ARDF records containing tennantite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AR063 Kav Occurrence Ambler River
CH095 Jim-Montana Prospect Chandalar
CH094 Mowgli; Sher Khan; Upper Camp group Prospect Chandalar
CH093 Steph Occurrence Chandalar
DE003 Unnamed (at east end of Gold Harbor) Occurrences Dixon Entrance
FB132 Liberty Bell Mine Fairbanks
HE057 Ready Cash Prospect Healy
ID167 Donlin Creek Prospect Iditarod
LH010 Terra Mine Lime Hills
MC093 Bonanza Mine McCarthy
MC083 Erie Mine McCarthy
MC091 Jumbo Mine McCarthy
MC090 Mother Lode Mine McCarthy
MH054 Clearwater Mountain claims (Copper Knob block; Honey claims; Pat claims) Prospects Mount Hayes
MH327 LZ Prospect Mount Hayes
MH328 LZ East Prospect Mount Hayes
MH352 PP Prospect Mount Hayes
MH056 Unnamed (west of West Fork Maclaren River near VABM Little) Occurrences Mount Hayes
NM140 Aurora Prospect Nome
SK066 Glacier Creek; Main Zone; RW Zone; South Wall Zone; Palmer Prospect Skagway
SP032 BTcc Prospects Survey Pass
SP047 SAL Prospect Survey Pass
SP046 STU Prospect Survey Pass
SP044 SW Sun Prospect Survey Pass
TK010 Mint Mine Talkeetna Mountains