Creswell mine

historic shallow adits of asbestos in Jefferson county, CO

Geologic information

Name of siteCreswell mine
Developmenthistoric shallow adits
Geographic location:-105.3665, 39.6949
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Fibrous mineralFibrous green to blue-green masses of edenite have been identified associated with diopside, tremolite, and piemontite"" (Eckel, 1997, p. 188). ""White to very pale green fibrous masses of tremolite occur with edenite, diopside, and other calc-silicates"" (Eckel, 1997, p. 497).
Associated mineralsdiopside
other calc-silicates"" (Eckel
p. 497)
Host rock typesnot reported
Geologic map unit-105.3665, 39.6949
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Reference information

Eckel, E.B., 1997, Minerals of Colorado: Golden, Colo., Fulcrum Publishing, 665 p.