Asbestos mines, prospects, and occurrences containing tremolite

108 deposits match

Name of deposit Deposit type State or Province Country
Perry Wise-Sanders property Prospect (not specified) AL
Sorrell Estate property Prospect (not specified) AL
Last Time group Prospect (not specified) AZ
occurrences in the northern Dome Rock Mountains Occurrence (not specified) AZ
John Quirk mine Past producing mine Butte CA
Berkeley Hills serpentine Occurrence Contra Costa CA
Fairchild Park occurrence Occurrence El Dorado CA
Harvard Way occurrence Occurrence El Dorado CA
roadcut near El Dorado Hills Occurrence El Dorado CA
Woedee Drive occurrence Occurrence El Dorado CA
Occurrence near Twin Lakes Fresno CA
occurrence on California State Highway 168, just west of Humphreys Fresno CA
Huntley Industrial Minerals, Inc. mine and Whitetop Mountain deposits Past producing mine Inyo CA
McIlroy property Past producing mine Inyo CA
Fiber Queen asbestos mine Past producing mine Los Angeles CA
Occurrence near Shadow Lake Madera CA
Massa Hill nephrite locality Occurrence Marin CA
Asbestos prospect and nearby occurrences along Highway 49 Prospect Mariposa CA
Cape San Martin Monterey CA
Iowa Hill deposits (Dewey claim, Gary mine?) Past producing mine Placer CA
Morgan deposits (and Driscoll & Michelson claims, Wolf & Levy claims) Past producing mine Placer CA
Roach Hill occurrence (Blue Wing claim?) Occurrence Placer CA
Crestmore quarry Occurrence Riverside CA
Eagle Mountains iron-ore district Riverside CA
unnamed occurrence Occurrence Riverside CA
Cascade Canyon San Bernardino CA
Kalkar quarry Santa Cruz CA
Oriental gold mine Occurrence Sierra CA
Straw Rock pit Occurrence Siskiyou CA
Eldenlou group Past producing mine Trinity CA
Calumet iron mine (not specified) CO
Creswell mine (not specified) CO
Salt Creek vermiculite deposits Occurrence (not specified) CO
J.A.R. Camp property Prospect (not specified) GA
Soapstone Ridge occurrences Occurrence (not specified) GA
Blacktail asbestos prospect Prospect (not specified) ID
Kamiah asbestos deposits Past producing mine (not specified) ID
Orofino Creek anthophyllite deposits Occurrence (not specified) ID
Teakean asbestos deposits Prospect (not specified) ID
unnamed occurrences Occurrence (not specified) ID
Hinsdale mine Past producing mine (not specified) MA
Gwynn Falls gneiss quarry Occurrence (not specified) MD
Jenkins (Todd) mine Past producing mine (not specified) MD
Neikirk mine Past producing mine (not specified) MD
unnamed prospect at Powhatan Prospect (not specified) MD
Centennial mine (not specified) MI
Esther May asbestos claims Prospect (not specified) MT
Jake Creek ultramafic body Occurrence (not specified) MT
Larue-Cripe asbestos Occurrence (not specified) MT
Rainy Creek complex Occurrence (not specified) MT
Bad Creek prospect Prospect (not specified) NC
Commissioner Creek prospect Past producing mine (not specified) NC
Day Book dunite deposit Occurrence (not specified) NC
Oakland mine Past producing mine (not specified) NC
Socrates corundum mine Occurrence (not specified) NC
unnamed occurrences Occurrence (not specified) NC
Edison quarry Occurrence (not specified) NJ
Franklin marble quarry Occurrence (not specified) NJ
Franklin zinc mines Occurrence (not specified) NJ
Green Marble quarry Occurrence (not specified) NJ
Limecrest (Sparta) quarry Occurrence (not specified) NJ
Sterling Hill mines Occurrence (not specified) NJ
unnamed occurrence Occurrence (not specified) NJ
unnamed occurrence Occurrence (not specified) NJ
Capitan iron deposit (not specified) NM
Gold Hill mine Occurrence (not specified) NM
Jones Camp mining district Occurrence (not specified) NM
Scheelite mine (not specified) NM
Tonopah district Occurrence (not specified) NV
Arnold talc mine Occurrence (not specified) NY
New Rochelle serpentinite Occurrence (not specified) NY
Tilly Foster iron mine Occurrence (not specified) NY
Asbestos 2"" occurrence Occurrence Baker OR
Buttercup Mines, Inc. Prospect Baker OR
Freeway talc occurrence Occurrence Baker OR
McClellan Creek occurrence Occurrence Baker OR
Upper Applegate 2 talc occurrence Occurrence Douglas OR
Doe Peak 1 talc occurrence Jackson OR
Elliott Creek Ridge area Occurrence Jackson OR
Liberty Asbestos Prospect Jackson OR
Raspberry Creek tremolite Past producing mine Jackson OR
L.E.J. Asbestos Past producing mine Josephine OR
Powell Creek soapstone Occurrence Josephine OR
Castle Rock occurrence Occurrence (not specified) PA
C.K. Williams quarry Occurrence (not specified) PA
Lenni occurrence Occurrence (not specified) PA
Quarry L Occurrence (not specified) PA
Teeter quarry Occurrence (not specified) PA
Wissahickon Valley occurrence Occurrence (not specified) PA
Black No. 2 mine Occurrence (not specified) SC
Black Nos. 1, 3, and 4 mines Occurrence (not specified) SC
Keener Branch area Occurrence (not specified) TX
Neal Mann prospect Occurrence (not specified) TX
Big Pass group Occurrence (not specified) UT
occurrences in Bair Canyon Occurrence (not specified) UT
Pack Rat tremolite prospect Prospect (not specified) UT
Tremolite no. 1 mine Past producing mine (not specified) UT
Centreville (Fairfax) quarry Occurrence (not specified) VA
Jenkins Farm prospects Occurrence (not specified) VA
Piney Branch Complex Occurrence (not specified) VA
Sissler's quarry Occurrence (not specified) VA
Five Corners occurrence Occurrence (not specified) VT
Lowell quarry Past producing mine (not specified) VT
Hardscrabble Mountain Occurrence Ferry WA
Boundary Butte Prospect Stevens WA
Stranger Creek Stevens WA