Doe Peak 1 talc occurrence

outcrops of asbestos in Jackson county, OR

Geologic information

Name of siteDoe Peak 1 talc occurrence
Geographic location:-122.767, 42.0151
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Fibrous mineralA pale-green, foliated platy talc with minor and very finely disseminated magnetite***consists mostly of talc with trace amounts of chlorite and fibrous tremolite"" (Ferns and Ramp, 1988, p. 35).
Associated mineralstalc
Host rock typesserpentinite
Geologic map unit-122.767, 42.0151
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Reference information

Ferns, M.L., and Ramp, Len, 1988, Investigations of talc in Oregon: Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Special Paper 18, 52 p., 4 plates.