Mina Numero Uno claim

boulders and outcrops of asbestos in San Benito county, CA

Geologic information

Name of siteMina Numero Uno claim
Developmentboulders and outcrops
CountySan Benito
Geographic location:-120.68, 36.38
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Fibrous mineralThe vugs are commonly lined with albite and silvery gray fibrous amphibole"" (Laurs and others, 1997, p. 174)
Associated mineralsalbite
joaquinite-group minerals
Host rock typesblueschist
Geologic map unit-120.68, 36.38
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Reference information

Laurs, B.M., Rohtert, W.R., and Gray, Michael, 1997, Benitoite from the New Idria District, San Benito County, California: Gems & Gemology, v. 33, no. 3, p. 166-187.