ARDF records containing stibnite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AN123 Barry Arm; Barry Arm antimony Mine Anchorage
AN002 Lucky Shot; Willow Creek Mines Inc. Mine Anchorage
AN122 Reiter and Olson; Point Doran; Bruno 1-3 Prospect Anchorage
AN141 Unnamed (near Yale Glacier) Occurrence Anchorage
AR025 Arctic Prospect Ambler River
BD001 Banner Creek Mines Big Delta
BD003 Blue Lead; Blue Lead Extension; Rob Mines Big Delta
BD048 Buckeye; Buckeye Pup Prospects Big Delta
BD005 Buckeye Creek; Martha; Moore Creek Mines Big Delta
BD010 Carrie Creek; Lynx Saddle; Missing Lynx; Tripper Ridge; West Carrie Creek Prospects Big Delta
BD077 Christmas Tree Prospect Big Delta
BD013 Democrat Creek; Democrat Gulch; Democrat Pup Mine Big Delta
BD014 Democrat; John Mitchell Lode; Camp Pit; Richardson project Mine Big Delta
BD017 Gray Lead; Grey Lead; Hilltop; Rob Prospect Big Delta
BD018 Grizzly Bear; Yellow Jacket Mine Big Delta
BD075 Lone Tree Prospect Big Delta
BD076 Lone Wolf Occurrence Big Delta
BD025 Michigan; Michigan Lode; Michigan Lead; Rob Prospect Big Delta
BD059 O'Reely; Oreely; Rob Prospect Big Delta
BD066 Southeast Surf Prospect Big Delta
BD040 Tibbs Creek; Lucky Star Mine Big Delta
BD058 Upper Trench/ Lower Trench; Rob Prospect Big Delta
BD046 Wide Zone Prospect Big Delta
BD057 Wolverine; Rob Prospect Big Delta
BH006 Fisher Dome Occurrence Bethel
BH031 Gossan Ridge Prospect Bethel
BH030 Luna Prospect Bethel
BN097 Omilak Mine Bendeleben
BN059 Unnamed (on Old Glory Creek) Occurrence Bendeleben
CA011 Gossan Prospect Candle
CA051 Gusty Prospect Candle
CA025 Nortz Prospect Candle
CA052 Saddle Prospect Candle
CH077 Discovery Creek Prospect Chandalar
CH080 Gold Creek; Little Gold Creek Mine Chandalar
CH115 Kiska; Chiga; Star Prospects Chandalar
CH045 Mikado; Little Mikado; Big Tobin; Carter; Eclipse; Overlook; Engineers Exploration Syndicate; Idaho-Alaska Corp.; St. Mary's Mine Chandalar
CH047 Squaw Creek; Big Squaw Creek Mine Chandalar
CH041 Summit Mine Chandalar
CH076 Unnamed (on Sukakpak Mountain) Prospect Chandalar
CH075 Wiehl Mountain Occurrence Chandalar
CI016 Dempsey Pup Prospect Circle
CI026 Hope Creek Prospect Circle
CI041 Nome Creek Area; Sumner Creek Mine Circle
CI043 Ox Group Prospect Circle
CI054 Sourdough Creek Prospect Circle
CI078 Unnamed (near head of Hope Creek) Occurrence Circle
CV069 McKinley Lake mine, Rilley Group, Lucky Strike prospect, Bear Creek prospect (McKinley Lake gold camp) Mine Cordova
EA100 Molly Creek; My Creek Prospect Eagle
EA171 Ninja Jim Occurrence Eagle
FB080 Antimony Ridge; Treasure Creek Prospect Fairbanks
FB064 Billy Sunday; Leah Fraction; Smith and McGlone; Smith and McGonnigle; Smith Bros. Mine Fairbanks
FB006 Blue Bonanza; Midnight Sun Mine Fairbanks
FB136 California; Danzinger Mine Fairbanks
FB047 Clipper; Lounsbury Mine Fairbanks
FB020 Cottonblossom; St. Jude; Olsen Prospect Fairbanks
FB059 Dorothy and Dorice; Cosgrove and Krutsch Prospect Fairbanks
FB034 Ester Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB017 Jennie C.; McQueen; Black Diamond Mine Fairbanks
FB060 Last Chance Mine Fairbanks
FB022 Maloney Prospect Fairbanks
FB066 McDonald; Morton; Blue Bird; Blue Bird Fraction; Combination Mine Fairbanks
FB061 Mohawk; Bondholder; Bondholder Extension; Peg Leg; Yellow Jacket; Mohawk #2; Mohawk #3; Liberty; Spite Fraction Mine Fairbanks
FB026 Moose Gulch Occurrence Fairbanks
FB079 Old No. 2; Treasure Creek Prospect Fairbanks
FB041 Prometheus Prospect Fairbanks
FB129 Rambler; Barlow; Koska Prospect Fairbanks
FB024 Ready Bullion; Borovich and Stevens; Hudson Mine Fairbanks
FB134 Rex Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB105 Rose Creek; Ogram Prospect Fairbanks
FB065 Ryan Lode Mine Fairbanks
FB077 Scrafford; Treasure Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB068 Stay; Little Eva; Eva No. 2; Curlew No. 1; Comet No 2; Rose; Comet Mine Fairbanks
FB113 Stepovich Mine Fairbanks
FB044 Stibnite Mine Fairbanks
FB036 St. Paul; McCann, Thomas, Mickley, and Hagel Mine Fairbanks
FB139 Unnamed (at head of Eagle Creek) Occurrence Fairbanks
FB142 Unnamed (head of Fourth of July Creek) Occurrence Fairbanks
FB135 Unnamed (near California Creekl) Prospect Fairbanks
FB156 Unnamed (near Ester Dome) Prospect Fairbanks
FB014 Unnamed (southeast Ester Dome) Prospect Fairbanks
FB033 Vuyovich Mine Fairbanks
GO011 Kagati Lake Prospect Goodnews Bay
GO023 Wattamuse Prospect Goodnews Bay
GU049 NOM; Golden Range Prospect Gulkana
HC002 Wolf Creek Mtn. Occurrence Holy Cross
HE030 Eagle; Northern Light Prospect Healy
HE209 Gold Hill; Accident Prospect Healy
HE215 Lucky Saddle Prospect Healy
HE210 Lucky Top Prospect Healy
HE040 Mayflower Prospect Healy
HE075 Nimbus; Camp Creek Prospect Healy
HE076 Nimrod; Camp Creek Prospect Healy
HE133 North Carolina; Antimony Creek Prospect Healy
HE035 Pirate Creek Prospect Healy
HE026 Silver King Prospect Healy
HE211 TMC Prospect Healy
HE063 Unnamed (divide between upper Partin and Shotgun creeks) Prospect Healy
HE103 Unnamed (head of Kansas Creek) Prospect Healy
HE121 Unnamed (headwaters of Glory Creek) Prospect Healy
HE099 Unnamed (near 'Rock Creek') Prospect Healy
HE062 Unnamed (northeast of upper Partin Creek) Prospect Healy
HE083 Unnamed (north side of Cody Creek) Occurrence Healy
HE098 Unnamed (on Kansas Creek) Prospect Healy
HE138 Unnamed (south head of Hardage Creek) Prospect Healy
HE061 Unnamed (south of head of McCallie Creek) Prospect Healy
HE079 Windy Creek Occurrence Healy
ID109 Chicken Mountain Prospect Iditarod
ID158 DeCourcy Mountain Mine Iditarod
ID064 Dishna River Prospect Iditarod
ID167 Donlin Creek Prospect Iditarod
ID022 Ganes Creek Mine Iditarod
ID114 Glenn Gulch; Mohawk Prospect Iditarod
ID115 Golden Horn Mine Iditarod
ID039 Goss Gulch Prospect Iditarod
ID132 Granite Creek (Pup) Mine Iditarod
ID031 Independence Mine Mine Iditarod
ID177 Julian Creek Mine Iditarod
ID028 Katz Prospect Iditarod
ID163 Lewis Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID111 Otter Creek Mines Iditarod
ID026 Potosi Creek Mine Iditarod
ID117 Prince Creek Mine Iditarod
ID168 Quartz Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID165 Ruby Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID166 Snow Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID035 Telephone (Tele) Hill Prospect Iditarod
ID179 Unnamed (east of George River) Prospect Iditarod
ID124 Unnamed (north bank of Bonanza Creek) Occurrence Iditarod
ID139 Unnamed (south of hill 1735) Prospect Iditarod
ID135 Unnamed (southwest of upper Granite Creek) Prospect Iditarod
ID034 Unnamed (west of upper Yankee Creek) Prospect Iditarod
ID108 Upper Chicken Creek Mine Iditarod
ID133 Wyrick Prospect Iditarod
ID037 Yankee Creek Mine Iditarod
ID159 Yousure; Yushur Prospect Iditarod
JU108 Alaska Silver King Mine Juneau
JU139 Douglas; Eagle Creek Prospect Juneau
JU082 E Pluribus Unum; Cottrell-Spaulding Mine Juneau
JU173 Glacier Mine Juneau
JU138 Gold Fork; Silver Falls; Kathleen Prospect Juneau
JU230 Penn-Alaska Prospect Juneau
JU175 Silver Queen Mine Juneau
KC040 Hot Air; Hot Air No. 1 Mine Ketchikan
KC149 Unnamed ('Sink Lake') Occurrences Ketchikan
KD020 Kizhuyak Lode, Mid Prospect Kodiak
KD016 Womens Bay; Shakmanof Prospect Kodiak
KH003 Cosna Dome Prospects Kantishna River
KR002 Cape Kubugakli Lode Occurrence Karluk
KR003 Cape Kubugakli Placer Mine Karluk
LC011 Bonanza Hills; Bonanza Occurrence Lake Clark
LG021 Amy Creek Mine Livengood
LG130 Anna Mary Prospect Livengood
LG148 Bellows Creek Prospect Livengood
LG128 Blue Moon Mazeppa; Pioneer; Blue Bell Mine Livengood
LG129 Bobbie Prospect Livengood
LG124 Butler and Petree Prospect Livengood
LG192 Charles Prospect Livengood
LG147 Chatham Mine Livengood
LG125 Chatham Creek Mine Livengood
LG107 Chechako No. 1; Eldorado; Westonvitch Mine Livengood
LG092 Cheyenne; Vergil Prospect Livengood
LG146 Christina; Vetter; Shelden Mine Livengood
LG135 Cleary Creek Mine Livengood
LG205 Cleary Hill (Freegold) Mine Livengood
LG119 Cleary Hill; Summit; Cleary; Freegold Mine Livengood
LG183 Creeks Prospect Livengood
LG114 Crosscut Prospect Livengood
LG122 Cunningham Prospect Livengood
LG154 Ebbert Mine Livengood
LG093 Emma; Overgard; Kathrine Mine Livengood
LG179 Excelsior; Cross Vein Prospect Livengood
LG198 Fairbanks Creek Mine Livengood
LG201 Fish Creek Mine Livengood
LG047 Frederich Mine Livengood
LG046 Gilmer Mine Livengood
LG038 Goodwin; Treasure Creek Mine Livengood
LG161 Goose Creek Prospect Livengood
LG145 Harris and Brown; Sky High; Grace E#1 Prospect Livengood
LG209 Hill 1835; Shorty Creek Prospect Livengood
LG208 Hill 1870; Shorty Creek Prospect Livengood
LG054 Hindenburg; Markovich Mine Livengood
LG182 Hi Yu; Crites and Feldman Mine Livengood
LG157 Homestake Mine Livengood
LG069 Hoover Prospects Livengood
LG091 Jackson Prospect Livengood
LG106 Johnson; Johnson and Martin Prospect Livengood
LG163 Kellen Prospect Livengood
LG011 Lillian Prospect Livengood
LG010 Lillian Creek Mine Livengood
LG202 Livengood; Old Smoky; Ruth Creek; Lillian Creek Prospect Livengood
LG152 McCarty; American Eagle Mine Livengood
LG150 McCarty Shaft Mine Livengood
LG180 Mizpah; Black Joe Mine Livengood
LG104 Moore-Sheldon Occurrence Livengood
LG094 Mother Lode Prospect Livengood
LG100 Newsboy Mine Livengood
LG102 Newsboy Extension Prospect Livengood
LG067 Nightingale Prospect Livengood
LG082 North Star; Skoogy Gulch; Big Lead Prospect Livengood
LG165 Ohio; Early Bird; Mayflower; Connors and Stevens Mine Livengood
LG014 Old Smoky Prospect Livengood
LG156 Pennsylvania Mine Livengood
LG181 Perrault Prospect Livengood
LG155 Pioneer Mine Livengood
LG188 Queen Prospect Livengood
LG144 Quemboe Bros. Prospect Livengood
LG095 Robinson; Mohawk; Franklin; Rose; Heilig and Creighton Mine Livengood
LG173 Rob Roy; Saucy; Wolf Mine Livengood
LG009 Ruth Creek Mine Livengood
LG101 RV Mine Livengood
LG151 Saddle Prospect Livengood
LG206 Saddle (Freegold) Prospect Livengood
LG006 Sawtooth Mountain Mine Livengood
LG062 Silver Fox; Silvertone; Busty Belle Mine Livengood
LG160 Solomon Prospect Livengood
LG052 Soo; Spaulding; Wild Rose; Chief; Waterbury; Waverly; Inspiration; Carnation Mine Livengood
LG103 Steil Prospect Livengood
LG105 Stibnite Prospect Livengood
LG123 Sunrise #1 Prospect Livengood
LG110 Tolovana Mine Livengood
LG207 Tolovana (Freegold) Mine Livengood
LG055 True North Mine Livengood
LG022 Unnamed (upper Livengood Creek) Mine Livengood
LG090 Wackwitz; Silver King; Little Jim Prospect Livengood
LG170 Whitehorse Mine Livengood
LG109 Willow Creek Prospect Livengood
LG003 Wolverine Mountain Occurrence Livengood
LG051 Woods; Alpha; Omega Prospect Livengood
LG118 Wyoming Mine Livengood
LH008 Terra Cotta Mountains Occurrence Lime Hills
LH009 Three Cub Occurrence Lime Hills
LH015 Unnamed (head of Hartman River) Occurrence Lime Hills
MC145 Chititu Creek; Rex Creek; White Creek; Blygh Gulch; Jolly Gulch; Dry Gulch Mine McCarthy
MC141 Dan Creek Mine McCarthy
MC160 Radovan; Low Contact Prospect McCarthy
MC142 Unnamed (north of upper Crumb Gulch) Prospect McCarthy
MC170 Unnamed (north of upper Eagle Creek) Occurrence McCarthy
MC165 Unnamed (southwest flank of Joshua Green Peak) Occurrence McCarthy
MC073 Unnamed (west valley wall of Kennicott Glacier) Occurrence McCarthy
MD019 Moose Jaw Prospect Medfra
MD036 Von Frank - South Prospect Medfra
MD016 Wyoming Lode Prospect Medfra
MG065 Hippie Creek-South Occurrence McGrath
MG027 Mary Margaret; Coxcomb Prospect McGrath
MG026 Peggy Barbara; Ship Rock Prospect McGrath
MG009 Vinasale Prospect McGrath
MH372 Calypso; Hajdukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH387 Fat Chance Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH015 Gunnysack Creek (east of Black Rapids Roadhouse) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH087 Kathleen-Margaret; K-M Mine Mount Hayes
MH048 Mex Prospect Mount Hayes
MH382 Moonwalk; North Moonwalk; South Moonwalk Prospect Mount Hayes
MH254 RC Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH255 RC East Prospect Mount Hayes
MH368 Sneaker-Cirque; Hajdukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH366 Sneaker; Hadjukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH367 Snug; Hajdukovich Prospect Mount Hayes
MH253 Unnamed (near peak 7360) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH257 Unnamed (northeast of peak 7360) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH238 Unnamed (northeast of Snow White Peak) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH256 Unnamed (north of Kimball Glacier) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH014 Unnamed (south of Black Rapids Roadhouse) Prospect Mount Hayes
MH248 Unnamed (southwest of the head of Snowslide Creek) Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH370 UPEG Saddle; Hajdukovich Mine? Mount Hayes
MM021 Alpha Mine Mount McKinley
MM083 Arkansas Prospect Mount McKinley
MM030 Bonnell (Neversweat) Mine Mount McKinley
MM031 Brooker Mountain Prospect Mount McKinley
MM026 Eagles Nest (Eagle's Den) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM028 Eldorado Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM024 Eldorado No. 3 Prospect Mount McKinley
MM122 Eureka Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM133 Eureka Stibnite (Pick claim group) Mine Mount McKinley
MM082 Florence Prospect Mount McKinley
MM113 Friday Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM048 Glacier Creek Mines Mount McKinley
MM108 Glen Creek; Glenn Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM075 Glenn; Glen; Swisher Prospect Mount McKinley
MM089 Home Lode Prospect Mount McKinley
MM065 Humboldt Mine Mount McKinley
MM091 Kantishna Hills lode deposits Mines Mount McKinley
MM084 Kantishna Hills placer deposts Mines Mount McKinley
MM043 Last Chance; Caribou Mine Mount McKinley
MM050 Last Chance Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM016 Little Caribou Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM017 Lucky Creek Prospect Mount McKinley
MM139 Lucky Tuesday Prospect Mount McKinley
MM095 Marilee Prospect Mount McKinley
MM073 McGonogill; McGonagall Prospects Mount McKinley
MM174 Merinser Prospect Mount McKinley
MM150 Moonlight Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM059 Myrtle Creek Prospect Mount McKinley
MM063 Mystery Prospect Mount McKinley
MM072 Rainy Creek Ridge No. 1 Prospect Mount McKinley
MM018 Ridge Top Mine Mount McKinley
MM152 Slate Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM153 Slate Creek; Taylor mine Mine Mount McKinley
MM144 Stampede Mine Mount McKinley
MM142 Stampede Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM175 Stibner Prospect Mount McKinley
MM176 Straightaway Glacier Prospect Mount McKinley
MM066 Twentytwo Gulch (Twentytwo Pup; Wickersham Creek) Mine Mount McKinley
MM143 Unnamed (in Stampede Creek) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM146 Unnamed (near elevation 3228 south of the Stampede Mine) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM040 Unnamed (on hill 4372) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM034 Unnamed (ridge between Moonlight Creek and Canyon Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM090 Unnamed (ridge between West Fork of Glen Creek and Rainy Creek) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM064 Unnamed (ridge crest southeast of Spruce Peak) Occurrences Mount McKinley
MM025 Unnamed (ridge northeast of Brooker Mountain) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM005 Unnamed (south of the peak of Chitsia Mountain) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM047 Unnamed (south of upper Caribou Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
MM023 Unnamed (southwest of Alpha Ridge) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM087 Unnamed (upper West Fork of Glen Creek) Prospect Mount McKinley
MM069 Upper Bosart Prospect Mount McKinley
MM042 Upper Caribou Creek Mines Mount McKinley
MM141 Upper Ridge Mine Mount McKinley
MM127 White Hawk Prospect Mount McKinley
MM080 Wieler Antimony Prospect Mount McKinley
MM107 Willow Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MM079 Yellow Creek Mine Mount McKinley
MZ005 Unnamed (upper Utopia Creek); Whiz-Bang Occurrence Melozitna
NB022 Nabesna Mine Nabesna
NL018 Honker Prospect Nulato
NL023 Illinois Creek Mine Nulato
NM171 Alpha Ridge Prospect Nome
NM140 Aurora Prospect Nome
NM168 Boulder Creek Mine Nome
NM165 Boulder Creek; Claus Rodine Prospect Nome
NM085 Breen East (Hobson) Prospect Nome
NM087 Breen West (Bison) Mine Nome
NM071 Bulk Gold Prospect Nome
NM062 California; Connolly and Jensen (or Jannsen) Mine Nome
NM141 Christophosen Prospect Nome
NM143 Christophosen; Last Chance Mine Nome
NM100 Cold Creek Mine Nome
NM174 Dakota Prospect Nome
NM058 Divide Prospect Nome
NM097 Dorothy Creek Mine Nome
NM197 Gold Hill Prospect Nome
NM308 Gold Run Prospect Nome
NM070 Hed & Strand (Head and Strand) Mine Nome
NM225 Hendrickson; Kotovic and Stipek (Anvil Creek) Prospect Nome
NM193 Jarosa Ridge Prospect Nome
NM142 Last Chance Prospect Nome
NM144 Last Chance Creek Mine Nome
NM080 Lindfors Prospect Nome
NM098 Manila Creek Mine Nome
NM145 Mountain Creek (Greenstone Creek) Prospect Nome
NM291 Nelson (Skookum Creek) Prospect Nome
NM250 Nome Mining District Mines Nome
NM233 Olsen (Anvil Creek) Prospect Nome
NM146 Oregon Creek Mine Nome
NM230 Peterson and Lamoreaux (Banner Peak) Prospects Nome
NM207 Rock Creek (lode); Nugent Prospect Nome
NM223 Saddle; New Era; Big Four Prospects Nome
NM086 Sliscovich Mine Nome
NM078 Spring Occurrence Nome
NM091 Tanner Prospect Nome
NM077 Thompson Prospect Nome
NM088 Unnamed (in upper Cold Creek) Occurrence Nome
NM066 Unnamed (near Hed & [and] Strand, NM070) Occurrence Nome
NM068 Unnamed (near Hed & [and] Strand, NM070) Occurrence Nome
NM069 Unnamed (near Hed & [and] Strand, NM070) Occurrence Nome
NM067 Unnamed (near Hed & [and] Strand, NM070) Occurrence Nome
NM232 Unnamed (near VABM 592, south of Banner Peak) Occurrence Nome
NM096 Unnamed (Silver Creek--lode) Prospect Nome
NM187 Unnamed (west side of Twin Mountain Creek) Prospect Nome
NM215 Walsh Cut (alluvial placer) Mine Nome
NM214 Walsh Cut (Rock Creek) Mine Nome
NM226 Widstedt (Anvil Creek) Prospect Nome
NM234 Widstedt No. 1 Prospects Nome
NR008 Bonanza Creek Mine Norton Bay
NR007 Christmas Mountain Prospect Norton Bay
NR005 Moon Prospect Norton Bay
OP002 Colorado Creek Mines Ophir
OP005 Cripple Creek; Fox Gulch; Slug Gulch Mines Ophir
OP034 Eldorado Basin; Moose Jaw Mountain Prospect Ophir
OP032 Moose Jaw Prospect Ophir
OP031 Porphyry Knob Prospect Ophir
RM011 Black Mountain Prospect Russian Mission
RM019 Konechney Prospect (Mission Creek) Prospect Russian Mission
SD058 K & D Mine Sumdum
SM023 Alice and Bessie; Parks Mine Sleetmute
SM022 Ammiline Prospect Sleetmute
SM024 Barometer Mine Sleetmute
SM019 Fairview Prospect Sleetmute
SM073 Fortyseven Creek Lode Prospect Sleetmute
SM055 Holokuk Mountain Prospect Sleetmute
SM049 Kay Creek Occurrence Sleetmute
SM029 Kolmakof Mine Sleetmute
SM026 Mercury Prospect Sleetmute
SM058 Mountain Top Mine Sleetmute
SM028 Red Devil Mine Mine Sleetmute
SM008 Rhyolite Prospect Sleetmute
SM010 Unnamed (head of Trapper Creek) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM068 Unnamed (southwest forks of Buckstock River) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM021 Unnamed (southwest of Barometer Mountain) Prospect Sleetmute
SM064 Unnamed (western edge of Buckstock Mountains) Occurrence Sleetmute
SM025 Vermillion Prospect Sleetmute
SM020 Willis; Willis and Fuller Mine Sleetmute
SO055 Brookins Prospect Solomon
SO019 Quiggley; Gray Eagle Mine Solomon
SO172 Unnamed (north of Big Hurrah Creek) Prospect Solomon
SO160 Unnamed (west of Walla Walla Creek) Prospect Solomon
SP012 Unnamed (head Lucky Six Creek near Gull Pass) Prospect Survey Pass
SP009 Unnamed (Tupik Creek area) Occurrences Survey Pass
SR085 Granite Mine Seward
SR033 Gulch Creek No. 1 Occurrence Seward
SR181 K and T; Victory; Victor Prospect Seward
SR179 Lyengholm, Hargood and Larson; Black Devil Occurrence Seward
SR194 Primrose Mine Seward
SR072 Sweepstake; Sweepstake Mining Co. Mine Seward
TA018 Broken Shovel Prospect Taylor Mountains
TA001 Cinnabar Creek lode Mine Taylor Mountains
TA002 Cinnabar Creek placer Prospect Taylor Mountains
TA016 Gemuk Mountain Occurrence Taylor Mountains
TA004 Lucky Day Mine Taylor Mountains
TA003 Schaeffer Prospect Taylor Mountains
TC036 Dave's Zone Prospect Tanacross
TC034 Discovery Zone Prospect Tanacross
TC038 Lower Com Prospect Tanacross
TC039 Mobily Prospect Tanacross
TC055 Road Metal Prospect Tanacross
TC035 RS Prospect Tanacross
TC009 South Pika; Fishhook Prospect Tanacross
TC029 Stibnite Creek; Tok Antimony; Stibnite; A Lucky Leak; Gamblin; Caulk Mine Tanacross
TC037 Upper Com Prospect Tanacross
TE038 Bessie-Maple Prospect Teller
TE037 Curve Creek Prospect Teller
TL064 Round Mountain Prospect Talkeetna
TN067 Elephant Mountain Prospect Tanana
TN128 Joseph Creek Prospect Tanana
TN070 Unnamed (near Chapman Creek) Occurrence Tanana
TY020 Stoney; North Stoney; Trundle; Tomahawk; Kid; Stoney Vein Prospects Tyonek
TY019 Unnamed (Near Mount Estelle) Prospects Tyonek
VA101 Gold King Mine Valdez
VA113 Silver Gem; I.X.L.; Shoup Bay Mining Co.; Spanish Mine Valdez
WI113 Archibald Creek; Archibald Gulch Mine Wiseman
WI118 Emma Creek Mine Wiseman
WI112 Fay Creek; Fay Gulch; Faye Creek Mine Wiseman
WI106 Ferguson Prospect Wiseman
WI123 Jap Creek Prospects Wiseman
WI082 Jay Creek; Eagle Gulch Mine Wiseman
WI003 John River Occurrence Wiseman
WI061 Lake Creek Mine Wiseman
WI114 Pringle Bench; Jones & Boyle Mine Wiseman
WI116 Smith Creek; Smith Gulch Mine Wiseman
WI128 Unnamed (along and at head of Thompson Pup) Occurrences Wiseman
WI032 Unnamed (along Right Fork) Occurrence Wiseman
WI130 Unnamed (in Smith Creek) Prospect Wiseman
WI127 Unnamed (near summit of Smith Creek Dome) Occurrences Wiseman
WI110 Unnamed (on Smith Creek Dome) Prospect Wiseman
WI115 Workman's Bench; Wannemaker and Wortman Prospect Wiseman