ARDF records containing smithsonite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BM022 Peak Prospect Baird Mountains
BR005 Midnight Hill; North Midnight Prospects Black River
CY030 Step Mountain; WK Prospects Charley River
EA062 Fish Prospect Eagle
EA102 LWM; Little Whiteman; West LWM Prospect Eagle
LG214 Mount Schwatka; East Fork Flat Creek Occurrence Livengood
MD080 Asmyrahha Prospect Medfra
MD053 Atoll Prospect Medfra
MD048 Beaver Prospect Medfra
MD045 Bermuda Prospect Medfra
MD042 Lynn-Marie Prospect Medfra
MD046 Midway Prospect Medfra
MD055 Reef Ridge Prospect Medfra
MD054 Saddle Prospect Medfra
MD056 Soda Creek Prospects Medfra
MD047 Spring Ridge Prospects Medfra
MD043 Starship Prospect Medfra
MF064 Unnamed (southwest of Red Mountain) Occurrence Mount Fairweather
MM078 Lloyd Prospect Mount McKinley
MM166 Mt. Eielson or Copper Mountain Prospects Mount McKinley
MM169 Unnamed (east-central tier of claims, Mt. Eielson district) Prospects Mount McKinley
MM027 Unnamed (northeast of Brooker Mountain) Prospect Mount McKinley
TL006 Hogback; Purkeypiles; Little Mountain Prospect Talkeetna