Cape San Martin

outcrops of asbestos in Monterey county, CA

Geologic information

Name of siteCape San Martin
Geographic location:-121.461, 35.8903
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Fibrous mineralThin layers of talc separate some individuals and both talc and finely fibrous white tremolite are pressed into the valleys between protuberances."" (Crippen, 1976, p. 15)
Associated mineralstalc
Host rock typesserpentinite
Geologic map unit-121.461, 35.8903
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Reference information

Crippen, R.A., Jr., 1976, Nephrite jade and associated rocks of the Cape San Martin region, Monterey County, California [Reprinted from Special Report 10-A, May 1951], in California jade--A collection of reprints: California Division of Mines and Geology Special Publication 49, p. 7-18.