Prospect, Inactive

Alternative names

Charles Cameron

Commodities and mineralogy

Main commodities Ag; Au; Cu
Ore minerals arsenopyrite; chalcopyrite; gold; pyrite
Gangue minerals calcite; quartz

Geographic location

Quadrangle map, 1:250,000-scale AN
Quadrangle map, 1:63,360-scale A-3
Latitude 61.01
Longitude -148.08
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Location and accuracy Located 0.5 mile west Pakenham Point, where Barry Arm enters College Fiord. Accurate within 0.5 mile. Locality 62 of Cobb (1972), locality 50 of MacKevett and Holloway (1977), and locality A-21 of Jansons and others (1984).

Geologic setting

Geologic description

Quartz vein, 10 to 15 inches thick, cuts Late Cretaceous Valdez Group metasedimentary rocks. Vein strikes north, and dips 50 E, and is sparsely mineralized and contains calcite, an unidentified carbonate mineral, arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, and free gold. Another quartz vein 8 to 15 inches thick is exposed nearby (Johnson, 1914).
Geologic map unit (-148.082059158341, 61.0094272277683)
Mineral deposit model Chugach-type low-sulfide Au-quartz veins (Bliss, 1992; model 36a.1).
Mineral deposit model number 36a.1
Age of mineralization Late Cretaceous or younger; veins cut Late Cretaceous Valdez Group metasedimentary rocks.

Production and reserves

Workings or exploration Explored by about 100 ft of stripping at surface and a 25 ft adit in 1913 (Johnson, 1914).
Indication of production Undetermined


MRDS Number A011666
Reporters D.P. Bickerstaff (USGS contractor); S.W. Huss (USGS)
Last report date 7/30/1998