Kalkar quarry

rock quarry of asbestos in Santa Cruz county, CA

Geologic information

Name of siteKalkar quarry
Developmentrock quarry
CountySanta Cruz
Geographic location:-122.0467, 36.9812
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Fibrous mineralA variety of tremolite called mountain leather can be found along fractures in sheared and faulted limestones."" (Gross and others, 1967, p. 8)
Host rock typesrecrystallized limestone with interbedded calc-silicate rocks
Geologic map unit-122.0467, 36.9812
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Reference information

Gross, E.B., Chesterman, C.W., Dunning, Gail, and Cooper, J.F., 1967, Mineralogy of the Kalkar quarry, Santa Cruz, California, in Short contributions to California geology: California Division of Mines and Geology Special Report 92, p. 3-10.