ARDF records containing zircon

ARDF number Site name Site type Quadrangle
AN019 Craigie Creek Occurrence Anchorage
AN101 Potter Occurrence Anchorage
AN090 Unnamed Occurrence Anchorage
BG006 Yakataga (between Cape Yakataga and White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG007 Yakataga (east of White River) Mine Bering Glacier
BG005 Yakataga (west of Cape Yakataga) Mine Bering Glacier
BN074 Candle Creek Mine Bendeleben
BN114 Hot Springs Creek Occurrence Bendeleben
BT023 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 1 Occurrence Bettles
BT022 Gravel Pit Prospect No. 2 Occurrence Bettles
BT021 No Name Creek Prospect Bettles
BT024 Unnamed (east fork of Kilolitna River) Prospect Bettles
CA007 Rube Creek Mine Candle
CA044 Unnamed (south of Clem Mountain) Occurrence Candle
CA047 Upper Sweepstakes Creek Mine Candle
CH047 Squaw Creek; Big Squaw Creek Mine Chandalar
CI027 Hot Springs Creek Occurrence Circle
CI040 Miller House Occurrence Circle
CR172 Unnamed (at head of Dora Bay) Occurrences Craig
DE027 Carol Ann; Carol Ann No. 1; Carol Ann No. 2; Carol Ann No. 3; Dotson Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE015 Geiger Prospect Dixon Entrance
DE023 I and L; I and L Nos. 3-5 Prospects Dixon Entrance
DE021 I,L, and M; ILM; I, L, and M Nos. 1-3 Prospect Dixon Entrance
HU014 Hogatza; Hog River; Bear Creek Mine Hughes
HU016 Unnamed (in Zane Hills, south of upper Caribou Creek) Occurrence Hughes
HU011 Unnamed (northeast ridge of Caribou Mountain) Occurrence Hughes
IB012 Crystal Creek Occurrence Icy Bay
IB010 Guyot Beach (Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB006 Icy Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB007 Icy Bay (east of Carson Creek) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB008 Icy Bay (northeast of Clay Bluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB009 Icy Bay (west of Claybluff Point) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB011 Icy Cape (Guyot Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB004 Point Riou (near Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB005 Riou Bay Occurrence Icy Bay
IB002 Unnamed (beach between Yahtse River and Yana Stream) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB001 Unnamed (beach between Yahtse River and Yana Stream) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB003 Unnamed (beach near Yahtse River) Occurrence Icy Bay
IB013 Unnamed (west of Icy Bay) Occurrence Icy Bay
ID113 Black Creek Mine Iditarod
ID132 Granite Creek (Pup) Mine Iditarod
ID103 Happy Creek Mine Iditarod
ID107 Idaho; Upgrade; Wildcat; Trail Mines Iditarod
ID177 Julian Creek Mine Iditarod
ID112 Lower Chicken Creek Mine Iditarod
ID084 Moore Creek Mine Iditarod
ID111 Otter Creek Mines Iditarod
ID117 Prince Creek Mine Iditarod
ID164 Queen Gulch Mine Iditarod
ID108 Upper Chicken Creek Mine Iditarod
ID105 Willow bench Mine Iditarod
ID102 Willow Creek Mine Iditarod
JU181 Alaska-Juneau Tailings; AJ Mill Dump Mine Juneau
MD073 Birch Gulch (Creek); Groshong's Mine Mine Medfra
MD076 Eagle Creek Mine Medfra
MD063 Encio Gulch (formerly Riddle Gulch) Mine Medfra
MD066 Hidden Creek: Grable and Blackburn Mine Mine Medfra
MD015 Montana Creek Prospect Medfra
MF088 Unnamed (Brady Glacier outwash) Mine Mount Fairweather
MF040 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska coast) Mines Mount Fairweather
MF042 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska coast: Includes Topsy Creek, Dagelet River, and Oregon King Consolidated claims) Mines Mount Fairweather
MG035 Windy Fork Placer Occurrence McGrath
MH240 Gunn Creek Occurrence Mount Hayes
MH013 Ober Creek Prospect Mount Hayes
MH306 Quartz Creek Mine Mount Hayes
MH298 Upper Slate Creek Mines Mount Hayes
MM179 Unnamed (southwest of Eldridge Glacier) Occurrence Mount McKinley
PE055 Paystreak Vein; Marker Vein Prospects Petersburg
RB035 Birch Creek Mine Ruby
SE008 Unnamed (south of Selawik Lake) Occurrence Selawik
SE006 Uranium 3 (in Selawik Hills) Prospect Selawik
SO001 Cape Darby Occurrence Solomon
SO041 Unnamed (tributary to Clear Creek) Occurrence Solomon
SO043 Unnamed (tributary to Vulcan Creek) Occurrence Solomon
TE103 Christophosen Creek Prospect Teller
TE105 Graphite Creek Prospect Teller
TE104 Ruby Creek Prospect Teller
TL029 Cache Creek Area, including Spruce Creek;Short Creek; Rambler Creek; Lucky Creek; Pineo Bar; Bradley; Cache Creek Dredging Company; Cache Creek Mining Company; Erickson; Gold; Ltd.; Morgan; Murray; Murray And Harper; Obermiller And Eaglehorn; Peterson; Taraski; Tesmer And Beidermann; Wetherall; Yenta Dredging Co. Mine Talkeetna
TL044 Canyon Creek; Divide Creek; Long Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL037 Colby Prospect Talkeetna
TL031 Dollar Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL035 Nugget Creek; Nugget Bench High Channel Mine Talkeetna
TL058 Thunder Creek Mine Talkeetna
TL042 Willow Creek; Big Willow Creek; Little Willow Creek; Wilson Creek; Hansen; Jennings; Rice; Rocky Gulch; Slate Gulch; Snow Gulch Mine Talkeetna
TL027 Windy Creek Mine Talkeetna
TN082 Deep Creek and tributaries Mine Tanana
TN142 Kilolitna River Prospect Tanana
TN141 Ray River Prospect Tanana
TN099 Tofty Ridge Prospect Tanana
TN083 Unnamed (upper Idaho Gulch) Occurrence Tanana
TY027 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY029 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY028 Kahiltna River Mine Tyonek
TY001 Unnamed (near Tyonek) Occurrence Tyonek
UL003 McLeod Prospect Unalakleet
VA135 Sulphide Gulch Occurrence Valdez
YA006 Akwe Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA008 Blacksand Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA009 Blacksand Island Beach Mine Yakutat
YA007 Situk Beach Occurrence Yakutat
YA001 Unnamed (Gulf of Alaska beaches, Yakutat quadrangle segment) Mine Yakutat
YA002 Yakutat Beach Mine Yakutat