Brown Zinc

Prospect, Inactive

Alternative names


Commodities and mineralogy

Main commodities Ag; Au
Other commodities Cu; Pb; Zn
Ore minerals chalcopyrite; galena; gold; pyrite; sphalerite
Gangue minerals calcite; quartz

Geographic location

Quadrangle map, 1:250,000-scale PM
Quadrangle map, 1:63,360-scale B-2
Latitude 55.291
Longitude -160.467
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Location and accuracy This prospect is located on western Popof Island on sea cliffs 100 feet above sea level approximately 1.5 miles west of Red Cove (Christie, 1974, color anomaly 91?; MacKevett and Holloway, 1977, locality 11; Wilson and others, 1988, locality 11). The map site is due south of hill 545. The location is accurate to within 1,000 feet.

Geologic setting

Geologic description

The Suzy prospect is in volcanic rocks belonging to the Popof volcanic rocks of late Eocene to early Oligocene age (Wilson and others, 1995). A 130-foot adit and 18-foot drift are evidence of work probably done in the early 1900s.
The deposit was mapped and sampled by UNC Teton Exploration Drilling Company in 1982 (Peterson and others, 1982), and by Battle Mountain Exploration Company in 1986. It consists of a system of veins that strikes N7E and dips steeply to the northwest. It has a 200-foot vertical extent and a possible strike length of 700 feet. The vein system is 6 to 15 feet in width and is made up of several subparallel quartz-calcite veins. Pyrite, sphalerite, galena, and chalcopyrite are present, especially along the vein margins.
Channel samples collected from surface exposures by UNC Teton Exploration Drilling Company assayed as much as 0.624 ounce of gold and 1.63 ounces of silver per ton and 13.8 percent combined copper, lead, and zinc. Three continuous chip samples collected by Battle Mountain Exploration Company over 6 feet of vein averaged 0.212 ounce of gold per ton. At the end of the drift, 6 feet of sulfide-rich rock assayed only 0.04 ounce of gold per ton. A 2-foot channel sample collected at the end of the drift by UNC Teton Exploration Drilling, Inc. assayed 410 ppm copper, 0.85 percent lead, 14,100 ppm zinc, 0.06 ppm gold, and 4.6 ppm silver. There is no apparent relationship between gold values and sulfide content.
Geologic map unit (-160.469014152971, 55.2901764822872)
Mineral deposit model Epithermal gold vein, Polymetallic vein (Cox and Singer, 1986, model 22c)
Mineral deposit model number 22c
Age of mineralization Eocene or younger.
Alteration of deposit The country rock is propylitically altered.

Production and reserves

Workings or exploration Early workings on this prospect included a 130-foot adit and an 18-foot drift. UNC Teton Exploration Drilling Company sampled and mapped the deposit in 1982. Battle Mountain Exploration Company sampled it in 1986. The U.S. Geological Survey sampled the prospect in the 1980s. A dump sample 82AWs50, assayed 3 ppm silver, 300 ppm arsenic, 100 ppm copper, 10,000 ppm lead, and 4,700 ppm zinc.
Indication of production None

Additional comments

This prospect is located on land patented by, or interim-conveyed to, the Aleut Corporation.


MRDS Number 10308162


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Reporters S.H. Pilcher
Last report date 1/3/2001