Asbestos mines, prospects, and occurrences containing biotite

17 deposits match

Name of deposit Deposit type State or Province Country
Big Jim vein Occurrence (not specified) AZ
occurrence on California State Highway 168, just west of Humphreys Fresno CA
unnamed occurrence Occurrence Riverside CA
Circle Group vermiculite group Occurrence San Diego CA
Gabbro body near Pine Flat Road Santa Cruz CA
Calumet iron mine (not specified) CO
Iron Hill carbonatite complex (not specified) CO
Pinon Peak breccia pipes Occurrence (not specified) CO
Salt Creek vermiculite deposits Occurrence (not specified) CO
Gold Hill stock (not specified) ID
Pelham asbestos quarry Past producing mine (not specified) MA
Empire iron mine (not specified) MI
Rainy Creek complex Occurrence (not specified) MT
Goldstrike mine (not specified) NV
Carleton quarry (Chester talc mine) Occurrence (not specified) VT
Smith vermiculite deposit and serpentinite bodies near the head of Dry Creek (Stardust claims) Occurrence (not specified) WY