadwell Mines group) Mine Juneau
KC003 Fish Creek; Olympia; Starboard; Nevada Mine Ketchikan
KC002 Last Shot Prospect Ketchikan
KC008 Lucky Boy Extension; Bear; Adenac Prospect Ketchikan
KC006 Mountain View: Fish Creek nos. 1, 2, and 3; Skookum; Gray Copper; Ruby Silver Mine Ketchikan
KD026 Cornelius Creek Prospect Kodiak
KZ002 Rex Point Occurrence Kotzebue
LC009 Bonanza Hills; VABM Trail Occurrence Lake Clark
LC015 Synneva (Scynneva) Creek Mine Lake Clark
LG117 Bedrock Creek Mine Livengood
LG192 Charles Prospect Livengood
LG125 Chatham Creek Mine Livengood
LG135 Cleary Creek Mine Livengood
LG119 Cleary Hill; Summit; Cleary; Freegold Mine Livengood
LG049 Dome Creek Mine Livengood
LG072 Eagan; Eagan Twin Creek Prospect Livengood
LG198 Fairbanks Creek Mine Livengood
LG201 Fish Creek Mine Livengood
LG002 Gunnison Creek Mine Livengood
LG106 Johnson; Johnson and Martin Prospect Livengood
LG010 Lillian Creek Mine Livengood
LG056 Little Eldorado Creek Mine Livengood
LG008 Livengood Creek Mines Livengood
LG066 Lundgren-Rowley Prospect Livengood
LG180 Mizpah; Black Joe Mine Livengood
LG059 Old Glory-Seattle Creek; Leslie Prospect Livengood
LG016 Olive Creek Mine Livengood
LG005 Quail Creek Mine Livengood
LG084 Rainbow Mine Livengood
LG009 Ruth Creek Mine Livengood
LG110 Tolovana Mine Livengood
LG118 Wyoming Mine Livengood
LH009 Three Cub Occurrence Lime Hills
MD076 Eagle Creek Mine Medfra
MD075 Eagle Creek Gulch Occurrence Medfra
MD063 Encio Gulch (formerly Riddle Gulch) Mine Medfra
MD066 Hidden Creek: Grable and Blackburn Mine Mine Medfra
MD062 Nixon Fork; Mespelt; Crystal; Garnet Extension; Mespelt Inclined Shaft; Recreation; Keen; Twin Shafts; Mespelt Main Shaft; Garnet Trench; Parsons and Strand; Southern Cross Mine Medfra
MD069 Ruby Creek; Strand Mine Medfra
MD068 Upper Ruby Creek Mine Medfra
MD071 Whalen Shaft Mine Medfra
MD067 Whalen; Whalen and Griffin Mine Medfra
MF085 Unnamed (on Idaho Ridge) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF070 Unnamed (on Threesome Mountain) Prospect Mount Fairweather
MF034 Unnamed (Russell Island) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MF071 Unnamed (upper Dundas Bay) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MG010 Alder Gulch; Vinasale Mine McGrath
MG047 Little Bird; BMP Prospect McGrath
MG070 Post River Pluton Prospect McGrath
MH288 Chistochina Glacier Mine Mount Hayes
MH054 Clearwater Mountain claims (Copper Knob block; Honey claims; Pat claims) Prospects Mount Hayes
MH055 Clearwater Mountain claims; 'Joy Creek' block Prospect Mount Hayes
MH080 Cottonwood Creek Occurrences Mount Hayes
MH274 Daisy Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH387 Fat Chance Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH240 Gunn Creek Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH309 Limestone Creek; Lake Creek; Lime Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH072 Little Clearwater Creek Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH048 Mex Prospect Mount Hayes
MH272 Unnamed (Chistochina River) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH032 Unnamed (headwaters of West Fork Maclaren River) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH053 Unnamed (northern Clearwater Mountains west of peak 5315) Occurrences Mount Hayes
MH056 Unnamed (west of West Fork Maclaren River near VABM Little) Occurrences Mount Hayes
MH065 Viking; Sheba; Albertson-Pettyjohn Prospect Mount Hayes
MH067 Zackly; Stellar Prospect Mount Hayes
MM097 Banjo (Hardrock and Tugboat Annie claims) Mine Mount McKinley
MM030 Bonnell (Neversweat) Mine Mount McKinley
MM122 Eureka Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM113 Friday Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM108 Glen Creek; Glenn Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM071 Glen Ridge No. 1; Skookona Prospects Mount McKinley
MM102 Jupiter-Mars (Damon and Pythias) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM091 Kantishna Hills lode deposits Mines Mount McKinley
MM084 Kantishna Hills placer deposts Mines Mount McKinley
MM115 Little Annie and Little Annie No. 2 (Quigley Ridge; Aitken property; Quigley property; Alice; Fransen and Hawkins) Mine Mount McKinley
MM140 Little Moose Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM116 Pennsylvania; Keystone Prospects Mount McKinley
MM118 Red Top Mine Mount McKinley
MM142 Stampede Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM042 Upper Caribou Creek Mines Mount McKinley
NL018 Honker Prospect Nulato
NL011 Round Top; Roundtop Prospect Nulato
NL013 Unnamed (northwest of VABM Kluklaklatna) Occurrence Nulato
NM236 Anvil Creek Mine Nome
NM153 Arctic Creek (upper) Mine Nome
NM203 Balto Creek (Marcus; Hunch; Agnes Association) Mine Nome
NM192 Bangor Creek Mine Nome
NM301 Basin Creek Mine Nome
NM280 Bonita Creek Prospect Nome
NM168 Boulder Creek Mine Nome
NM165 Boulder Creek; Claus Rodine Prospect Nome
NM191 Butterfield Canyon Mine Nome
NM062 California; Connolly and Jensen (or Jannsen) Mine Nome
NM299 Cape Nome Occurrence Nome
NM294 Center Creek and Flat, Saturday and Wonder Creeks Occurrence Nome
NM073 Christian Creek Prospect Nome
NM174 Dakota Prospect Nome
NM268 Dewey Creek Mine Nome
NM201 Divining Creek Prospect Nome
NM097 Dorothy Creek Mine Nome
NM220 Glacier Creek (includes Bonanza and Bergstrom Gulches) Mine Nome
NM202 Goodluck Gulch Prospect Nome
NM229 Jorgensen; Mountain Creek; Mary's Gulch Mine Nome
NM144 Last Chance Creek Mine Nome
NM194 Last Chance Creek (west bench) Mine Nome
NM205 Lindblom Creek Mine Nome
NM264 Lower Dry Creek Mine Nome
NM221 Lynx Claim; Glacier Creek Mine Nome
NM145 Mountain Creek (Greenstone Creek) Prospect Nome
NM081 Nelson Gulch Occurrence Nome
NM083 Nelson Gulch Mine Nome
NM252 Nome Beach and Abrasion Deposits Mine Nome
NM254 Nome Coastal Plain Mine Nome
NM250 Nome Mining District Mines Nome
NM146 Oregon Creek Mine Nome
NM148 Oregon Creek (below Nugget Gulch) Mine Nome
NM204 Prospect Creek Mine Nome
NM210 Rock Creek (bench placer) Mine Nome
NM207 Rock Creek (lode); Nugent Prospect Nome
NM209 Rock Creek (placer) Mine Nome
NM082 Rocky Mountain Creek Mine Nome
NM223 Saddle; New Era; Big Four Prospects Nome
NM200 Seattle Creek Mine Nome
NM169 Sledge Creek Prospect Nome
NM222 Snow Gulch Mine Nome
NM208 Sophie Gulch (Rock Creek) Mine Nome
NM235 Stipek And Kotovic (divide between Glacier and Rock Creeks) Prospect Nome
NM285 Submarine Beach Mine Nome
NM036 Thompson Creek Occurrence Nome
NM166 Twin Mountain Creek (Yellow Bird claims) Mine Nome
NM167 Unnamed (Boulder Creek east bench) Prospect Nome
NM027 Unnamed (Grand Central River) Occurrence Nome
NM050 Unnamed (hill 1690) Occurrence Nome
NM216 Unnamed (lode in lower Rock Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM114 Unnamed (lode in Rocky Mountain Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM075 Unnamed (near Christian Creek) Prospect Nome
NM041 Unnamed (near North Star Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM044 Unnamed (near Windy Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM079 Unnamed (on hill 1231) Occurrence Nome
NM159 Unnamed (on present beach of Norton Sound) Mine Nome
NM035 Unnamed (Thompson Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM249 Upper Dry Creek; Bear Creek (Gulch) Mine Nome
NM215 Walsh Cut (alluvial placer) Mine Nome
NM214 Walsh Cut (Rock Creek) Mine Nome
NR008 Bonanza Creek Mine Norton Bay
NR010 Hopeful Gulch Prospect Norton Bay
NR009 Ungalik River Mines Norton Bay
NR003 Unnamed (south-southeast of Koyuk) Occurrence Norton Bay
OP002 Colorado Creek Mines Ophir
OP019 Little Creek; Gold Run; Discovery; Bonanza; No. 6 Pup Mines Ophir
PE102 AMAX Molybdenum Prospect Petersburg
PE046 Lillie; and unnamed (south of Dry Pass) Prospects Petersburg
RB019 Midnight Creek Mine Ruby
RB037 Trail Creek Mine Ruby
RM005 Arnold Prospect Russian Mission
RM008 Buster Creek Mine Russian Mission
RM004 Elephant Creek Mine Russian Mission
RM019 Konechney Prospect (Mission Creek) Prospect Russian Mission
SI018 Apex-El Nido Mines Sitka
SI182 Gangola Prospect Sitka
SK062 Christmas Creek Mine Skagway
SK077 Nataga Skyline Prospect Skagway
SM073 Fortyseven Creek Lode Prospect Sleetmute
SM074 Fortyseven Creek Placer Mine Sleetmute
SM006 Greisen Prospect Sleetmute
SM003 Saddle Prospect Sleetmute
SM036 Unnamed (east head of Whitewing Valley) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM033 Unnamed (east tributary of Kolmakof River) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM038 Unnamed (near VABM Shale) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM053 Unnamed (north end of Buckstock Mountains) Prospect Sleetmute
SO023 Big Hurrah Mine Solomon
SO022 Big Hurrah Creek Mine Solomon
SO001 Cape Darby Occurrence Solomon
SO177 Daniels Prospect Solomon
SO006 Daniels Creek Mine Solomon
SO142 Dutch Creek Mine Solomon
SO058 Goldbottom Creek Mine Solomon
SO003 Golovnin Bay Occurrence Solomon
SO135 Idaho; Eskimo; Seagull Mine Solomon
SO036 Kwiniuk River Occurrence Solomon
SO020 Silver; Flynn Prospect Solomon
SO024 Solomon River Mine Solomon
SO015 Solomon River (lower) Mine Solomon
SO038 Unnamed (tributary to Clear Creek) Occurrence Solomon
SO054 Warm Creek Mine Solomon
SR045 California Creek Occurrence Seward
SR047 Ingram Creek Mine Seward
SR051 Peterson Creek Mine Seward
SR154 Silvertip Creek Mine Seward
SR041 Tincan Creek Mine Seward
SR173 Unnamed (Perry Island) Occurrence Seward
SR164 Unnamed (terminus of Taylor Glacier) Occurrence Seward
TA007 Shotgun; Mose Prospect Taylor Mountains
TA024 Unnamed (west of upper Taylor Creek) Mine Taylor Mountains
TE003 Boulder Creek Prospect Teller
TE070 Bryan Creek; Dick Creek Mine Teller
TE094 Gold Run Mine Teller
TE026 Ishut Creek Occurrence Teller
TE049 Lost River-skarn Mine Teller
TE086 Sunset Creek Mine Teller
TE057 York Creek (East) Occurrence Teller
TE058 York Creek (West) Occurrence Teller
TK139 Albert Creek Mine Talkeetna Mountains
TL040 Bird Creek; St. Louis Channel Mine Talkeetna
TL038 Bradley Scheelite; Bird Creek Prospect Talkeetna
TL029 Cache Creek Area, including Spruce Creek;Short Creek; Rambler Creek; Lucky Creek; Pineo Bar; Bradley; Cache Creek Dredging Company; Cache Creek Mining Company; Erickson; Gold; Ltd.; Morgan; Murray; Murray And Harper; Obermiller And Eaglehorn; Peterson; Taraski; Tesmer And Beidermann; Wetherall; Yenta Dredging Co. Mine Talkeetna
TL033 Dutch Creek; Dutch Creek Mining Company; Basic Creek; Siwash Creek; Blank Creek; Prospect Creek Prospect Talkeetna
TL035 Nugget Creek; Nugget Bench High Channel Mine Talkeetna
TL032 Thunder Creek Occurrence Talkeetna
TL058 Thunder Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL022 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TL027 Windy Creek Mine Talkeetna
TN082 Deep Creek and tributaries Mine Tanana
TN059 Hoosier Creek Mine Tanana
TN031 Katey Jo-Sox Prospects Tanana
TN142 Kilolitna River Prospect Tanana
TN080 Little Boulder Creek (includes Queen Twin Creek and 4 unnamed tributaries) Mines Tanana
TN066 Little Minook Creek Mine Tanana
TN122 Omega Creek; Alpha Creek Mine Tanana
TN133 Pioneer Creek; including Doric, Boothby, Seattle Jr., Skookum, Joe Bush, and North Fork creeks Mines Tanana
TR006 Mt. Ogden Prospect Taku River
TY029 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY027 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY028 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
VA014 Little Tonsina River Occurrence Valdez
VA136 Lowe River Occurrence Valdez
VA146 Ptarmigan Occurrence Valdez
VA135 Sulphide Gulch Occurrence Valdez
VA147 Unnamed (at foot of Worthington Glacier) Occurrence Valdez
VA070 Unnamed (near mouth of Fall Creek) Occurrence Valdez
VA062 Unnamed (near mouth of Stuart Creek) Occurrence Valdez
WI061 Lake Creek Mine Wiseman
WI084 Rye Creek Mine Wiseman
YA001 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska beaches, Yakutat quadrangle segment) Mine Yakutat
YA002 Yakutat Beach Mine Yakutat