ARDF records containing tremolite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AR011 Cosmos Creek Prospect Ambler River
AR016 Dahl Creek Head; Asbestos Mountain, Ing-Ink Mine Ambler River
AR004 Hunt River Occurrence Ambler River
AR006 Jade Mountain Mine Ambler River
AR003 Unnamed Occurrence Ambler River
AR002 Unnamed Occurence Occurrence Ambler River
EA044 Happy Prospect Eagle
MD062 Nixon Fork; Mespelt; Crystal; Garnet Extension; Mespelt Inclined Shaft; Recreation; Keen; Twin Shafts; Mespelt Main Shaft; Garnet Trench; Parsons and Strand; Southern Cross Mine Medfra
MD071 Whalen Shaft Mine Medfra
MF067 Unnamed (Francis Island) Mine Mount Fairweather
MM129 Unnamed (ridge between Moose Creek and Eureka Creek) Occurrence Mount McKinley
VA080 Spirit Mountain Prospect Valdez
WI038 Unnamed (northwest of Colorado Creek) Occurrence Wiseman