Asbestos mines, prospects, and occurrences containing garnet

18 deposits match

Name of deposit Deposit type State or Province Country
Boggs mine (not specified) AZ
Last Time group Prospect (not specified) AZ
Garnet Hill occurrence Occurrence Calaveras CA
Berkeley Hills serpentine Occurrence Contra Costa CA
Occurrences in canyon of Clear Creek Occurrence San Benito CA
Calumet iron mine (not specified) CO
unnamed mine Past producing mine (not specified) CT
unnamed prospects Prospect (not specified) GA
Washington iron mine Occurrence (not specified) MI
Hudson Group Occurrence (not specified) MT
Jennings No. 1 mine Past producing mine (not specified) NC
unnamed occurrence Occurrence (not specified) NJ
Cinco de Mayo and Iron Duke mines (not specified) NM
Copper Dick mine (not specified) NM
Gold Run district (not specified) NV
Bullion gold mine (not specified) SD
occurrence along Spring Creek (not specified) SD
Big Pass group Occurrence (not specified) UT