ARDF records containing wolframite

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
BN080 Gold Run Mine Bendeleben
BT023 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 1 Occurrence Bettles
BT022 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 2 Occurrence Bettles
BT021 No Name Creek Prospect Bettles
BT020 Unnamed (at head of Kanuti Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
BT018 Unnamed (southeast of Sithylemenkat Lake) Occurrences Bettles
CG005 Warner Bay; Prospect Bay Prospect Chignik
CI014 Deadwood Creek; Forty Three Pup; Twenty Five Pup; Sixteen Pup; Fifteen Pup; Nine Pup; Discovery Gulch; Tommys Pup; Switch Creek; Twenty Two Pup; Twenty Six Pup Mine Circle
CI090 Harrison Creek Prospect Circle
CI029 Independence Creek Mine Circle
CI061 Unnamed Occurrence Circle
EA058 Duval Creek Prospect Eagle
EA044 Happy Prospect Eagle
EA095 Section 21 Prospect Eagle
FB133 Eva Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB123 Pearl Creek Mine Fairbanks
FB135 Unnamed (near California Creekl) Prospect Fairbanks
HE139 Unnamed (west of Tsusena Creek) Prospect Healy
ID011 Ganes Creek Prospect Iditarod
LG198 Fairbanks Creek Mine Livengood
LG027 Steel Creek Occurrence Livengood
MM084 Kantishna Hills placer deposts Mines Mount McKinley
MM042 Upper Caribou Creek Mines Mount McKinley
MZ024 Unnamed (head of Glacier Creek) Prospect Melozitna
MZ026 Unnamed (north of Ninemile Point); Ninemile Creek Prospect Melozitna
NR010 Hopeful Gulch Prospect Norton Bay
SM073 Fortyseven Creek Lode Prospect Sleetmute
TA010 Sleitat Prospect Taylor Mountains
TA009 Unnamed (ridge west of Stevens Creek) Occurrence Taylor Mountains
TA024 Unnamed (west of upper Taylor Creek) Mine Taylor Mountains
TB004 Bear Mountain Occurrence Table Mountain
TE038 Bessie-Maple Prospect Teller
TE046 Cassiterite Creek (Lost River) Mine Teller
TE048 Lost River-Cassiterite dike exogreisen Mine Teller
TE050 Lost River-endogreisen Mine Teller
TE051 Lost River-Ida Bell dike exogreisen Mine Teller
TE049 Lost River-skarn Mine Teller
TK005 Coal Creek Prospect Talkeetna Mountains
TL022 Unnamed Occurrence Talkeetna
TN141 Ray River Prospect Tanana