Bobtail Creek

Mine, Undetermined

Commodities and mineralogy

Main commodities Au
Other commodities Hg
Ore minerals cinnabar; gold

Geographic location

Quadrangle map, 1:250,000-scale RM
Quadrangle map, 1:63,360-scale D-7
Latitude 61.911
Longitude -161.419
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Location and accuracy Bobtail Creek is a north tributary to Buster Creek (RM008), a west tributary to Kako Creek. These creeks are not named on the USGS 1:63,360 topographic map (1952 edition) of the area. The map site of the Bobtail Creek placer mine is 4.5 miles northwest of Kako Landing on the Yukon River. It is about 0.1 mile southwest of the center of sec. 17, T. 21 N., R. 66 W., of the Seward Meridian. This is locality 14 of Hoare and Cobb (1972, 1977).

Geologic setting

Geologic description

Bobtail Creek was mostly mined by dragline in the 1930s. Mining took place from an elevation of about 220 feet,downstream for a distance of about 2,500 feet (Hickok and McAtee, 1990). The tailings gravel mostly comprise siltstone and shale, along with 10 percent or less chert, rhyolite, tuff, and andesite (Hickok and McAtee, 1990, p. 11). Joesting (1942) reported that rare cinnabar accompanies the placer gold. Hickok and McAtee (1990) estimated that 2,000 to 4,000 ounces of gold were recovered from Bobtail Creek and that reserves exist along and below the old tailings. Bobtail Creek heads on the ridge where the rhyolite-hosted Kako lode gold prospect (RM007) is located.
Geologic map unit (-161.42137413459, 61.9102637022994)
Mineral deposit model Placer Au (Cox and Singer, 1986; model 39a)
Mineral deposit model number 39a
Age of mineralization Quaternary.

Production and reserves

Workings or exploration About 2,500 feet of dragline workings are present on Bobtail Creek.
Indication of production Yes
Reserve estimates Hickok and McAtee (1990, p. 11) conclude that reserves are present along and below the old tailings.
Production notes Hickok and McAtee (1990) estimate that 2 to 4 thousand ounces of gold were recovered from Bobtail Creek.