Burlington quarry

quarry of asbestos in Skagit county, WA

Geologic information

Name of siteBurlington quarry
Geographic location:-122.3197, 48.4848
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Fibrous mineralAsbestos-Talc Products of Washington, Inc., of Burlington, Skagit County, mines a somewhat fibrous soapstone-actinolite mixture that has developed in shear zones cutting greenstone. It is ground, mixed with asbestos and use [sic] for special cements"" (Glover, 1936, p. 14).
Associated mineralstalc
Host rock typesgreenstone
Geologic map unit-122.3197, 48.4848
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Reference information

Glover, S.L., 1936, Nonmetallic mineral resources of Washington: Washington Division of Geology Bulletin No. 33, 135 p.
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